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02.12.2013 admin
Khi nao co con bong bong bay g?n d?n cu?i hang thi c?m em c? ba la th?i phat la bay c? dan (d? ti?t ki?m y ma). Trong ?nh la em da thay th? 1 em hoa hu?ng duong doi b?ng em nh?t ti?n vi hon 500 flags r?i, 1 em nh?t khong xu?.

PINATA -> Khi Zombie ch?t s? vang ra 1 d?ng k?o (cho d?p ) thebetterday910 Ai send m cai link down dc ko, thanks nhiu^^ B?n co th? tim tren di?n dan r?t nhi?u b?n da post r?i.
Hai C?t Do la ma c?a game, d? kick ho?t dc ma nay b?n ph?i tr?ng cay tri th?c (tree of wisdom) len 100ft hay j do, lau r?i ko choi nen ko nh?.

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