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Enrique Murillo pulled the parking brake on La Pilita (The Little Trough) just over a month ago, and hasn’t moved much aside from heading to Tijuana to make his big-city debut at the first Avenida Revolucion installment of the Baja Beer Fest in July. Located on a side street between the beach and Boulevard Rosarito, the main road that runs through town, La Pilita’s setup is clean and minimal but stylish nonetheless, with a few bar tables scattered around a wood deck, an orange canvas awning that stretches to the street and a sink rigged above the passenger-side front tire alongside the barrel grill.
The name coincidentally elaborates on the logo, an Animal Farmish totem of a hen holding a giant spoon on top of a rabbit on top of a cow. On tap was La Bombera by Ensenada craft brewers Canneria, the red ale that just so happened to win best beer at the Baja Beer Fest. The need to do reintroduce organic concepts to a setting as lush and fertile as Baja California may come as somewhat redundant. Derrik Chinn- From unassuming reporter to freedom-loving Turista Libre (free tourist), Derrik Chinn’s reputation as underground concierge to the traveler has grown.
When summer begins to wane and the autumn leaves begin their transition, the tables at the farmers markets explode with color. I was pleased to see that the North Park Farmers Market is finally starting to blossom, thanks in part to the addition of food trucks and certified organic farms such as Suzie’s Farm and JR Organics. I headed toward the Mexican border to visit the Wild Willow Community Farm near Imperial Beach.
Little Italy Mercato’s Market Maestra, Catt White, gave me a tour of the new San Diego Public Market on National Avenue. Even though it is a smaller boutique market, Rancho Santa Fe Farmers Market is also one of my favorites.
Nicolina Alves of Terra Bella Ranch took over the vibrant La Jolla Open Aire Market last year. The market is on the verge of adding thirty percent more space and it is only going to get better. I enjoyed visiting with Dennis Stowell of Tom King Farms and tasting his giant football-shaped Uzbeki melons–sweet and succulent!

The Grande Dame of San Diego markets is the Hillcrest Farmers Market, where most chefs and foodies shop.
Slice the passion fruits in half and scoop the fruit into a fine strainer placed over a bowl. This post features information Food and Community at Rancho Sol Y Mar, our location for the upcoming Permaculture Design Course in Mexico.
We have met wonderful people working in various fields – farmers, young parents, ecotourism investors, photographers and videographers, biologists and medical doctors, homesteaders and economists, engineers, geographers, missionaries, nurses, massage therapists, body workers and producers, builders and post-graduate students, doulas, university professors, college students and international studies students, teachers, singers, engineers, IT and technical  support people, carwash chain owners, marketing specialists, zookeepers, bankers, musicians and writers. That diversity in the classroom means that an incredibly creative and inspirational space is created for all to stretch and grow, to be inspired and to be heard. But for now we hope this is a good beginning in planning your attendance of the upcoming Costa Rican Permaculture Design Course! Permaculture Institute promotes sustainable living skills through free online resources, demonstration and by offering permaculture design certificate courses, taught by a stellar teaching team in several locations with ample hands-on training opportunities. That is, until you remember this is a place where most of what comes out of the ground winds up not in the mouths of locals but on tables thousands of miles north of the border. We offer Baja travelers expert advice about local restaurants, hotels and vacation rentals, as well as guides, maps and articles about events, sports and activities. Whether it is San Diego or Detroit, the September harvest is a magnificent time to be in our local farmers markets which have become our community centers, weekend playgrounds and the instigators of culinary foreplay for foodies across the country. The word is out and it has become a destination place for anyone in or near La Jolla on any given Sunday. Use a rubber spatula push the fruit against the strainer, working the juice from the seeds.
Mostly organic, some  grown at the Rancho Sol y Mar, some is fresh from the sea, and the rest is mostly local. We often organize knowledge sharing blitzes when group talks are set up for each and everyone to share their passion and skills – ranging from building gray water systems to cooking with native herbs.

Once you register for this course with us, we assist you further with planning your visit to Finca Amrta. Founder of the Permaculture Institute, Permaculture Credit Union, Permaculture Drylands Institute and of numerous international permaculture initiatives, taught permaculture on four continents in over thirty countries. In accordance with contemporary gourmet food truck protocol, Murillo baits his clientele with daily social media advisories. He does his shopping at Rancho Reynoso, a farm on the free road to Ensenada at kilometer 53 whose crops usually sent abroad. Oft-wilted greens at the supermarket and canned veggies in the home pantry have become the colloquial norm as a result.
We provide bilingual customer support, information and sales seven days a week, 365 days a year.
Director Mel Lions told me the farm is thriving and finally able to distribute produce to the local markets. I find these intimate and cozy markets a refreshing change from the crush of the crowds at some of the more popular ones. My good friend Akram Attie is front and center here in his Thyme of Essence booth. I ordered a variety of heirloom beans to be shipped by Michelle Larson Sadler’s Conscious Cookery–Colorado River, Anasazi, Mortgage Lifter and Borlotti beans.
Additionally, permaculture students work in the farm’s gardens,  harvest native fruits and herbs, and expand their knowledge of the food ecosystem with their forks and their hands! We build community where everyone is a part of this wonderful temporary global village, working and learning side by side. Wednesday and Sunday markets have already begun in this location, which I look forward to visiting the next time I’m in San Diego.

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