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PPM Consultants works diligently each year to ensure all employees follow company health and safety protocols, and is proud to report zero OSHA recordable incidents in 2015. Jeri Thrasher, Health and Safety Director at PPM, explained, “OSHA recordable incidents are those that result in a fatality, lost days, job restrictions or transfers, loss of consciousness, or injuries and illnesses that require medical attention beyond first aid.” Thrasher, who joined PPM in 1999, launched PPM’s current Health and Safety program to address the hazards relevant to the environmental engineering industry. The PPM Health and Safety program takes a unique approach to workplace accident prevention. These submittals inform response on jobsites as well as content for company-wide Toolbox training sessions.
PPM strives for Health and Safety protocol and performance that meets or exceeds the standards of its clients. EPA Region 6 will host its first ever regional brownfields conference in Addison, Texas from August 30 till September 1.
The advocacy group Public Citizen says this year’s hot summer and expectations of continued climate change only add to the urgency for OSHA enactment of a heat-stress standard. Public Citizen petitioned for such a standard last year; the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, in a recent reply to the group, said it was denying the petition for several reasons, including a conclusion that heat stress does not meet the definition of “grave danger” that is necessary as a basis for issuance of an emergency temporary standard (ETS).
The OSHA action also denied Public Citizen’s petition for a permanent heat-stress standard. The OSHA reply to Public Citizen said existing safety regulations require employers to provide a workplace “free of recognized hazards likely to cause death or physical harm,” and those rules give it the authority to cite employers for exposure to heat hazards, among others. OSHA says it is taking action on several fronts to address health and safety hazards associated with heat. The OSHA reply, made available by Public Citizen, cited other existing regulations that can be invoked in enforcement actions, including recordkeeping rules, provisions mandating readily availability drinking water, and rules on first-aid and safety training and personal protective equipment.
Michaels’ reply to Public Citizen is available at OSHA letter on heat-stress standard petition.

Almashat said Public Citizen also is awaiting the release of NIOSH’s (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) latest recommendations to OSHA for a heat stress standard. In a statement critical of OSHA issued on July 5, Public Citizen said the abnormally hot weather afflicting much of the nation this summer is likely to take a steep toll on workers. University of South Florida’s Bernard, a co-signer on Public Citizen’s petition and a reviewer of the revised National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) recommendations for a heat-stress standard 26 years ago, added: “These deaths are completely preventable with just a few, inexpensive interventions, some of which have already been implemented in several states. In his message to Public Citizen, OSHA’s Michaels said the Labor Department is going all-out in reminding those who work in the heat to take steps to stay cool. The campaign includes billboards, wallet-sized cards with information on heat-illness symptoms and a downloadable OSHA Heat App for smart phones.
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Safety Signs and Symbols Safety signs play an important role in keeping people safe in the workplace through raising awareness and highlighting potentially dangerous situations or activities. Signs are colour coded and intended to identify or locate areas and activities which may require, attention, the use of specialised equipment or work procedures. SIEMENS put together an excellent webinar regarding compliance with OSHA regulations and the NFPA with regard to Arc Flash safety. Workplace safety, especially in industries with field environments, is paramount to protecting company and client assets and mitigating financial and human health risks.
Thrasher works with designated Safety Supervisors who are positioned at each office to ensure uniform implementation of corrective actions and policy updates. Rather than celebrating “days without injury,” which can encourage employees to underreport workplace safety issues or injuries, Thrasher has implemented a Safety Incentive Program that celebrates awareness of potential health and safety concerns and reinforces positive work behaviors.

A recent submittal informed Health and Safety leadership that certain roof and canopy structures at a jobsite were in poor condition. By holding its employees accountable to stringent Health and Safety protocol, PPM helps protect its clients by minimizing the risk of on-site accidents. This is a can’t-miss FREE event that will feature state breakout meetings, panel discussions and presentations from brownfields experts.
Thomas Bernard, professor and chair of environmental and occupational health at the University of South Florida and an expert on occupational heat stress. Employees are encouraged to analyze their respective environments—both office and field—and report areas for improvement. In response, PPM crews blocked off the hazardous area and communicated the warning to all employees and subcontractors. When asked how offices can mitigate health and safety incidents in 2016, Thrasher encouraged each employee to, “Avoid complacency. And now pros can bid on even more jobs, because Pro-Hide Gold Ultra is MPI® Approved for interior gloss levels 1-5.
A panel comprised of Health and Safety leadership reviews the near-miss and positive recognition submittals quarterly and distributes awards to the best entries.

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