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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Winter can be a beautiful season, with land covered as far as the eye can see and snow glistening in the sunlight. Neither in the pack work, very disappointing, also I live miles from the shop so cost me more to take them back than they're worth, avoid, poor!
They also come in handy when I take our dogs to the park - I may not ride when the roads are frozen, but the dogs still gotta run, right? These little wonders do exactly what they say - they keep your hands warm, exceptionally easily and effectively.
So, to sum up, an excellent purchase for yourself, or as a gift - great value, last forever, and easy to use. Just snap the coin inside and it kept my hands warm for a good half an hour, and in terms of resetting them all you need is hot water! Which is great if you are looking out from a nice cosy house, but not so great if you're standing at the bus stop, on a platform waiting for the train home, or just out and about.

I was initially impressed with speed and the amount of heat they produce.However both sets refuse to reset and I'm left with 4 hand warmers that do nothing. I had an issue with 1 hand warmer, e-mailed them and they contacted me straight away, they listened to the issue and replaced the goods over night. I can handle cold legs, feet and even my face, but my fingers hurt when they get cold, so this is wonderful!
I must have bought about 6 for myself and countless more as presents for friends - and they are always gladly received!
Things go wrong, we all know that but its about how you put them right and this company do that with customer focus and manners, thanks i will be buying from you many times more. A couple of clicks of the disk sets these off (which is easy to do even when wearing thick gloves), and they heat up in no time at all. Once hot, slipped inside a glove, or sandwiched between your face and a scarf, these keep you nice and toasty. The Ignite Hand Warmers are amazing little pouches that you'll never leave home without when the weather turns chilly.

They are durable, as I must have used mine at least 50 times without damage or loss of quality. When activated they'll give you a pocket full of warmth (55 degrees Celsius to be precise)! This will activate a chemical reaction that will cause the pack to crystallize and heat up. The packs will stay hot for around half an hour if uninsulated, however, they will retain heat for hours if placed in an insulated space i.e pocket, mitten, glove etc.

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