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During 2009 and 2010, the US Strategic Command developed a zombie survival plan as a training tool. PZ’s are zombie life forms created after an organism is infected by a virus or bacteria or some other form of contagion. SIZ’s are zombie life forms originating from the introduction of a symbiont life form into an otherwise healthy host. Although seemingly tongue-in-cheek, zombie preparedness plans are actually a valuable tool in planning for more mundane disasters. In 2012, Bangor, Maine was one of several cities that took part in a multi-county zombie pandemic drill. And the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention created a stir when they posted Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse campaign for disaster readiness. Tagged  28 Days Later, department of defense, disaster preparedness, I Walked With a Zombie, night of the living dead, pentagon, plan 9 from outer space, plants vs. A local boy scout troop used a zombie-apocalypse scenario to make studying emergency preparedness more fun and engaging for the boys in the troop.
Giga-Football Zombie is a Football Zombie wearing black and gray football gear that is only in the online version's Survival Mode and Vasebreaker. The Giga-Football Zombie absorbs 150 normal damage shots and its appearance changes upon absorbing 47, 94, 140 normal damage shots (by this point, the black football helmet is destroyed) before dying at 150 normal damage shots.
Giga-Football Zombie is one of five zombies that can take more than one instant kill before dying, with the others being Gargantuar, Giga-gargantuar, Tall-nut Zombie, and Dr. It does not appear in any versions except for the online version; however, swapping its images with a Football Zombie's images can make a Giga-Football Zombie in the PC and Game of the Year versions.
Giga-Football Zombie takes up five Wall-nuts or two Explode-o-nuts before dying in Wall-nut Bowling. Giga-Football Zombie is one of three zombies to have face paint, the others being Football Zombie and Gatling Pea Zombie.
Giga-Football Zombie is the third strongest zombie in the game, only seconded by Giga-gargantuar and Dr. There is a mistake that, when moving the mouse to the Giga-Football Zombie, (on the seed selection part of the level) it says Football Zombie. Giga-Football Zombie is one of the two zombies that wear black headwear, the other being the Gatling Pea Zombie.
This zombie only appears in Night levels (except when playing the hacked version of Plants vs. Technically, only the helmet is "giga", since the shots needed to destroy it doubles from 70 to 140, but the zombie itself will still take ten shots before dying. In the seed selection screen, Giga-Football Zombie is mistakenly animated with its final degrade mouthgear behind its fresh one. All-Stars hit the front lines as the meanest and toughest Zombies in Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare.
For help with anything else in Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare, check out my Master Guide List. Sprint Tackle - The All-Star dashes forward, knocking anyone in its path into the sky, doing high damage. It does not protect against the Garlic Drone's Corn Strike either, so be careful where you place them.
Tackle them to stop their healing and rooted sunbeam, then just finish them with your primary attack.
A good technique is to move backwards from approaching enemies, launch an imp then a quickly a tackle dummy to hold them in place while the imp explodes.

