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Survival skills trainer Shannon Francis, owner and operator of Resiliency Training LLC, is collaborating with Girl Scouts of Southeast Wisconsin to teach outdoor survival skills such as building shelters, starting fires without matches and making healing salves from medicinal plants.
Francis, who holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental education, creates comprehensive programs to educate people about outdoor living skills, foraging for wild edible plants, identifying and using medicinal plants, and making natural products for the body and home.
Unity Church in Milwaukee is now offering a weekly health and well-being series, Wellness Wednesdays.
The Unity Church in Milwaukee has set up a labyrinth on its Wauwatosa campus and has made it available to the community on a donation basis.

Optimal Performance Health Care Center will provide complimentary biomechanical and neurological health assessments from 10 a.m. The Midwest Women’s Herbal is celebrating 5 years with a special Herbal Traditions Retreat with Rosemary Gladstar & Friends, and is hosting a retreat for women on Oct.
Completion of these survivalist skills provides opportunities for many of the girl scouts to earn their badges in the categories of Environment and Adventure. She leads workshops and classes for adults and children in addition to collaborating with organizations.

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