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When we started planning adventures in the back country with our kids, we knew it was time for some more thorough first aid training. The first day was a lot of basics and a lot of hands on training about rolling, lifting and moving patients.
At the very end before discussing Medical Kits we had one last scenario where we grabbed what supplies we found and came outside to a scenario. A guy trying to get away from his desk so that he can fish, hike, play and just plain be in the outdoors.
But focusing on the protection from the sun, here is a quick explanation of why it is important to take so much care of our skin.
For me I always go all in with factor 50 although if I get my hands on something more potent like Daylong Acitinica which is designed for the prevention of non-melanoma skin cancer in at risk patients and of photodermatosis (according to what it says on the bottle).
For the lips I use a stick with SPF 15 or 30 as once they dry out and burn it is likely for herpes to originate which will not go away easily and most likely not at all if you don’t spend some time out of the sun. If you have anything that would make this article more complete, please let me know in the comments. About usHow to Windsurf 101 began in 2013 as a small blog to help out my existing students after their holiday in El Medano. This signature California Survival School course will give you a working knowledge of the traditional primitive tools and techniques required to get mother nature to issue you a lifetime membership to your very own personal survival hardware store. The Ancient Survival Tools and Traps training is a MUST for anyone looking to develop wilderness survival skills that will significantly increase their chances of surviving a wilderness emergency with nothing but wits and the clothes on their back. Our skilled instructors take a hands-on approach to teaching you how to use resources from your natural surroundings to construct functional tools and handcrafted wares from scratch that will make it possible for you to replace modern gear with natural alternatives that get the job done. Stone Blades: Learn how to create stone blades 300x sharper than surgical steel that can be used for everything from sawing wood to cleaning an animal for dinner.
Coal-burned Tools & Containers: Forget the cook pots and silverware at home while camping? Primitive Hunting Traps Students will have a chance to combine the skills that they’ve learned during the course to produce various small game hunting traps. Age Requirements: This course is appropriate for all ages 5+, however it is a fast-paced learning experience geared towards teens and adults.

Directions: The date and locations for each class are listed in registration section below. Step back in time with us and spend a day outdoors learning the ancient skills and wilderness wisdom that our ancestors used to meet their basic living needs of shelter, water, fire & food on a daily basis. Looking for a personalized survival course, guided outdoor adventure, or unique corporate event?
Rosy Red Striped Minnows – The Rosy Minnow or Fathead Minnow  (Pimephales promelas) is a common aquarium fish capable of breeding many times throughout the course of a year. We're here to help you and your family find good gear, skills, and confidence to walk, hike, paddle, ski, and climb our great planet. I was really impressed with the amount of material covered, despite the obvious time constraints of a weekend course. I chose a 6 foot 200 lb guy to move and it really shows use how much of a challenge it can be and how to make it easier. Other class members filled in for injuries and small groups had to work through the triangle to figure out what issues existed and how to best act. Although I’m going to have to go through it all again, I feel much better about taking my kids out in the back country with us this summer.
Any type of cancer is a dreadful but there are a couple that can be avoided easily lung cancer being the first by not smoking, followed by skin cancer by reducing our exposure to the sun. Luckily for us, we can reduce the exposure also with the use of wetsuits, lycras (when it’s too warm for neoprene) and the application of sunscreen.
The face is always exposed and body parts such as backs of the hands and feet as well as the lips and ears are often forgotten when it comes to the application of suncream.
Quick to apply, doesn’t go all runny when we get in the water and no mess on your hands.
Over time this passion project grew into the top resource for learning how to windsurf, with a complete guide, digital magazine and even a full 2 hour long (and growing) video course.
These techniques can also be adapted to make everything from sleeping mats to clothes and containers.
All participants under the age of 18 must have a participation agreement signed by their parent or legal guardian and children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian throughout the course.

Please visit our Private Groups & Corporate Team-building Adventures pages for additional details and assistance. Check out Adventures Page for a list of upcoming survival trips across California and just about everywhere else on the planet.
If you’re interested in booking an event with a red SOLD OUT button, click on the button to find out more.
Our Ancient Artisans clinic will give you a working knowledge of the ancient techniques that transform mere survival into a sustainable outdoor existence. After the first visit from the other guy, I called MF Aquatics and Mat was at my house that evening. With normal suncream we tend to have greasy hands after application meaning the grip on the boom will not be al too good.
After learning the secrets of constructing and using fully functional cooking tools and containers made from wood and other natural materials, you’ll be ready to improvise a hot meal on the go anytime. Our custom courses, trips, and teambuilding events can be taylored specifically to meet your exact needs. He was in shock, but had bruised and potentially broken femur, clavicle, elbow and spine pain. In both cases we are putting ourselves in a very careless and potentially very harmful situation. We also have to wait a little so it doesn’t start running into our eyes when we fall in the water. What’s worse is that we had to move him to a site where the evac could come and take him away.

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