GameSkinny is part of the Launch Media Network, the creators of GamerLaunch and other great tools for gamers! PLANTS VS ZOMBIES CHARACTERSThat belong to play dead vinyl figures of your neighbour in plants. Co-op in Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare can be played with up to four players online and two players’ split-screen on the Xbox One. In split-screen Garden Ops, it’s you and a buddy holding out for as long as you both can before you are over-run. For more help on Garden Warfare, read our Survival Tips, Team Vanquish and Gardens and Graveyards Guide.
Once the garden is set, you’ll be able to spot pots where you can located your plants. These are the basic zombies – not too intimidating individually, but when they attack collectively, it can be super-troublesome. Kamikaze, suicidal, funny looking – these guys have everything that will make you unnerved. These guys seem busy reading a newspaper, but that’s their way of shielding themselves.
These guys are the artillery units for the zombies, and since they were former athletes, they seem to have amazing speed.
Big muscular dudes carrying a huge bomb and heading straight for your garden is what you’ll be witnessing.
The zombie scenario was chosen as a fictional example that would not be mistaken for a real strategic plan. SZ’s are zombie life forms originating from space or created by toxic contamination of the Earth environment via some form of extra-terrestrial toxin or radiation. CZ’s occur when old hens that can no longer lay eggs are incorrectly euthanized by poultry farmers using carbon monoxide. CZ’s are simply terrifying to behold and are likely only to make people become vegetarians in protest to animal cruelty. First responders learned how to deal with mass casualties, triage, and the logistics of distributing supplies to survivors, while the locals learned disaster preparedness, and how to seek safety outside of their immediate community.
Download the Counter-Zombie Dominance Plan, and remember that effective triage and quarantine are essential to maintaining a healthy population. Sign up for the free John Doppler Effect newsletter for announcements and giveaways only available to subscribers! Although I am not compensated for reviews, external links may contain affiliate codes for which I am paid a small commission.
The Giga-Football Zombie has the health of a Gargantuar, but it moves around faster (the same speed as a Football Zombie basically), has to eat plants instead of smashing them like Gargantuars, and has no Imp to throw.
However, you will have to act faster to kill it, since the Giga-Football Zombie moves faster than a Gargantuar, although the Giga-Football Zombie has no Imp to throw and has to chew through plants. This may be because the normal Football Zombie does not appear in the online version, so the Giga-Football Zombie would be an unusual name if the player does not face the weaker version, or because, at the time, its name was conjectural. This is because PopCap Games made this zombie exclusively for the online version and they might not have wanted to spend much time on creating it.
Plants that get hit by this take a lot of damage and get stunned a little while being knocked in the air. You can only select or change the class before the Garden is chosen, so do so wisely, as you won’t be able to change once the garden is decided. There are three different locations you can choose from in each of the five available maps.

Act swiftly, because you’ll only have 30 seconds to position your plants before the first wave begins. These guys are tougher than Coneheads, and if they group up with them, then it’s time to bring in the big canons. Just aim for the head, because apparently the newspaper isn’t made out of regular paper.
You can try shooting their eyes if you have killer-aim, and can even cripple them with shots at their limbs, but these guys are beefy, so you’ll need to direct a lot of firepower towards them. The foot soldier does exactly that, and their range and damage is something every plant should be scared of. They’re fat, beefy, and frighteningly smart, since they can use Teleporters to call in reinforcements. Wielding a power pole and carrying a explosive imp on his shoulders, this big guy is a tank-like enemy.
Zombie weaponization programs and supporting infrastructures are included in COAs to deal with these threats. Products showcased on this blog are personally selected by me for their excellence, and receive only honest reviews. Also unlike normal Football Zombies, the Giga-Football Zombie has spikes on its shoulder plate. It is harder to kill it than a Gargantuar since most of the powerful plants do not appear in that version, and that it has fast speed. Moreover, the scientists are the main healers for the zombies, and that’s in no way good news. They kick Exploding Imp towards plants and can destroy your garden with their own powerful weapons. The hens appear to be dead when buried, but inexplicably come back to life and dig themselves out from the piles of dead chickens. They are different from WZ’s because they are the result of actions taken to kill a living organism vs. In Survival: Endless, it is even harder to kill them because you can only choose four plants against it.
A good choice against them would be the Chomper as they kill them in one bite unlike other instant kills.
Wall-nuts would be okay, but they would probably be eaten by the time the Giga-Football Zombie dies, so if you want to use them, you should be sure to plant them close to the right of the screen. It is a huge addiction of mine that has lead to countless hours of non productivity on my end, unless you count shooting, terrorizing and creating all sorts of chaos for the zombies that want to eat my brains productive.Enough gushing.
The game starts out with a small tutorial that shows you how to collect the suns and plant the flowers that you will need, which all do various things. Below you will find a few screens that give you an idea of the stages and flowers that you will encounter in game. Some things will be unlocked as you go while others you will have to buy in the games shop, which is unlockable through normal game play and requires you to spend nothing other then the money you earn in game.
There is a boss or two thrown into the game and each different mode will offer a different game play experience, which stops the game from feeling stale. I spend my time writing up the news for you all and keeping us all up to date with incoming game info from Japan.

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