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Spend summer days fishing for a feast, sitting by the waters and enjoying the summer sun and fog. Our Mariners Guild leads the way in developmentally appropriate fishing skills instruction.
Fishing by the Dock of the Bay Journey to the edge of the Pacific, the docks of San Francisco Bay, and the shores of our valley lakes and reservoirs to catch fish, crabs and more. This Boot Camp-style class will help you combat calories, reshape your body and get tighter and leaner faster.

Younger mariners are introduced to rod-and-reel casting, and spend time exploring and learning about the animals and plants of our shoreline ecology. Our journeys each day may take us to diverse waterways: the edge of the Pacific, the docks of San Francisco Bay, or the shores of our valley lakes and reservoirs. Older campers learn to set more of their own rigging and tackle, delving into knots, more advanced casting techniques, and even fly-tying.
Classes will be a circuit of drills, cardio, strength and agility by using weights, bands, tubing, jump ropes, etc., along with your own body weight to tone and strengthen all major muscle groups.

All campers get hands-on experience with bay and oceanside fishing, including learning how to use crab pots for crabbing. After the class, Copper Blues is offering participants specials on Skinny Margaritas ($7) and a Super Food Salad ($12).

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