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A few minutes later, we arrived at the corner with other school children and pedestrians on their way to work. I watched her for a moment, wondering why she wasn’t approaching the bus, then noticed that the man was standing between her and the bus. Despite the emotions, and anger, I still maintained some semblance of situational awareness. Condition white describes someone who is basically “asleep at the wheel.” She will not see the open manhole cover on the sidewalk, or telephone pole in her path, nor the suspicious man lingering near her car in the grocery store parking lot.
Interestingly, and contrary to what you would think, she is not paranoid because she is aware.
Condition Orange defines a state when a specific threat has been identified, such as the man who followed her around the shopping mall and is now standing next to her car. Condition Red: At this point, the man who followed her through the movie theater has blocked her path towards her car, and tries to drag her inside his van, or the thug at the restaurant is trying to pull her out the exit door. By remaining in Condition Yellow, by staying aware of her surroundings, a woman can avoid many situations before she is in danger, maybe when an assailant is still planning something. Obviously, the optimum time to thwart an assault is early on—the earlier the better: better to identify him when he first approaches her, or strikes up a conversation, or is following her, or watching her, than to wait until she is standing on the “X”, or is in the back seat of a sexual predator’s vehicle. When she sees possible correlation—between his actions and hers—she can take more provocative steps to confirm that he is following her. She can execute a “reversal,” turning back down an aisle towards him, maybe looking him in the eye and letting him know that she knows. She might see a group of men in a parking lot near the exit of the movie theater, before she exits. She will notice a young man who is loitering near the entrance to her apartment building as she approaches.
There may be links in the post above that are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission, which does not affect the price you pay for the product. The Survival Mom has regular posters, but sometimes people only have one or two really great ideas, so what to do? One more point, and a major focus of my book: women need to be aware and alert to abuse from all men, including the ones she dates. Originating in the medical field, Polygiene is a company whose silver salt treatment is applied to products during manufacturing, permanently embedding silver chloride into items like helmets, gloves, socks, shirts, and baselayers.
Partnering with brands such as Patagonia, Arc'teryx, Adidas, La Sportiva, Buff, Outdoor Research, POC, Salomon, Dynafit, and more, Polygiene is becoming popular among some of the top players in the outdoor industry.
Polygiene treatment inhibits bacteria growth because of the antimicrobial silver ion in the silver salt (AgCl) treatment. In my personal testing of Polygiene treated gear I've found it to be very effective not only improving my enjoyment of running and skiing, but also allows me to skip laundry time more often – I hate to fold. There are other options out there for anti–stinking like Agion Active, or laundry detergent options like Gear Wash or Tide Sport. In addition to being Technical Director and co-founder of the Gear Institute, Tal-ee is a contributor to Gear Tests and News. Every week, we bring you five gear-related stories, from all over, that you won’t want to miss.
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As we chatted, waiting for the school bus to arrive, I noticed one of the older students, the pretty daughter of a family who lived nearby, standing next to an older man a short distance away.
Each time Jean tried to walk around him he blocked her, moving his face closer to hers as he stepped back and forth in her path.
I had been in another fight a few months earlier (protecting a victim who had been attacked in a subway), and did not relish the idea of returning to the office of Security in the U.S. I was aware of my surroundings as I waited and began loading my son onto the bus, despite the stress of trying to be on time, and distractions while saying goodbye.
She knows someone is walking behind her on the sidewalk, is aware of someone shopping in the same aisle in the shoe store, sees the  manhole cover on the sidewalk, and vehicles (makes and models, even drivers) which take multiple turns with her as she drives home.
Many assailants, including rapists or sexual predators, follow a similar, chain-of-attack (unless they find a “target of opportunity”). She can walk through the Walmart in a “stair-stepping” pattern, making several turns while heading to the Pharmacy, for example, rather than two long straight-aways.
She can do a u-turn (vehicular reversal) when driving, heading back towards him, while jotting down his license plate number as she passes.
If she sees a man standing next to his van, on her path ahead of her while walking from class to her dorm, she can stop well in advance. Is he sexual predator who is waiting for a young woman to arrive so he can push his way in the door and rape her? Our writers and contributors have families, homes, and jobs they want to protect, just like everyone else. But situational awareness training is both an ongoing process, and a skill that can go away without constant use. It’s bacteria and fungi, which the sweat nourishes with moisture and fatty acids, that grow, die and breakdown, generating the funk. The technology, first used in toilet seats, doesn't kill bacteria, it prevents bacteria from growing in the first place.
