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More than half an hour later, you emerge from the store with a cart full of plastic bags and a smile on your face. You pack the groceries into the back of the car and there are so many that the trunk will barely shut. To finally bring a long analogy to its point…Companies do this all the time in the business world. But organic clients, the food we already have, are just as, if not more, important than any new food we’ve yet to get.
The battle over our grocery budget has been front and center in our mission to save money and improve our cash flow situation. There is a Whole Foods where you can find organic, all-natural versions of just about everything, but will certainly pay higher prices for the privilege. There are our local grocery store chains (we don’t have Kroger or Publix here, but have these instead) which contain a nice mix of organics, name brands, along with some generic brands. There are Shop n’ Saves and the super Wal-Marts, which are comparable to the local chains, but with a few less amenities.
Neither my wife or myself could recall ever shopping at Aldi with our parents when we were kids. I have trouble putting into words the feelings that have kept me from stepping into an Aldi up to this point.
I didn’t bring any change to rent a grocery cart, so I basically just grabbed as many items as I could fit into my arms, and made my way to the front of the store.
The store also doesn’t offer grocery bags, so I again scooped the food back up in my arms and carried it out to the car. It is amazing to me that up to this point in my life,  I was too proud to shop at a discount grocer like Aldi.
Unfortunately, Botulism is caused not directly by the Botulinium bacteria, but by the toxins that they give off. If the can is dented at the seal,like at the top or bottom rim, that is when you shouldn’t buy it. My grocery budget is about $500 for two people a month, but I really don’t limit myself virtually at all. I have no real reason for not shopping at Aldi other than I’m too lazy and prefer to get everything done at one place. Regarding the bags – regardless of where we shop we bring our own non-disposable bags. We do always make it a point (when going to our regular non-Aldi grocery store) to get paper bags.
It is true that trees are renewable BUT the fibers that make up brown grocery bags have to come from older trees in order to have the right length and strength needed for them to be sturdy. My husband and I checked out Aldi a few months ago when I was keeping a grocery pricebook, but it didn’t overall have lower prices than Costco for the items we buy. While I haven’t done this myself yet, my Chinese friends have recommended the local Asian markets for lower prices on meat and such.
I am eating a Tilapia sandwich right now, using frozen fish from Aldi, it is actually pretty tasty!
My Aldi’s has a brand of organic soymilk that is cheaper than anywhere else around here. Recently, I balked at how expensive chocolate chips were at every grocery store and began to frequent Aldi for chocolate chips, granola bars, potato chips, and their (super-awesome!) frozen green beans. One up side to all this is we were able to build our house without a mortgage and we have no car payments.
Say you wake up on a Saturday morning and your spouse asks you to go pick some things up at the grocery store.
Your mind is shifting from “Don’t have to do that again for at least another week” to “Wow, can’t wait for meatloaf, mac and cheese and fish sticks tonight.” Ok, maybe that second one is just me.
Then it’s hop into the driver’s seat, start the car, flip on your favorite radio station and head home with that sense of accomplishment we all get when you can cross something off your to-do list. And it’s often easier to get the most opportunities out of the business we already have, because there’s already a connection and trusted relationship there.

