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This entry was posted in "Journey to Health", Health, Things I love and tagged genetically modified food, gmo, organic, organic produce, should I buy organic, should I eat organic, south central farm. Their plan is that by the end of 2014, all existing Kashi GOLEAN cereals and Kashi Chewy Granola Bars will be Non-GMO Project Verified.
Whenever I think of Mexican cheeses the first thing that comes to mind is always Queso Fresco.
Combine spinach, cilantro, onions, pink himalayan salt and pepper in a food processor and process until coarsely chopped then set aside. This Blueberry Acai Protein Smoothie Bowl is a healthy way to start your day with fresh fruit and lots of powerful antioxidants like blueberries and acai. This Raw Vegan Key Lime Cheesecake will blow you away with the many different combinations you can make with it. If you are trying to follow a gluten-free diet, knowing how to make healthy spaghetti squash pasta is very important, and surprisingly, very easy. Here's a really easy Raw Vegan Cinnamon Brownie recipe that can be made in about 5 minutes and the only equipment you need to make it is a food processor.
These Vegan Oven Baked Zucchini Chips are a great alternative to chips or other unhealthy, processed snacks and are not only vegan but gluten-free, grain-free and flourless too.
I just realized that I haven’t made that recently and now you’ve got me thinking about it lol! Oh…I forgot this was the recipe where my poor oven made the cheese two-toned…how embarrassing! I’m glad it was a hit and that you picked one of my recipe to make for your co-workers.
I’m making this dish for family sleep over with my cousins who love food and love to try new things and im anxious to make this dish for them i wanna show my brother vegan food is delish and this will be my first time eating vegan do you have any ideas for eggrolls.
Karielyn is the recipe developer and photographer for THFH website, cookbook author and Vitamix enthusiast sharing over 100 + Vitamix recipes with her readers here on her website . Freeze beef  30 minutes or until firm but not frozen – this will make it easier to slice super-thin. Warm tortillas on a hot griddle or directly over a gas flame, flipping as they begin to bubble.
In a non stick pan, add Tofu Shirataki noodles and cook just until excess water has evaporated, about 2 minutes. Lemon rice is one of the dishes Monsoon Kitchen will be preparing at Midtown Friday, May 20. These days, Santa Cruz is often buzzing with popup energy—and this weekend, May 20-21, there are quite a few food popups. Karma Khana will be cooking at an Indian cuisine dinner pop-up at the Food Lounge from 5 to 9 p.m.