Getting home from a long day of skinning or a 12mi training run, the last thing I want to do is laundry. One reason for highlighting Polygiene is that they seem to be winning the race for dominance in the outdoor category. We had recently moved and were living in Europe, in a new city beginning a new school year. I noticed the bus drive up, I saw others in the park, I recognized the students who were moving towards the bus and clearly identified others: pedestrians, people on their way to work, even retired people, milling about or sitting on benches.
She might have seen someone many times, over time and distance (not someone she notices in the same store, over a short period of time, for example), and has confirmed that she is under surveillance—that she has been followed by someone threatening. She needs to notice when he is browsing through magazines and then leaves the store at the same time she leaves. This will force him to take the turns with her, and make it easier for her to confirm that he is following her. She can then speed dial her dad, brother, friend, or the police, depending upon the situation. She will notice if he stops what he is doing, to see if there is any correlation with her action. She will notice whether they continue talking and laughing before they proceed to their vehicle, or she will notice that they are watching her, and wait. She can assess the situation and know if he is dangerous by stopping and waiting some distance away. Will she feel foolish that she hesitated, that she was a scaredy-cat, when she waited inside a store, or asked the manager to accompany her to her vehicle?

Sometimes they want to write a post that contains information that could endanger one of those three, or upset someone they know in real life, so they post as Anonymous. And while practiced intervention is admirable, it is the potential victim that needs the training.
The odor that clings to our activewear is very familiar to us who run, hike, ski, or move in general. And it's safe to use against your skin since Polygiene particles are 100x larger than nanoparticles and cannot permeate the skin's barrier.
A good example are the Patagonia Capilene baselayers I recently wore, without washing, on a week-long ski touring trip. As my son and I rushed out the door and headed down the street to the school bus stop, I began the usual morning parental interrogation: Brushed your teeth?
He and the other students shuffled towards the bus to board—all the students, that is, except for the girl, Jean. Emotions—anger, frustration, jealousy, even excitement—can cause someone to miss important details that we must notice, recognize, and process.
If she is in a store, and knows that someone is following her, she can go to the Manager of the store, or a security guard, and ask him to escort her to her car. She can watch, and might see the man’s girlfriend exit a minute later, and see them leave hand-in-hand—mystery solved, danger averted. She may never know that that her observation, awareness, and pause—that extra few seconds of waiting—might have just saved her life or the life of a friend. What might have happened if I had been oblivious and focused only on getting my son on that bus, and hurrying off to work? I saw a video a while back of a young lady who was distracted while walking home with her cell phone, and lead a predator right to her front porch, not noticing him until he shoved his way inside. I find that there is quite a lot of advice out there on using keys, pepper spray, and martial arts (which is all necessary) but I focus on stopping abuse well before it begins, before she has to fight in the back seat of his car–using spy skills, and verbal martial arts. In Europe, it has medical approval to be used in bandages and other items that may come in contact with open wounds.
They even passed my wife's smell test after being packed in a plastic laundry bag for the long flight home. It’s applied to gear during existing stages of manufacturing and is bluesign approved, which means it meets independent standards for “environmentally friendly and safe production”. She needs to notice when he finishes his coffee at the same time, or walks to the food court at the same time. Details that can make the difference between being sexually assaulted and going home safe and sound. She needs to notice his demeanor: is he nervous, glancing at her, loitering without a purpose. I was raised in LA so grew up with a few street smarts but experience has taught me that we all need to be awake all the time. He then reached for his bag so I kicked it, sending pastries spilling out across the sidewalk.
Anyone who blindly uses their cell phone, or puts ear buds in, while outdoors, is waving a large flag stating “I want to ve a victim”! I have simple tips in the book regarding counter surveillance (knowing if someone is following you) techniques that you can do to and from a store, for example. She might get annoyed, but we hope she will remember some of the advice, and recognize when she might be in danger. Just click the button bellow if you want to download or print this image for free.Ontdek Het Nieuwe Logo Van 5 Seconds Of Summer!

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