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Survival Mode is found in the 'More Ways To Play' section of the main menu and contains many scenarios from the Adventure Mode to test your skills in home lawn defence.
TRADITIONAL METHODMuch like the method shown above this will allow you to reach far greater flags than 40 if done well. Xbox, Xbox Live, and all other Xbox Live specific terms are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp. Para reproducir la musica que tendra que actualizar su navegador o actualizar el Plugin de Flash. With Endless mode unlocked you then have to survive no less than '40' flags (which is 20 levels) of Zombie hordes in succession in that mode. In this video courtesy of 'Hitoridakeno' he uses 'Draco89123's original concept of using Ice-Shrooms to slow the Guargantuans down giving the Gloom-Shrooms and Winter-Melons more chance to damage them while also utilising Cherry Bombs, Jalapenos and Doom Shrooms for extra damage. This walkthrough and any content included may not be reproduced without written permission.
Although you can pause and quit to save your game at any time you cannot restart from flags or checkpoints and if you're too slow or clumsy and make too many mistakes you will have to restart from flag one. This video is a great tutorial and shows the exact way to set up your main defences from the start. This method may be more attentive but it is very effective and if mastered could allow you to reach into the hundreds or even thousands of flags.

Unlike Adventure Mode you will have the option to choose any ten plants every two flags and you will not encounter any bonus waves (like Wall-Nut Bowling).To complicate things the Endless Survival Mode is set in the Backyard with the pool and this cannot be changed. He begins with planting the minimum Sunflowers required using the Imitator to speed things up. There are certain musts and must nots in surviving at least 40 waves but there isn't one single most effective way.
Below I have chosen the top two most efficient and easy methods to follow.What you have learned in Adventure Mode will be useful for Survival, however in later waves the strength and cunning of the Zombie hordes will become extremely overwhelming and your only defences will be planning, strategy and efficient control.
Remember to keep moving the cursor to collect all the Sunlight and build it up, don't attempt to deplete it. To unlock this achievement you will have to survive at least 40 Flags, however the achievement won't actually unlock until the Zombies eventually break through at whatever level you can reach. These 40 flags are each signified by a Flag Carrying Zombie leading an ever increasingly difficult wave of Zombies spread over 20 levels. Build towards the exact set-up in this video any deviations could cause massive failure, take special note of the exact positions of the Cob-Cannons, moving them will cause their destruction by Guargantuan Minions.
At the successful defeat of two flags the action will be paused and you will be directed to the Plant Selection board. This video is precise to what you need to do, the only plots available for alternatives are where the Golden Magnets and the Umbrella Plants are.

The choices you make here may change throughout the course of the 40 waves as you will have to begin with cheaper weaker plants and gradually build towards stronger more permanent ones. As for the Umbrella Plants they are a good idea but Gloom-Shrooms or even empty plots for Jalapenos and Ice-Shrooms are also effective. It shows the end set-up in action, although personally I would have more Gloom-Shrooms or Cattails in place of the Gold-Magnets.
After the video ends he would have replaced the two sets of Twin-Sunflowers in the pool with Cob-Cannons, and filled the front two columns with Spikerock.
Maintaining this set-up will guarantee success, adding a pumpkin to everything for protection is also beneficial. Try to keep some of the basics like Melons, Fume and Gloom Shrooms and Pumpkins in your inventory in later levels and use Jalapenos and Ice-Shrooms to add extra damage.

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