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Survival: Endless is a Survival Mode level that is set in the Pool which has an unlimited number of flags. The basic idea of Survival: Endless is that seemingly an unlimited number of zombies are attacking in an onslaught to take over the Player's House. At 107,374,183 flags, only Flag Zombies will come, and no zombies will be shown in the seed selection screen, until flag 214,748,364. A good setup is plenty of Cob Cannons, a column of Winter Melons three squares from the house to slow down the zombies, a column of Gloom-shrooms in front of the winter melons because Imps usually land there and they can get rid of them. The player has to hold off the zombie hordes for as long as possible, resembling the military act of laying siege to a castle.

The only ways for Survival: Endless to end are by getting the player's brains eaten or if they reset. After 214,748,366 flags, the game will go to -214,748,363 flags (due to an integer overflow), and the flag number will only show during the intermission every two flags.
At -107,374,181, only flag zombies will show up, until -1 flags, where Survival: Endless will be like normal. This level is mainly a challenge of surviving as many flags as the player can, and will become very difficult as the player completes more flags. Just like all Survival: Hard levels and Last Stand Endless, the player can choose new plants when two flags are completed.

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