Chipotle Mexican Grill has a couple pieces of news: it recently added sofritas, a tofu filling, as a choice for its burritos, tacos and salads in its Northern California locations, and it’s hosting a San Francisco festival this weekend. First, let’s discuss the sofritas, which you can see in the image at the top of this article (in that case it was used as a salad topping with Chipotle’s fresh corn salsa). Chipotle created the Cultivate Festival in 2011 as a way to raise awareness of the impact food has on society. A savory Mexican dish at Tortilla Flats in SoquelSoquel restaurant Tortilla Flats started serving a special Yucatan menu today — Thursday, August 16 — and it’s available through Sunday August 19. From Thursday, March 24 through Sunday, March 27 Soquel restaurant Tortilla Flats features a special Cactus menu with dishes including delightful crepes with green chile, chicken and nopalitos. The talented and creative Cheryl Marquez has developed recipes using both the paddles and the fruit of the cactus.
A bit of history related to this weekend’s special menu: according to Marquez, the “…Opuntia cactus is part of the coat of arms of Mexico, commemorating the founding of the great capital of the Aztecs, Tenochtitlan (the Nahuatl word for cactus is tenochtli). Tortilla Flats offers a variety of annual events with special menus once or twice a month; during these times the regular restaurant menu is also available featuring treats like Quesadilla Suprema (green chile stuffed with cheese, wrapped in a tortilla and topped with enchilada sauce, melted cheese, sour cream, and guacamole). Tortilla Flats, located at 4616 Soquel Drive, is open daily for lunch and dinner.  If you’re a party of six or more, make reservations at (831) 476-1754. Crops are produced without conventional chemical pesticides and without fertilizers made with synthetic materials or sewage.A Antibiotics, growth hormones, and feed made from animal parts are also banned. One of my local non-health-food market has been carrying organic Blueberries for $2, at a large health-food store they go for up to $5 for that same size. Eating organic and vegan is affordable, especially if you weigh in all the medical costs associated with obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other conditions stemming from eating meat, dairy and processed foods. What a great excuse to eat some Mexican food or at least what Americans think of as Mexican food. Forget the cheddar – this cheese is a wonderful melter, leaving you with a velvet like consistency and a buttery flavor.
This make-ahead low-carb turkey and hummus wrap bursts with flavor at a fraction of the calories. Menu items will include egg curry, lemon rice, naan, kabobs, and mango pie, and they recommend pairing these with Discretion Brewing beer (on tap at Midtown) or a glass of wine (also available at Midtown). Sofritas has been available at Chipotle’s Northern California locations since mid-April and is made from shredded tofu braised with chipotle chilis, roasted poblanos, and a blend of aromatic spices.
The musical lineup includes Mayer Hawthorne, The Walkmen, Walk the Moon, LP, and Matt Costa.
Tortilla Flats offers a variety of annual events with special menus; during these times the regular restaurant menu is also available with savory dishes like Green Corn Tamales, Tilapia Poblano, and Chile Relleno. I dined at the restaurant last night; if you go this weekend, prepare to wait a little bit for a table (unless you’re a party of 6 or more, in which case you can make a reservation).

The paddles are known as nopales or nopalitos when cut into strips, and in Mexico they are often mixed with everything from eggs to steak.
Remember, however, that there are certain foods that you should always try to buy organic, for your health, for your family, for the environment. Dishes available will include several vegan options like chundal (chickpeas, coconut and turmeric), vegetable biriyani, and Gobi Manchurian (fire-roasted cauliflower breaded in chickpea flour, served with tangy garlic-ginger-soy sauce). I couldn’t believe how many people were there on a Thursday night — looks like the special menus definitely attract crowds! My favorite dish from this special menu is Green Chile Crepes (see menu below for description).
Usually if you search your grocery store’s cheese counter you can find some Mexican cheese on sale. Our version takes a cue from the Korean specialty bulgogi — thinly sliced marinated steak that takes on a delicious caramelized quality as it sizzles in a hot cast-iron skillet. Non-vegan options include kofta curry meatballs made with a choice of locally sourced turkey or grass-fed lamb. As Chipotle has announced, sofritas is available in burritos, tacos, burrito bowls, and salads, and can be combined with other signature ingredients including white or brown cilantro-lime rice, pinto beans or vegetarian black beans, house-made salsas and guacamole, and cheese or sour cream. I could have devoured a couple orders; the crepes themselves were filled with great textures and seasonings, and I wanted to lick the plate clean to get every drop of the accompanying delectable, flavor-packed sauce.
I am sure all the Feta fans will be up in arms but I just prefer the taste of Queso Fresco in my salads. Sauce choices are traditional My Mom’s Mole, vegan My Mom’s mole, or gluten-free mole verde. I have enjoyed the sofritas a couple times now, and highly recommend it for your next Chipotle visit. Other offerings include an Artisan Hall with lots of Bay Area food vendors selling items (a full list is below) plus a special “Cultivate Farmhouse Ale” created in partnership with SF’s Speakesasy Ales and Lagers. Also highly recommended: Raspberry Prickly Pear Tart which my server told me Marquez only makes a couple times a year. I picked up the three varieties they had and am going to share a little about each one and why you should get them any time of year.
This cheese is great performing any task Parmesan does – put in on pasta, pizza, and like we did on our fajitas. RUN, don’t walk, to Tortilla Flats to get one by Sunday.  The combination of almonds, prickly pears, fresh berries and shortbread crust is incomparable.

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