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We discovered sorrel a few years ago when we saw an organic variety at a local farm store and we planted it in our garden.  It is related to rhubarb and contains the same biological compounds that give it its tanginess. The variety we grow is lemon raspberry and it so fresh and delicious it brightens any salad or other dish that calls for greens.  It is so hearty, it even weathered the recent frost here on the central coast. If you add fresh shredded sorrel to a salad, it can replace the need for lemon or salad dressing.  When cooked, sorrel can be used in soups and sauces, even sorbet with fruit (strawberries would be good).
Biomass is green energy that can be used to power automobiles, electrical systems and contribute to the creation of numerous helpful products.
This is the gas produced by any type of organic material that can be burned to produce electricity. Bio pellets are small, combustible materials made from biomass products such as sawdust, waste paper, bark and organic waste materials. Biomass gas commonly known as biosynthesis gas is a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen gases. Many native communities around the world use biomass materials to heat their houses and buildings. Distinguishing biomass energy from other forms of energy at the consumption level is virtually impossible.

Biomass fuel sources are green; that is they do not release substantial amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and do not pose serious risks to the environment like other energy sources such as nuclear energy. There are many sources of biomass including decaying vegetation, manure and other organic waste materials.
Energy is produced when biomass, in the form of waste wood or agricultural products, is burnt. The production of the products using biomass materials often requires less energy to manufacture.
Such communities are now using boilers to burn waste wood from the forest surrounding their villages. Although carbon is emitted during the production of biomass energy, it does not cause an atmospheric imbalance because the carbon remains in the carbon cycle. One of the high tech processes used to transform biomass into energy is known as hydrogasification. However, the direct burning of biomass releases substantial amounts of greenhouse gases into the environment. Biosynthesis gas is instrumental in the production of other products such as plastics and acids, which can be used to make various products.

Biomass is created from organic materials such as wood, leaves, food waste, paper and other items considered waste.
The energy created can be used directly for heating and lighting or be converted and used to produce electricity.
Other methods can be used to convert biomass into fuels that can be used to power vehicles.
It is important to consider various factors before purchasing bio pellet heating appliances for your home. Biomass materials are also important ingredients in the production of various products such as antifreeze and artificial sweeteners. Another use of biomass is mulching, which converts organic materials from biomass into manure.

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