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Shannon Francis, founder of Resiliency Training, will lead outdoor survival skills training for women from 9 a.m. These hands-on skill development workshops teach short-term wilderness survival and the psychology of survival, as well as how to prioritize needs, build a shelter, stay warm during cold weather, start a fire without a match, purify water, create cordage from plant material, and identify and use a variety of survival plants. Unity Church in Milwaukee is now offering a weekly health and well-being series, Wellness Wednesdays.
The Unity Church in Milwaukee has set up a labyrinth on its Wauwatosa campus and has made it available to the community on a donation basis. The Midwest Women’s Herbal is celebrating 5 years with a special Herbal Traditions Retreat with Rosemary Gladstar & Friends, and is hosting a retreat for women on Oct.
To raise awareness and help veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, A Better Me float spa, in Menomonee Falls, is offering 30 percent off all float sessions for veterans. FileSummer fun: In 2006, Erin Jeffery and sister Kelly Jeffery, both of Detroit, led a team of cousins in the tug-o-war competition at the third annual Beach Survival Challenge at Grand Haven State Park. Tom enjoys leading trips and exploring the Keweenaw trough hiking, climbing, boating, and generally being outdoors.
Travis is a fourth year Materials Science and Engineering student here at Michigan Tech; he’ll be hanging around for an extra year because he just loves OAP that much. Nick is a fourth year Civil Engineering at Michigan Tech (and he's got two years to go) and is one of the newest OAP trip leaders.
Ethan Lynch is a 3rd year Biomedical Engineer with two minors, one in Polymer Science and Engineering and the other in Mathematical Sciences.
Please enable JavaScript in your browser preferences for optimal page viewing of this site. University TraditionsEnjoy one of our many campus traditions including K-day, Homecoming, and more! Student Activities provides a wide variety of opportunities for students to get involved outside the classroom. The Michigan Tech Paintball club is a student organization whose goal is to spread the passion for the sport of paintball. We welcome any students to join us who want to grow personally and professionally, serve their community, and support our nation's military.
YMCA Hayo-Went-Ha Camps have a solid reputation for outstanding camping programs that began in 1904. Committed to providing a safe, fun, and exciting learning environment that will make a lasting impression, HWH Camps provide outdoor learning experiences that inspire personal growth, team building, and appreciation for our natural surroundings to youth. Serving as a positive role model for campers as well as acting as a teacher, facilitator, mentor, chaperone, kitchen assistant and housekeeper, E3 Naturalists will teach science classes such as animal, aquatic and forest ecology, geology and earth education as well as adventure classes including orienteering and survival. This camp is located on 135 acres of rolling hills and wooded trails just 10 miles outside of Traverse City and features a ropes course, climbing tower, low initiatives and equestrian program. Working for the Outdoor Education program at HWH was one of the most remarkable experiences of my life.
Working as an E3 Naturalist for Hayo-Went-Ha provided me with more valuable life skills than any other job or experience in my life. Working in the Outdoor Education program has been the most rewarding and fun 'job' I have ever had. To apply, fill out the online application, then email your cover letter, resume and three references to David Yuhaus.
For an outdoors-man, survivalist or bushcrafter, the Shemagh can be a multi-use tool with literally 100’s of uses.

I’m sure there are other ways to tie this as a face mask, but below is the way I do it.
If you like the Shemagh, definitely subscribe to the blog below because you don’t want to miss my upcoming post about the MANY SURVIVAL USES FOR THE SHEMAGH. For decades, keffiyeh have been issued to British soldiers who now, almost exclusively, refer to them as shemaghs. I own three, but it is important to know that certain color combinations have cultural or social meaning. Since SurviVacation, I look at things (shelter, water, food, fire) in an entirely different way. It is a series of state park events focused on attracting new visitors, including those not normally accustomed to the likes of fishing, kayaking and beach volleyball. Navy, Brian was forward deployed to the Western Pacific and has experienced adventures such as climbing (Mt. He is one of the newest members here at OAP, but don’t let that discourage you from signing up for a trip he is leading. He spent most of his life growing up out in the woods and enjoys backpacking, rock climbing, canoeing, road biking, adventure racing, and running around on the Tech Trails. In spring 2015 we attended the Silver Wings National Conclave in Chicago where we were inspired by Department of Defense leaders such as General Paul Selva, then Commander of U.S. This is your chance to be a part of an exciting, growing program in an incredible location!
Since 1981, HWH Camps have offered outdoor environmental education, challenge programs and specialized retreats that are rooted in the Ya€™s mission of building the spirit, mind, and body for people of all ages. E3 Naturalists will also facilitate low challenge team building activities and the high initiatives course and perform basic housekeeping duties to keep the camp clean and safe. Over 3,500 children and youth will attend 1-5 day programs at both YMCA Hayo-Went-Ha Camp sites and YOU can be a part of the fun and excitement.
Founded in 1904, Hayo-Went-Ha has 640 wooded acres along the shore of beautiful Torch Lakea€”noted by National Geographic the third most beautiful lake in the world. Whether it was hanging out with seven-year-olds at the climbing tower or eighty-four-year-olds on the Jordan River, there was always an adventure to be had at Hayo-Went-Ha! Additional compensation includes lodging and food (even when groups are not in residence!) and up to two paid weeks of hands on training. The staff training was elaborate and many of the activities I participated in, or facilitated, are the same things I am striving to implement as a part of a new student orientation for first year medical students. Experience in challenge courses, team building, biology, and ecology is helpful, but not required.
Working with a group of energetic, funny, and passionate people ensures that no day is ever dull or boring.
They are a scarf-style wrap commonly found in arid regions to provide protection from direct sun exposure, as well to protect the mouth and eyes from blown dust and sand.
Their use by some units and formations of the military and police forces of the former British Empire and subsequent Commonwealth dates back to before the Second World War. I have seen the TV shows simulating an end of the world type thing but I am more interested in hunting and gathering in an non end of the world (everyday) type of training.
The only thing to say about me is I in my childhood on April 3 1974 stared at an f3 tornado less than 500 yards from me while my uncle drove a car. Creek and Clint gave me confidence to find unconventional uses from items found in natural and urban settings.

