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To take care of Bungee Zombies, some of these builds use an Ice-shroom to freeze them once they land so Gloom-shrooms can take care of them, and others Cob 'em. Also, against all expectations, the pool's the easiest area to defend, as none of the tough zombies appear there. This thing is good in later flags if you're running out of sun to recover a bit when you have the time and space. This guy, while ideally not part of your standard strategy in most cases, makes decent stalling power in emergencies, and is used sometimes in 8- and 10-Cob builds as an alternative to Gloom-shrooms to take care of Dolphins. Spikeweed is used to upgrade into Spikerock, and also as a consumable to instant kill Zombonis.
Basically a platform for land plants to be planted in the water, and sometimes for stalling power. Gatling Pea and Torchwood - once thought to be useless in Endless mode, this pair isn’t entirely unworkable in a build. As you've probably already guessed, these are used to protect from Catapult Zombies and Bungee Zombies.
This is used for waking up your mushrooms, and is necessary if you've got mushrooms other than Puff-shroom, Scaredy-shroom, Sun-shroom, and Sea- shroom. They tend to serve one of three purposes: taking care of Diggers, being put in the front to take care of zombies in adjacent lanes (resulting in some layouts that resemble arrowheads), and taking care of Imps and Bungee Zombies. You may want to turn on your popup blocker for this bit, as some of the sites here have ads. This relies on the same principle, and uses the non-firepea half's back to stockpile Ice-shrooms.
Note: I designed this one, based on Halfway, not knowing that any other 1 Cobs had been developed. Play this basically like Hitoridakeno's No Repair strat, with a Cob for any situations in which it may be needed.
This brilliant build relies on instants to take care of Gigas, not stalling, primarily, as FlyingFree wanted to leave his Imitater open for Pumpkins, which is necessary cos of the usage of Spikerocks (which don't do anything to Imps unless they're hurled onto them, which is unlikely), which are used to reduce the cost of replacement Glooms in case of jaccidents. I can tell that the first one uses Spikerocks to stall Gigas and destroy Zombonis in the bottom half, and has a firepea in the top half.
You're gonna need to Cob the Winter Melons in row 3 and the Gloom-shrooms in row 5 if Bungees come, so to take care of all those, Cob the row 4 Winter Melons.
Hitori may have, in fact, designed this build, but I saw almost this exact build somewhere else.
We're sorry, the designer of this strategy had their brains eaten before I could show you this setup. Note the fact that the only snaring (freezing) power for this build is Ice-shrooms, and the fact that it can be vulnerable to Jack-in-the-box Zombies. You know those noob builds that have a couple lanes of Twin Sunflowers in the back, with Gatling Pea + Torchwood or Winter Melon elsewhere, just repetitive laning? The main weakness of these builds is the fact that Ambush Zombies can pop up out of the water and chew on your front Cob Cannons. It is meant to be a great database of builds and how to play them, plants and their uses, and how to set up your lawn.
I don't know what else to call them, so I'll call a relatively fast Jack-in-the-box Zombie explosion that destroys a Gloom-shroom or two a jaccident. A common misconception is that Gigas have 1.5x or 2x the HP of a Gargantuar (300 HP and 225 HP, respectively), and instants do 100 damage.
When you're to 200 flags, there will be tons of zombies, and so killing one at a time won't get you anywhere.
There are some plants that may appear to fit into some of these "useless" categories, but actually have a use. Basically, find some spots to put some Sunflowers in a flag without any dangerous zombies, and then plant them where you can. It is, however, useful when you've got a lot of warning, and is especially useful against the slow Gargantuars and Gigas.

