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Since the year 1974, this school has been instrumental in training students to be self-reliant.
This school helps one and all connect with nature and polish their outdoor survival skills. Located in Northern California, the school teaches skills that belonged to the primitive world. As the name suggests, the school provides outdoor safety training and survival knowledge to families, many prestigious organizations and even military units. This Southern California survival school focuses on connecting the urban dweller with his natural surrounding environment. Understanding the importance of preparation and the need for proper training goes is the first important step in making sure an individual or family is safe in a disaster situation. SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. Adventure Out Gift Certificates - the perfect holiday gift for your favorite outdoor adventurist! The Bay Area's premiere rock climbing program - from beginner training to advanced guiding. Adventure Out is California's leading outdoor school offering the most exciting & inspiring adventures & tours. August 27, 2014 by Linda Aaron 3 Comments I have been thinking a lot about how we communicate, not only for personal communication, but in business communication as well. Communication used to be simple, we used the telephone, email or notes and letters to communicate with friends, clients and co-workers. Being connected all the time has created an expectation of instant communication and with all of the various communication channels, we never know exactly where the communication will come from.
The real estate industry seems to have a heightened sense of priority around communication. According to the National Association of REALTORS ®  2013 Profile of the Home Buyers and Sellers, 86% of homebuyers considered communication skills very important when choosing an agent. So how do you manage your clients’ communication expectations?  When you begin working with new clients, are you asking them what their preferred form of communication is? Are you setting expectations about the way in which you will communicate the details of the transaction; paperwork, responses during negotiations and during the closing process? Having a communication agreement when working with clients goes a long way towards a smoother transactions and building better client relationships. With decades of experience in both primitive and modern wilderness survival techniques, California Survival School’s expert instructors are ready to help you escape to the great outdoors for unforgettable adventures mastering lifesaving survival skills. California Survival School operates on a year-round, all-weather basis and is proud to be the largest outdoor survival school in the Golden State.
Primitive wilderness tactics to handle shelter, water, fire, & food in a wilderness survival situation. Learn the art of creating stone blades, natural rope, coal-burned tools, and primitive glues used to produce everything from friction fire to hunting traps. Learn to master traditional island living skills on our exclusive Hawaiian primitive adventure.

Step back in time with us and spend a day outdoors learning the ancient skills and wilderness wisdom that our ancestors used to meet their basic living needs of shelter, water, fire & food on a daily basis.
Looking for a personalized survival course, guided outdoor adventure, or unique corporate event?
Recently featured on Good Morning America, the California Survival School was founded by two brothers with a passion for traditional living skills, outdoor adventure, and self-sufficiency. We will be checking in with our new favorite survival studs on a regular basis, but we’re not just going to stop with amazing survival tutorials. In our first series with Dan, we tackle survival priorities from a primitive perspective: How to tackle the basic shelter, water, fire. Now that we have our ridge pole and ribs in place, we need to source and install our insulation. We’ll be working closely with the California Survival School to give you amazing survival tips and tutorials. Through regular field trips and workshops, the school encourages students to develop skills related to both, urban and wilderness survival.
Specializing in tracking, nature and plant uses, wilderness survival, earth philosophy and many primitive skills, the school has many treasures to offer. Fine-tune your survival fundamentals here through a series of workshops, presentations, demonstrations and practical activities. The man behind the school, Doug Huffman, translates his real life experiences into effective practical education you can use throughout your life. Here, you can learn about local plants and their culinary value, discovering new flavors and using them to your best advantage.
However, with proper training, mentoring and practice what may once seem an insurmountable problem can become manageable but more importantly survivable. We believe that being prepared is important for any family and we want to see preparedness become a mainstream conversation. From 1-day classes to weekend camps, long-term trips, & private retreats - click on an activity below to explore your next adventure! Our mission is to share decades of wilderness experience while achieving our wildest adventures in the outdoors. Now with smartphones, mobile apps and social platforms, most of us are always plugged in and connected. Monday morning I received a phone call from a friend of mine who had been worried about me because I had not answered an email a text or a message on Facebook. Of course, we can set up alerts for the various channels but with all of the alerts dinging and bonging and the reminders popping up, it’s a wonder we can get any work done. With online consumers, we are told if you don’t respond in 3-5 minutes, the potential client will move on to the next person. All too often I have read agent reviews in which home buyers or sellers were unhappy because an agent did not communicate with them during or after the transaction. I enjoy my work and enjoy helping our Principal Managing Brokers, Brokers and Staff learn about technology, blogging, internet marketing and social media.

Poor communication is a recurring theme in agent reviews and it is completely controllable and should never be an issue as far as I am concerned. Our activity sites span across California and beyond and each offers a wide range of survival training opportunities, from single-day survival skills clinics to extended multi-day survival trips for those looking for more in-depth survival training. Our Ancient Artisans clinic will give you a working knowledge of the ancient techniques that transform mere survival into a sustainable outdoor existence.
You’ll also gain access to killer deals on some of amazing trips that Dan and Michael lead throughout the year! Be sure and check back regularly, and also stay tuned for great offers from the school on discount trips and courses exclusive to Gun Carrier and Survival Life members. However, to get the real hands on experience and training, it’s best to find someone to mentor and teach you.
The school uses its years of experience to train students safely and in a responsible manner.
The experience of learning wilderness survival skills like choosing safe wild foods to eat, weaponry, making a fire, building shelters etc is memorable beyond words. From training novices to experienced adventurers, teachers to school students, the school inspires people to advance their survival spirit. In addition to insuring that our students enter the oceans and wilderness areas both safely and responsibly, Adventure Out strives to instill a sense of environmental stewardship. I thanked my friend for his concern and assured him that I was just fine and had just chosen to unplug. In a hot real estate market with multiple offers, your buyers are expecting you to respond quickly. Real estate is a people business and good communications skills are essential when guiding buyers and sellers through the complex home buying and selling process.
Our custom courses, trips, and teambuilding events can be taylored specifically to meet your exact needs.
For Californians, there’s a few good schools out there, we take a look at the best Survival School options in California.
Urban skills that are taught, for example emergency prepping, storage of food and water, using alternatives to electricity, nature awareness etc can come in extremely handy. There are a number of programs available here for kids, young adults, home school groups, birthday parties etc. As a member of 1% For The Planet, Adventure Out donates a portion of gross revenues to environmental conservation.
People of all ages, religions or races are welcome to come and benefit from the outdoor programs available here.

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