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Xbox, Xbox Live, and all other Xbox Live specific terms are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp. At the 2014 SHOT Show we had the opportunity to meet with some of the staff at Survival Armor to get an up close look at their concealable body armor. I was fitted for one of Survival Armor’s concealable structured-armor options to demonstrate just how conforming their body armor could be to my torso. The first thing I noticed after receiving the vest was that it felt much lighter when I picked it up than I originally imagined it would be. Something I also like about the Falcon6 is the ability to replace worn out straps, rather than needing to have alterations made to the carrier if one wears out. The vest adds about an inch and a half of bulk across the front of my chest, but virtually no bulk is added to my shoulders.
Survival Armor’s designs and manufacturing are geared towards Law Enforcement, Military and Federal Government Personnel. For concealable body armor options that are comfortable and are tested for not only higher performance, but also wearability, check out Survival Armor and the many options they have available. Find more info on Survival Armor and inquire about ordering and pricing, by checking out their listing of local dealers. Please consider joining our Crew Leader Membership and our growing community of supporters. At ITS Tactical we’re working hard every day to provide different methods, ideas and knowledge that could one day save your life.
For less than 14¢ a day you can help contribute directly to our content, and join our growing community of supporters who have directly influenced what we’ve been able to accomplish and where we’re headed.
You’ve Been Asking For Years: Redesigned EDC Slimline Pouches and New ETA Trauma Kit Pouch Colorways Available! On this episode of Gear Tasting, Bryan offers a look at some new Raptor Charging Handles from AXTS. To unlock this mode you are required to beat all 10 stages of Survival mode.Survival more is all about having a good setup to survive as much flags as possible. Since armor can be heavy, bulky, hard to conceal and difficult to conform to the curves of the human body, it was great to see Survival Armor addressing these issues with innovative products that included concealable options as well.
At the time my vest was made, I was able to choose from white, black or navy fabric options, but tan, olive and brown are also now available.
Granted, weight is going to vary by the size of the vest and the guys in the office joked that my carrier looked child-sized, but my first impression of the vest was that it was going to be very wearable. The demonstrator, Gary Hughes, provides a great explanation of how the testing performed in the video uses only the NIJ certified ballistic package and the carrier, the additional trauma pack was not installed during testing. Male and Female sizing sheets are available on the Survival Armor website and provide clear and concise instructions for how to get the right measurements for the perfect fit.

While they don’t sell direct to consumers, other than federal business, they do rely on their network of dealers across the nation to sell their products. Instead of simply asking for your support with donations, we’ve developed a membership to allow our readers to support what we do and allow us to give you back something in return.
I was definitely curious about what the customized armor would look and feel like when it was ready to be worn, I expected it to just hang off of my shoulders, mash down my chest and not permit me to sit comfortably in a chair. After putting it on and getting the shoulder and side straps adjusted, I walked around and then sat down to see if I had full arm, waist, neck and shoulder movement throughout the rest of my day.
I did invest in some breathable undershirts that helped me to stay cooler while wearing the vest during the summer months. It takes about four to six weeks after measurements and purchase order are submitted for the vest to be manufactured and shipped. Meaning that the decision of who their dealers sell to lies with those individual dealers, many of which do sell to civilians.
I had enough cash at that point and to be honest I think that the controls are good enough to pick up money yourself.
The new F7 level IIIA plate that was included is exclusively for females and has a permanent bend which contours with the female cup for maximum comfort.
The Falcon6 has an LDSS (Load Distributing Strapping System), which is a new and patented ergonomic strapping system that helps wearing the Falcon6 to feel almost like wearing a regular garment.
The Pargon6, Phoenix6 and Falcon6 are all available in custom sizes for both males and females. Typically their dealer network policies require proof of a Concealed Handgun License or a letter from local Law Enforcement for civilian purchase. If you would be so kind as to provide updates at regular intervals as to wearability as well as durability over your new vest's lifetime. The Falcon6 model is also available unstructured, which means it won’t have the darts (side seams) that draw the shape further in on the sides of the bust. Adjustments are made by repositioning the Velcro hook and loop straps and two styles of side straps were provided for me to try out in order to get the perfect fit. Also, if you could describe the high points as well as the low points in your experiences in ballistic armor for females. Unstructured options will still take on the female shape and can still be fitted with the F7 plate. As a side note, here's an idea for your next product review, 'Female Contoured Duty Belts and female holsters'. All of the female concealable armor options can be found here on Survival Armor’s Website.

Very few female officers are built like a boy and man-cut gear imposed upon women officers is a real sore point. Your excellent insight would go far in advancing the comfortability of the Ladies in Law Enforcement. It would however not hurt to have more slots!Below you will find the setup I got my idea from.
Two cobs will take out normal Gargantuars while you will still have 2 cobs in reserve on each side (well up and down) should more Gargantuars show up or should the red-eyed ones show. The Winter Melons will keep the outer row in check since it will not be covered from the Gloom-Shrooms.
The Pumpkins will need some maintenance but they should be okay as long as you keep an eye on them. If you should be rushed by Digger Zombies who take out a Winter Melon, plant a Spikerock in it's place. Revert to the original setting if needed on the next level.With this setup you should be good to go. Focus to get your Cattails up and running in the beginning while setting up Kernel-Pults in the non-pool lanes. Obviously you should have more Sunflowers in the beginning, I recommend the usual two rows, and replace them slowly later on.Once you have your setup ready you should always choose some explosive power from the plant menu. As they are slowed by your Winter Melons they will suffer heavy damage and usually not be able to pick up any plant. If you want to be absolutely sure they do not get anything, plant an Ice-Shroom as soon as you see the target markers and activate it as quickly as possible.
Note that if you do not use that many Umbrella Leafs then two Bungee Zombies might remain in a row. In those levels I suggest packing double Pumpkins (using the option to clone a plant) and keeping a close eye on that row. In levels with those kind of zombies you might want to have a Cob Cannon rotation in order to blast the incoming zombies and minimise the risk of blowing up your Spikerock or Gloom-Shroom defences. You can also use Cherry Bombs, Ice-Shrooms and the like to get rid of them quickly.I hope I could give you some details on how to get to at least 40 flags. You should have enough info on zombie types to see why this is working and I suggest you try it should you get desperate or fail with other setups!

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