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So how about it?  Are there any TV shows I’ve missed or maybe some good survival movies I should check out? I heard an interview with Les the other day and he said that while he respects most of the other shows his is the only real one.
I also want the SOG F17N-CP Bad Axe Backcountry Knife which may be better than the Gerber one.
They did good with the American Blackout trying to wake people up a bit but Doomsday Preppers is such a joke. In real life those guys would’ve killed all of them for their food after of course they abused and had fun with the women. No camera crews and dealing with whatever comes your way is the best i’ve seen at depicting real situations. The second time their kids were elementary school age and they had found a nice property with about 100 acres up there.
I don’t think people should view them as gospel but any information you can gather and then test for yourself is a bonus in my book.
If I had to survive for a week or more in the bush, in a SHTF scenario, I’d rather do it with Les than any of the others. I watched a few of the Duel Survival shows with the new guy after Dave got let go and the show was not nearly as good. In order for Serenity to really make sense and get the most out of it you should watch all 14 Firefly shows. If you have a question, comment, there’s a problem with the site, or you just want to say Hi, Send Us an Email. I can’t think of how many times I’ve seen fellow survival enthusiasts online post something like, “When TEOTWAWKI rolls around, I’m going to be ready because I spent all these years prepping—not like my neighbor so-and-so who sits around on the couch watching TV all day.”It’s a fine sentiment, and generally speaking, I agree. This show follows ex-British Special Forces soldier Bear Grylls for five seasons as he fights to survive in brutal environments. This fascinating series is a thought experiment based on the question, “What would happen if every person on the planet disappeared?” Each episode examines the fate of buildings, infrastructure, plants, animals, and objects left to grow or decay without human interference.
Nine city-dwelling survival enthusiasts are dumped off in the Alaskan wilderness and must find their way back to civilization. Why is this a good thing?Well, cable and satellite services have swindled customers to purchase heavily priced packages to get the Outdoor Channel or Sportsman Channel. These are a couple of very entertainingA adventureA series which set several strangers in the wilderness with limited resources.
OPSEC is blown out the window and people can easily find you and will be lining up in bunches for help [or for other intentions] when things get crazy. We have watched every episode on Netflix and it has single-handedly addicted my son to the outdoors. I also watched his documentary on YouTube about his family and how he met his wife and the off grid home they built with their small children. They said when they first got married they went in the woods for a year and built a place and lived off the land. I think it would function better in extreme cold than wearing a standard coat with a plate carrier on top.
I tore down my parent’s kitchen to the studs and rebuilt in brand new based on YouTube and HGTV.

I like seeing the compromise that always occurs between the two people and their personalities. We have to be since the bush up here is so totally awesome but very unforgiving to those who don’t respect nature or have a clue about the dangers that abound out here. I had the privilege of meeting him some time back and I asked him about what he would do if he suffered a serious injury while shooting his show in a remote wilderness location. However, I feel that of all the survival show on the market today, his is the most honest and sincere.
While the videos on his channel are not done with the production and smoothness that Duel Survival was done with.
Every episode features a different scenario in a different environment—everything ranging from frozen lakes to inhospitable deserts.
Husband and wife Mykel Hawke and Ruth England team up in various survival situations, again in inhospitable settings with limited supplies. Along the way, they will need to come up with solutions to the problems of shelter and food while battling Alaska’s harsh climate. Watching it, you hear real-life stories about various combat situations from the perspective of their participants. Experts Cliff Hodges and Alex Coker guide competitors who must begin at a drop point and make it to an extraction point while trying out different survival skills and techniques.
It is a documentary which follows the annual International Sniper Competition which is held at Fort Benning in Georgia. Note that there used to be a number of other exciting shows for survivors on Netflix as well, like Dual Survival and Alaska: The Last Frontier. Then, they each have to survive for as long as possible with what they have, build, catch and find. There is a lot to be said about a guy that subjects himself to a week alone, with a minimal amount of survival gear and humping the extra weight of his camera gear.
The whole family kicks butt in doing chores, fishing, hunting, and growing their food all in preparation for the winter. Stroud used a flashlight to start a fire one time and my boy begged me to let him try it with an old flashlight we had. I can admire someone like that compared to Bear Grylls doing dumb stuff for fun and then sleeping in a trailer at night. I understand if you’re a primitive tribe that has never seen shoes before but once i was introduced to LL Bean i find it crazy to go in the woods without good foot gear. They dropped one of their friends off near Russia in deep snow in a Santa Claus suit and minimal gear.
Have gear for every type of weather but I could see some serious usage in the winter for that coat. Once a week he would walk to the opposite side of the island to drop off batteries and video cards and pick up a back pack with new ones. I think it’s entertaining to watch and that show helped get my 8 year old interested. And Cody seems the fool that is not smart enough to know that mankind invented shoes to protect ourselves from the elements.
Fox network has a habit of cutting shows way too fast, so fast they don’t have the ability to build a following.
In fact, you can actually learn quite a bit about survival by watching some of the best survival shows on Netflix!

On the upside, you learn a lot of useful basic skills such as how to build a fire and forage. Some of the operations covered include the invasion of Grenada in 1983, Operation Desert Storm in 1991, and a rescue mission in a patrol boat in 1969 in Vietnam. It takes place in a fictional near future where a virus has killed the majority of the adult population.
Like Out of the Wild: The Alaska Experiment, this show features normal, everyday people taken out of city lives.
This isn’t just any sniper competition—these guys are subjected to harsh situations which simulate combat.
For a newcomer or uninformed person, Bear’s shenanigans may be the only exposure they get to the concept of wilderness survival. Les Stoud keeps it pretty level headed and yes he does have an emergency satellite telephone for backup. Watching him weak with hunger and thirst after 24 hours, too weak to get a shelter up and eating things that made him puke was interesting to say the least. And if he comes across something he doesn’t know, he has to figure it out and share it. Wild will often take the foolhardy or absurdly challenging route to solve a problem to show off, Mykel and Ruth usually take the more realistic approach. Ten years later, Jeremiah and his sidekick Kurdy must travel across a post-apocalyptic country to seek out Jeremiah’s father, a viral researcher who may be able to offer hope. The competitors aren’t your average Joes either—these are highly trained military and law enforcement professionals.
On one show, he had to be picked up due to a severe storm moving in and he was drifting in a survival raft. Their interaction is good too, like Dual Survivor and Naked and Afraid, really starts to show how important team work is in a survival SHTF situation. The other great thing about this show is that the two often squabble just as you would expect—but still manage to make their relationship work under tough conditions. Watching this show, you will learn all about how different combat weapons were developed as well as how they work—everything from swords to rocket launchers.
Harsh environments that Stroud battles his way through include everything from the Sonora Desert to the Arctic Circle.
Watch this show and you’ll learn about shooting technique as well as tactical survival skills like camouflage and urban combat.
The ten guys all film themselves arriving, setting up their first, flimsy camp, getting their first fire started with the flint and steel, and the myriad trials and tribulations that the absolute wilderness serves up on a conveyor belt.With very limited supplies, the race is on from the first minute, to get set up, get warm, get water and find a food supply. It will be interesting to see what happens with Dual Survival, but I just saw an ad for next season, so maybe Cody came back. One of the most charismatic contestants, Alan Kay, is certainly carrying much of the show this season, with not only unique insight into the art of survival, but the human mind as well.

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