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Wilderness survival is an awareness that not only keeps you alive, it allows you thrive and find a deeper connection to the natural world.
Our archery and wilderness survival skills camps are known as the first and best outdoor programs for youth in Portland and beyond. Year ArcherySept - April 1-weekend a monthExpert coaching in the foundations of archery while bridging into more advanced skills.
Bow Making BasicsCraft a survival bow out of locally harvested materials with simple blades and knives. Make Your Bamboo-Hickory Longbow In this course your craft a laminate longbow from bamboo and hickory. Got some extra time on your hands and looking for creative ways to up your survival preparedness arsenal?
You’ll get food and cooking projects, light and fire projects, weaponry projects, gardening projects, and general survival projects. Shanghai Disneyland may be sucking all of the air out of the room when it comes to China amusement parks but there is one that is already open and represents another brand’s shift to China away from the west. Discovery Adventures Moganshan Park is located in the picturesque Moganshan mountainous region of Zhejiang Province. Discovery Adventures Moganshan bills itself as a “world-class survival and outdoor adventure training experience.” The Discovery-branded park is a partnership with the Regalia Hotels Group and its nearby Andaman Resort facility, and after several months catering to private and corporate team building events is now open to general public.

Discovery Moganshan is one of the early forays into the hotel business by the cable TV brand. Discovery Destinations is a classic brand extension, when a strong, established brand name leverages that position to reach into a completely different product category.
One reason Discovery Channel is searching for ways to spin off its core brand is because its core brand is struggling to find its way in an era of cord cutting.
So to get leaner and save $120 million a year, Discovery will lay off a significant number of its staff in the US.
Nor would Discovery be the first brand struggling in its home market to find success with a brand extension in China. A collection of recommended on-brand voice talent that align with a brand’s sonic strategy. Hand build four different bows, including a flat bow, survival bow, self bow and laminate longbow. Transform rock, crafting a primitive survival kit of stone arrowheads, knives, hatchets and more.
Those mood-setting terraced hills and bamboo stalk forests you see in movies like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon? It is about four hours from Shanghai and close to the Yangtze River delta urban corridor of cities with a total population of over 100 million.

Launched last year, Discovery Destinations describes itself as “a collection of distinct, independent, destination properties—each positioned as a first-class experience for the elite traveler seeking an incomparable experience. Though Discovery’s stable of channels (including TLC and Animal Planet) produce a slew of hit shows, the rush to cord cutting by millennials has investors worried about Discovery’s future in cable—its stock is down nearly 20% in the past year. It has taken Shark Week, which was a random collection of shows, and built it into a national event including marketing tie-ins with brands like ice creamery Cold Stone and Princess Cruise Lines. Even as Playboy battles to remain on newsstands in America, its Playboy apparel stores have been going strong in China since the 1990s.
In China where “nature” is a precious commodity, Discovery Moganshan boasts 1 million square meters of it. From scuba diving to zip lining, plus everything in between, adventure is around every corner at Discovery Destinations.” Most of the locations are in the US—Nantahala Outdoor Center in North Carolina, Shaker Village in Kentucky, House on Metolous in Oregon and Goldmoor Inn in Illinois. Discovery is trying to reach youth with its programming—the networks has three different shows about marijuana (Weed Wars, Pot Cops, Weed Country)—but the trend will not be reversed. Discovery Destinations certainly appears to be positioned for success, bringing people real-life adventures after the brand’s reputation for bringing people small screen ones in their living rooms.

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