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When it comes to making simple, homemade gifts for girls, things are easy.  Girls love hair bows, ornaments, pretty smelling bath bubbles, and just about anything Pinterest can conceive of. The great thing is, you can make one for much less money.  This is the perfect gift to make yourself because it gives you control over what goes in the box, and you can make it as fun or functional as you like simply by changing the quality and type of items you include.
Here’s how you can make a Pocket Survival Kit for your own mini survival man (or woman).
My nine-year-old son is very responsible and has been taught how to use each of the components of this box, and he has been   I would not worry about him abusing any of them.  But not every nine-year-old boy is the same!
Choose the option that you like the best and which will be most interesting to your child.  Then, teach him how to use it safely and efficiently. You may also earn 3extra entries by ordering from the Lilla Rose party to benefit Mae.  Remember, for every 3 Flexis purchased through the link, Sarah will give a free pair of Mae’s earrings!
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The M4™-02W Burled Wood is a deluxe model with burled wood scales and brushed stainless steel bolsters. The OutBurst mechanism instantly springs the blade fully open after you have opened the blade approximately 30 degrees. Our heavy-duty InterFrame build is true to Kit's design, with dual stainless steel liners, one locking, and a stainless steel back spacer.

I do not leave the house with out a knife in my pocket, and it has been this way for years. I have purchased from CRKT a number of times and have been pleased with the quality of its products. Email Sign UpSign up for email news and specials and receive a coupon code for 10% off your next order. This kit offers everything an individual needs to survive a major disaster for up to three full days without assistance. For large volume orders, feel free to contact us for possible discounts or better shipping rates!
This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. They sell them pre-packaged online at various sporting websites, and, apparently, at El Paso flea markets.
There are those thumbnail sized ones that they sometimes give away at the dentist’s office. M4 models have dual thumb studs for ambidextrous one-hand opening and bronze bearings and lubrous washers at the adjustable blade pivot for smooth, fast action. I bought two of The Kit Carson's M4-02w because they looked cool and I wanted to try The Out-Burst Assist Opening.
Food, water, and full minor medical is included along with basic emergency warmth and shelter and lightsticks for high visibility to rescue units.

This pin acts as an additional layer of safety, so the locking liner is less likely to disengage during use.
Professionally balanced for portability and self-sufficiency and weighing in at only 8 pounds, this durable kit is the perfect basis for the prepared individual. To close the knife, pull the LAWKS® lever back, slide the locking liner over, and fold the blade into the closed position.
I've made many variations on it, from exotic collectibles to working tacticals, in maybe 20 versions.
In doing so, it is easy to accidentally push on the sharp blade rather than the thumb stud.
When he saw the Kit Carson knife and the OBA he went nuts and would not give me my knife back.
I've had it for three months and still take it out of my pocket on occasion to just look at it CRKT RESPONSE: Hello- thank you for the review.
I am sorry to say it sounds like the Outburst feature on your knife is not working properly and needs to be fixed.
We would be happy to repair the knife for you, all you need to do is send the knife into our warranty department and we can get it fixed for you.

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