Bri is a valued OAP employee for her master wilderness survival skills including, but not limited to, out running mountain lions, making mittens out of birds, and eating rotten trees for nutrition.
He loves to rock climb, ski, kayak, snuggle with chipmunks, mountain bike, backpack, play pool, listen to music, dance with the Keebler elves, and share the love. We also represent the university in the National Collegiate Paintball Association (NCPA) by sending our tournament team to events.
By working closely with students, teachers and other staff members, E3 Naturalists will ensure the educational goals of the program are being met. Features include modern and rustic buildings for accommodation along, numerous trails that lead to meeting spaces and activity areas, a SCUBA program and a Challenge & High Initiatives Course, where campers have the opportunity to climb a 50-foot tower with six routes, a two-story 36-foot high ropes course, a 28-foot pamper pole along with a freestanding zip line and team vertical elements. Nothing tops watching a roaring thunderstorm roll in over Torch Lake from the porch of the boathouse, or listening to the quiet snow fall from in front of the fireplace at Arbutus. I constantly use the teamwork, communication, conflict resolution, and leadership skills I gained while working at HWH as a medical student, to become the best possible health professional I can be.
Unique, exciting and challenging are a few of the phrases I would use to describe my time atA Hayo-Went-Ha. Because of its utility it was adopted by the Palestine Police Force, the Transjordan Frontier Force, the Sudan Defence Force, the Arab Legion, the Libyan Arab Force, the Long Range Desert Group, the Special Air Service and Popski’s Private Army, amongst others, who wore them while operating in North Africa. No stranger to the extreme, he looks forward to exploring the Keweenaw by leading various trips and helping support the Outdoor Adventure Program's High Ropes Challenge Course. In his spare time he enjoys sitting in a hammock and listening to music or taking a stroll through the woods.
Being a Naturalist at HWH gave me the opportunity to work with local school groups in our after-school Outreach program, adult groups looking for a weekend retreat, and an incredible staff from all over the world. It has been adopted by military forces all over the world as a standard issue garment because of its sheer functionality. After the war, their use by the Army continued with the shemagh being worn in both desert and temperate environments in theatres such as Dhofar.
As you can see, with the right pattern, the Shemagh can work as some effective camo as well. Australian Army forces have also used the shemagh since the Vietnam War, and extensively during Iraq and Afghanistan, particularly by Australian Special Forces units. We have been honored to listen to stories from Bill Archer, a local resident of Hancock who served in World War II and afterward for many years as a pilot in the Air Force. Since the beginning of the War on Terror, these keffiyeh, usually cotton and in military olive drab or khaki with black stitching, have been adopted by US troops as well. I went on a trip to the Sand Dunes in Michigan not too long ago and my Shemagh was invaluable!
Their practicality in an arid environment, as in Iraq, explains their enduring popularity with soldiers. Soldiers often wear the keffiyeh folded in half into a triangle and wrapped around the face, with the halfway point being placed over the mouth and nose, sometimes coupled with goggles, to keep sand out of the face.
This is also commonly done by armoured, mechanised and other vehicle-borne troops who use it as a scarf in temperate climates to ward off wind chill caused by being in moving vehicles. British soldiers deploying to Iraq or Afghanistan are now issued with a tan-colored shemagh.

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