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Our goal is to provide you the experience, knowledge, and equipment you need to make outdoor activity a regular part of your active lifestyle.
For our full day survival program you will expand your knowledge with the above to include a plant walk enabling. An indigenous junior ranger places a flag up at a youth bush camp where they teach survival skills in the northern Ontario First Nations reserve in Attawapiskat, Ont., on Tuesday, April 19, 2016.
It's a tiny but important contribution by Canada's military to a community reeling from a series of suicides and suicide attempts by despairing children and teens, who all too often see little or no future for themselves.
Sitting in a semi-circle around a newly stoked fire, the giggling young men and women are paying various degrees of attention, as 2nd Lt.
Some of the youths chopping or gathering wood, erecting shelters or putting up a teepee are among the most vulnerable in Attawapiskat, a town normally comprised of about 2,100 people. Now, it's almost a ghost town in light of the annual two-week Goose Break, when many families head out to camps to hunt geese returning from the south. It's also a particularly risky time for those unable to go on the traditional hunt, because parents are working, have no money, or are perhaps too strung out to care or cope.

With little to do, nowhere safe to go, and few other supports, boredom can lead them down a tragically well-worn path to self-destruction. Attawapiskat is one of 20 communities that Jenkins and his colleagues visit as instructors for the Canadian Rangers, Canada's reservist military presence in the North, and the Junior Rangers.
The camp is the kind of rare organized activity that community leaders say would go a long way towards helping the teens stay out of trouble. To ensure your gift is received before Christmas day, please place your order(s) by December 17th!
Cowboy caramel corn, Down Home beef jerky, The Cube almond snack, Jimmy Jo's chocolate pizza, a refreshing bottle of water, "Make-out" mints, sunscreen and pain reliever. Open to everyone, this year we’ll probably process about 22,000 rental orders and help over 10,000 clients enjoy over 30 unique activities or skills. This walk will enable you to identify and review useful trees, shrubs, and plants, signals from ground to air, and basic first aid. But despite this week's federal government promise to help build a youth community centre, Shisheesh says he may not be around to see that happen.

There’s a good chance that your story will end up in one of our upcoming program guides (only with your permission, of course)!  If your story gets published, then you’ll be instantly famous (and you’ll receive a free rentals gift certificate to boot).
Drive about 2 minutes down the road and then just after the bridge is a right hand turn into a parking lot.
Along with survival training and sleeping and eating outdoors is chat about combatting harassment or abuse, and talk about cultural practices that are disappearing. The Original Basket Boutique reserves the right to substitute or replace product of equal or greater value.
Park there and then walk across the other little bridge towards the green trailers and teepe.

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