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My kids have fallen in love with the Rangers Apprentice and Brotherband Chronicles series, both by John Flanagan.
Some other great reads for kids are The BFG, Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, The Chocolate Touch, Poppy and Half Magic.
Aaron Blabey book series The Bad Guys 1, 2 and 3 is very funny but suited to a younger age group – around 7 years old.
Although I thought they were non-fiction (maybe I need better reading skills), the series is actually realistic fiction of survival. I also appreciated the end notes by Tarshis, where she talks about the inspiration for the book (including her anger at the government for not protecting New Orleans and then not doing enough, quick enough, to help survivors) and provides lots of facts about Katrina and its aftermath. Microsoft office 365 for home or for business – office, Buy office 365 for home or for business or try it for free. Office 365 roadmap, Office 365 is planning to launch office 365 services from microsoft datacenters in japan in december 2014.
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Desperaux a mouse who’s in love with a princess who breaks the rules and communicates with humans.
The Tuck family unknowingly drank from a magic spring, which froze them at their current ages and blessed (or cursed) them with everlasting life.
Set in Denmark during WWII, this book tells the story of 10 year old Annemarie and her family as they help smuggle her friend Ellen’s family out of Denmark before the Nazis round up all the Jews in the country. When Billy gets his first pair of coonhound pops he’s determined to make them into the greatest hunting team ever. Based on a true story, The Island of the Blue Dolphins tells the story of a girl stranded alone on an island for 18 years. This is the story of the unlikely friendship of two boys: a teenage giant with a learning disability and a difficult past, and a tiny genius with a serious birth defect. In this graphic novel (memoir), Raini is a normal preteen, until she falls and knocks out her two front teeth. A 13-year-old girl finds herself in a perilous situation on board a transatlantic ship with a mutinous crew and a cruel captain. When lonely Kit Tyler makes friends with elderly Hannah, she doesn’t realize the townspeople suspect Hannah of being a witch. In this retelling of a brothers Grimm fairy tale, Ashti is a servant to lady Saran, both of whom are locked in a tower for seven years because Saran refuses to marry the man chosen for her by her father.

Harry Crewe is an orphaned girl who’s bored by her ordinary life until she is kidnapped by Corlath, king of the magical Hillfolk people. Six friends get together in an abandoned storage yard to play the Egypt game, which includes holding ceremonies and working on secret codes.
Instead of serving time in juvenile detention, Cole is given the option to spend a year alone on a remote Alaskan island, where he learns about survival and himself. I use them to order books for the classroom, and it is well worth the bookkeeping it takes.
I could see a lot of research exploration around hurricanes, government policy and planning, survival and hardship, and more with this book.
The book does make it clear about the levees and the story centers more on the survival of the protagonist.
Little does he know that when he locks the Indian in a cupboard the toy will transform into a real live warrior named Little Bear. But as Ella gets older, she starts to consider her gift a curse instead, and she goes on a quest to bread it.
The book explores the friendship that brings them together and the tragedy that pulls them apart. He drives through into a strange land where just about everything is a play on words and has a wonderful adventure. She defends herself from wild dogs, finds food and fashions clothes from what’s available on the island. Then comes braces, surgery, headgear, an earthquake, boy problems, and friend problems in this funny coming of age story. When Claudia runs away, she decides she wants to go seomewhere special, and so she plans her escape to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Surrounded by the ghosts of the people buried there, Bod learns why the man who murdered his parents is out to find him and what he must do to elude him. But when things start to go wrong and a mysterious death occurs, they begin to wonder if the game has gone too far. But things are about to get better: he meets Beatrice, a tall no-nonsense girl who might become a friend, and together they uncover a mystery involving a runaway boy and some miniature owls. My boys love the Indian in the Cupboard series- my oldest just asked me to get those so he can re-read them. This year, I have been really trying to keep an eye on non-fiction or at least realistic fiction, knowing that I need to keep adding those kinds of texts with the shifts our state is going through with the Common Core. I decided to jump into I Survived Hurricane Katrina, just to get a taste of the story by Lauren Tarshsis.
It is important that the cover photo though not leave people with the impression that in the city of New Orleans that the flooding was rampant and deep during Katrina. I’ve included a short synopsis for each book and a grade range based on interest and reading level. She and her brother Jamie explore the museum, taking baths in a fountain, and uncover a mystery waiting to be solved.
She and her young, but highly intelligent brother Charles Wallace are sent by a star to a distant planet in a far off galaxy to rescue him.
While somewhat simple and perhaps lower reading level than my students are used to, the story of an 11 year old boy who gets separated from his family during the storm, clings to trees and debris to survive, helps rescue a stranded dog, and then himself is rescued by a good samaritan made for a fast-paced adventure story. When the scene was like that was well after Katrina had left the area and the winds had died down. Now for the Mississippi Gulf Coast it was very different and if the book was pictured there it would reflect what was going on at landfall.

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