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Topics range from constructing a natural shelter, building a fire and orienteering, to identifying medicinal herbs. Whether you are a novice hiker or camper, or a more experienced outdoorsperson who spend weeks or months in the wilderness The Outdoor Survival Handbook will help you make the most of your adventures in the great outdoors. Ray Mears is well known to millions of television viewers through his many acclaimed series on Bushcraft & Survival. Suvival-skills expert Raymond Mears delivers dependable, thorough, and easy-to-understand advice on every aspet of outdoor survival, season by season.

This book is a condensed season by season manual of skills useful to those living out in the wilds. Now, based on the bestselling Bushcraft, he has created a handy portable compendium of vital survival skills and wisdom from around the world. Whether it's the instruction of useful knots, how to braid your own cordage, or start a fire, this book is an extremely useful guide. Packed with essential wilderness techniques, this book is an invaluable companion on any expedition.

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