This was originally proposed by Draco89123 in his Low Maintenance builds, and has been used by me and TheHardinero, too.. Good candidates for partner plants to go with Gatling Pea are Cob Cannon, Gloom-shroom, and Spikerock.
Unless you have 6+ Cobs, you're gonna need a couple to keep your back lines from being obliterated by Catapult Zombies.
They suck at defending their own lane, but are awesome at defending the lanes on either side of them.
The most common and space-efficient method is to have two Glooms in ground zero to destroy Diggers with little or no damage felt. They can reach them from anywhere in the long (as opposed to tall) 3x5 square centered at the Bungee.
I'll only include builds I can understand the basic strategy behind, as otherwise I can't tell you how to play them. I've played a variation of it with less Winter Melons, and I can tell you that the ones shown are necessary.
They plop their clickety aquatic mammals in the water, hop over the first Gloom, land on an empty space, and get killed by the Glooms before they can do anything. They rely on Doom-shrooms (ideally placed in the pool), Squash, and Cherry Bombs, along with stalling to maximize effectiveness. In case you didn't figure this out, it relies heavily on ladders, stalling tactics, and consumables. They either use a consumable rotation (2-CJ-2-I), or they stall Zombies so that Cob Cannons are the only instants you'll need (generally with Puff-shrooms and Imitater Puff-shrooms, or Ice-shrooms and Imitater Ice-shrooms). It is not meant to be a guide for designing your own setups, as Draco89123 already hit that nail on the head.
Please note that some of these are useful when you're setting up, but pretty much never afterwards. They are the Snow Pea, Chomper, Hypno-shroom, Tangle Kelp, Sea-shroom, Magnet-shroom, Starfruit, Cabbage-pult, and Kernel-pult. Also, though this isn't foolproof, a Fume in the inner row provides an excellent safeguard from jaccidents. It’s obvious that the fire peas do double damage and that Gatlings spit them out very rapidly, but they only hit the first zombie in the row, right?
In case you lose a laddered Pumpkin, you can use Garlic to divert a Ladder Zombie to a lane where it's safe for long enough, then use Garlic to funnel it to where you need to ladder. Having them surface on an empty land space with one Gloom in ground zero will kill them before they can do anything, and the empty slots can be used to store Ice-shrooms before Coffee Beaning them. Two Cattails (when put over three spaces behind the front of the pool) have been shown to pop all Balloons, even past 200 flags. Often classified as a vegetable, this, along with tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, corn, peppers, peas, squash (including pumpkins, those are squash), and others are technically fruit.
Basically, most use Ice-shroom and its Imitater, along with Cherry Bomb and Jalapeno for the outer rows. Well, I think one of the ones in the pool (ONE, not both) can be removed to allow for extra Ice-shroom storage. The only thing I'd like to know is why the designer didn't bring Glooms in case of jaccidents this flag. The other interesting thing is that jaccidents are less disastrous, as you've only got one Gloom to replace.
Draco89123's build needs an Ice-shroom after each gap of Zombies; that is, right before each huge wave and at the beginning of each set of 2 flags, just for eliminating Snorkelers before they can obliterate those front pool Glooms.
The moor with the Gatling Peas is vulnerable to Diggers, but that's what Pumpkins are for, right? I would not like to credit myself for coming up with this term, in case I didn't come up with it on my own.) I'll use the convention of calling the Jack-in-the-box Zombie a Jack, and Giga-gargantuars Gigas. I've seen them sustain 3 instants head-on and not die, though they don't have much health left, maybe that of a Conehead.

Also, some builds have Flower Pots underneath their plants for fun, or to affect visibility for the better. You may need to lose some Glooms to do this, but if they were destroyed by whatever caused you to lose the laddered Pumpkin, you're good.
Put Glooms to hit Imps where they're likely to be hurled and they should make short work of 'em. Otherwise, they're used to pop Zombonis in some of those firepea builds and to stall Gigas for long enough to kill them.
I've tried many tricks, including upgrading Pumpkined Kernel-pults, and none of them worked.) Builds are played very differently depending on how many of these are played. In flags without Gigas, just sit around and replace eaten Fume-shrooms and repair Pumpkins. Plus, with a proper Ice-shroom storage facility, you can pretty much destroy Diggers before they can do anything. The Split Peas are vulnerable to Zombonis, Gargantuars, Football Zombies, and Gigas, though. Wetlands will refer to the lanes adjacent to the pool, and moor will refer to the other land lanes. I know that at least one of a Giga's HP and an instant's damage is wrong, though that doesn't necessarily mean both are. The marigold is useless cos you'll be running into enough zombies that coins will be dropping left and right, and a Marigold will barely increase your income.
When a fire pea collides with a normal zombie (normal being anything that isn’t made of metal), it has a fiery splash effect that damages all other zombies nearby the target.
In rounds with Gigas, you're gonna need Ice-shroom, its Imitater, Cherry Bomb, and Jalapeno. This thing stockpiles a lot of Ice-shrooms to help out with Diggers, and to help out with the Firepea.
I'd bring Lily Pad, Fume, Gloom, Coffee Bean, Pumpkin, Ice-shroom and its Imitater, Cherry Bomb, Jalapeno, and Puff-shroom, though this can be changed if necessary. A lot of the information in here is from Draco's guide, and I'd like to congratulate him on amazing guide. Use a CJ rotation for moor Gigas (use Squash if you're uncomfortable about a couple), and use Ice-shrooms to freeze Gigas when they're in range of all 5 Glooms for wetlands. This means that Gatlings shooting fire peas can hit multiple zombies at once, making them a plausible addition to an Endless build.
Also, never use a Jalapeno in a lane with an intentionally laddered Pumpkin, as Jalapenos and other explosives (other than Ice-shroom) destroy ladders. A question that's been nagging at me for months is, "what happens when a Bungee targets a Kernel-pult and then you upgrade it into a Cob Cannon before the Bungee can steal it?" I wonder If it steals half the Cob Cannon. In case of jaccidents, try to keep your front wetland Gloom safe for as long as possible, though it's not a big deal if you lose it, as this build can function with the whole front row lost.
But, there are some zombies that can counter the Gatling + Torchwood combo which must be watched out for. When fire peas collide with screen doors, ladders, catapults, and Zombonis, they lose their splash effect and only do damage to the metal target that took the hit.
This is the primary reason Gatlings and Torchwoods fail in Endless, and the reason why you can’t rely on them alone. Gatlings and Torchwoods output tons and tons of damage; enough to drop a Giga-Gargantuar in about fifteen seconds. But they can’t stop everything, and if you’re going to use them, you need to have a plan for how to take out the metal zombies and everything behind the enemy front lines. Otherwise, they get backed up and you have a huge wave of zombies knocking on your door before you know it.

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