Because if you listen to the health experts out there, what do they tell you to keep in mind the next time you head to the grocery store? I used to call myself a PR professional, but I don't use that term anymore because people hear PR and they think only media relations.We do a lot more than that at Fleishman-Hillard Kansas City (FHKC). We love Whole Foods, but it really isn’t close enough for us to become regular shoppers.
I should note that it if your family is anything like mine, you may have difficulty making Aldi your full-time grocery store.
I didn’t know of the store until a few years ago when I started frequenting a PF message board but I initially felt the same way you did. My mom didn’t though, even as a single mom, I guess she outweighed her opportunity costs for driving across town with two screaming, fighting kids in the backseat, lol. Luckily, we have lots of grocery stores within a short driving distance of our house (including Aldi). It’s also a smaller store and the idea of bringing my own bags is somewhat of a hassle. Even when I lived out in NJ, the nearest one was 45 minutes away, which is really too far to drive to buy groceries. I would like to think, like you, that if a selling a certain item was dangerous, the FDA wouldn’t allow it. Cooking anything at high heat (probably boiling) for 3 mintues will kill any of the bacteria that might have been there. These toxins are not inactivated by high heat, which is why it’s never safe to use food from damaged cans, even if you do cook it first.
I will say that my frozen chicken breast bags are $6.99 (on sale), but besides that, there is no way it is more than 5-10% on most items.
I know I pay a little higher price, but I do place value in my time and being able to get everything done at once. I’d recommend you just buy yourself a couple of those and bring them to all of your store visits. I actually enjoyed shopping there when I was in Michigan – it just added to my savings and was easier than couponing. We then use those paper bags in our recycle bin at home, to hold the paper, cardboard, plastic, and glass that we recycle.
I buy all my cleaning supplies and the little stuff like cotton balls, nail polish remover, etc. The thing that can be quite frightening about it at first is that you haven’t heard of any of the brand names there. Now when I walk around them they seem so expensive, but at one time their prices seemed normal.
Even so, I always shopped Fareway (a discount store about a step down from Safeway, Albertsons or Piggly Wiggly but a step or two up from Aldi). I’m always amazed at how much I can buy there for so little, but mostly I stick to snacky stuff. I finished the siding, so all that is left outside is to build one deck and finish putting the decking on a second. But unfortunately, your choices of lines look like either 20 kids hanging off the sides of 20 carts like monkeys on a jungle gym or the woman who packed one of everything in the store into her cart just to see if it would all fit. We don’t really form relationships with food, but we do end up wasting the possibility of what it could become if we just head back to the store right after our last trip.
I specialize in social media, but am trying hard to brush up on my measurement and analytics.
I’ll get dented cans from the marked-down rack at my King Soopers (if it is something that I would buy anyway, or would buy if it was cheaper).
If the kids are not taking them to school, portion some in little plastic, washable containers. Because I use good cheese and organic toppings, it actually might cost almost as much as buying a ready made one, but I know every ingredient and my son knows where food comes from. Every strategic consulting conversation should start with your business goals and how communications can help you reach them.

They really only have one or two choices of each type of food, so you won’t be comparison shopping there. Aldi has come in handy for my family more times than I can count (I even did an experiment a few years back and over 6 weeks, we saved more than $100 just by making the switch for most items. My boyfriend and I have a joke that the further east you go in LA, the lower the price of avocados and the cost of avocados correlates directly with real estate values in the neighborhood :).
If you pick it early in the morning and have too much to use, just put it in a freezer bag after you wash and dry it. There was no right time, it seemed at the time, so we just up and sold out and quit our jobs and made a plan to build our house. But rest assured,  every single price that I looked at, was about 50% cheaper than the store where we normally shop. If you have any allergies (my family does), pretty much everything in the store will have milk, wheat, and soy.
Two days later, squish the bag and you have just broken the basil into usable pieces–no chopping and it still tastes like fresh basil.
You put the last grocery bag away and all you’re thinking about is the couch, the TV and the amazing meal you’ll be able to make with all that food. I make waffles from scratch almost every Sunday and make a huge batch, freezing the uneaten ones that we then eat the rest of the week. They really don’t have much in the way of paper goods, trash bags, diapers, toothpaste, etc. The foundation was poured, the well went in, and the walls and roof were put on, and the rest was up to me to finish.
From here on out, I vowed to be more like the man in front of me in line, and only buy groceries that I could afford.
But that stuff is probably cheaper at Walmart and Target than your regular grocery store, regardless.
We make oatmeal many days per week when the weather gets cold, and not the gross instant kind from those sugar loaded packets. If money is tight one week, then it is good to know that I can actually stretch my dollar pretty far at a place like Aldi. We only have to have a building permit, tell them where we’re going to pour the foundation, and actually put the foundation where we planned to. I only eat meat once a week or less, mostly chicken, and only when eating out or with friends. I worked weekends putting the tar paper up and the windows in, finishing around New Years Day (yes, we had snow the last 3-4 weeks of this work!) In Feb of 2009 I was notified I was going to lose my job at the end of June. I then frantically worked on the inside of the house so we could move in because our trailer was totaled by a falling tree in an ice storm so we couldn’t move back into that.
We moved in with inside walls up, all the wiring in the walls, and the inside stairs up and safe. I was ready for an electric panel and hired an electrician for half a day to run the power line from the pole through conduit and into the house. He then showed me how to hook up a circuit to the panel, which just happened to be for the water well. In a few days we could flush a toilet and use the powder room sink, just in time for us to stop taking sponge baths in the stream. By early October we had the wood stove and metal chimney installed and we had heat (still the only heat source we have, other than sunlight coming in the 65 windows!) Then I turned back to plumbing, installing a full bath, and we showered on Christmas day.
She worked just long enough to allow us to catch up on bills a bit, then she was laid off in November, her severance ran out this past March, she started a part-time social work job when that ran out, and I’ve been working on starting up my own chimney sweep business since then.
That our road was closed for over 3 months while they rebuilt it, that we had to dodge off-road dump trucks to get to town and back everytime we had to go to town?

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