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In 2005 my partner Gary Davis & I decided to open a one stop certified organic grocery store.
Also on offer at a Wray Organic store is our wonderful range of certified organic, Australian grown fruit & veg. The best news is that due to a chemical pesticide & preservative free diet my son quickly recovered his health.
The South Burnett Regional Council is distributing survey forms to residents about the proposed introduction of recycling and green waste kerbside collections. Council is requesting that residents read through the brief information sheet and complete the short survey, then return it in the supplied return envelope or drop it off at any Council office. After calling Council for some further explanation on the survey, I was disappointed to find they could not advise if they would be supplying the additional bins.
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Showcasing Queensland based Capilano Honey, who has become one of the world’s leading honey supply companies. Toowoomba West Wellcamp Airport saw the maiden Cathay Pacific international flight leave on 23 November bound for Hong Kong. Our TIQ team in Toowoomba and Hong Kong worked with Toowoomba Surat Basin Enterprise (TSBE) to target clients who had a designated supply chain into Hong Kong – to facilitate cargo space for their produce.  They were so successful they now have clients lining up to be on the next flight! We have always believed this clean, nutritious food should be available to everyone so there are now 9 certified organic stores located throughout SE Queensland with more planned to open this year. As a mother we’ve all dragged through the supermarket aisles reading the back label of grocery products for numbers & nasties. We also offer a unique certified organic cafe with plenty of tasty wheat free, dairy free & gluten free options. Upon eating the food myself I also noticed huge improvement in my health, I lost weight & had much more energy. Community Expectation – There was strong community input into the Community Plan for the implementation of recycling initiatives throughout the region. Environmental Sustainability – Implementing kerbside recycling is generally accepted as an environmentally sustainable and responsible practice. It was laden with 544 trays of delicious Calypso® mangoes (One Harvest, Brisbane), Inglewood Farms Organic Free Range chicken, chilled and frozen beef (Mort & Co, Toowoomba), chilled beef (Nippon Meats, Oakey), Pecans (Stahmann Farms, Toowoomba) and prepacked lettuce (Story Fresh, Toowoomba). Evidently, as the second highest grossing agricultural region in the country – with a strong population nearby in Toowoomba – the expansion into passenger flights and cargo services is a positive step in the right direction towards opening up the region to more export and investment opportunities.
A mother with a sick child very quickly learns what needs to be done to make your child well again. We are a certified organic retailer & cafe with Australian Certified Organic (ACO), which is our customers guarantee that when we say it’s ‘organic’ it is! At a Wray Organic store, this is not necessary, because we review all products before they are selected for our shelves. Unlike other so called ‘organic’ cafes all the ingredients in a Wray Organic cafe are certified organic the eggs, bread, milks, fruit & veg, everything! I have come to realise there is a higher level of living that I may never have discovered if my son hadn’t become unwell.

The implementation of kerbside recycling and green waste services would be a positive step in responding to this community expectation.
A waste audit conducted in the region during 2012 identified that almost half (48 per cent) of the waste in a domestic wheelie bin contained recyclable items and a further 14 per cent was green waste. For example, it is estimated that the Kingaroy and Nanango landfills have an average life expectancy of 15 years before closure, while Wondai and Murgon have a combined life expectancy of 10 years at the current rates or volumes of disposal. Recyclable waste will have to be separated – iron metals, aluminium, copper, brass, glass, plastics and paper. Unless the proposal is cost neutral to the ratepayer or some profit for Council to reduce rates, I could not support the scheme. The more I learnt about the way food is being grown, processed & stored the less I bought from a supermarket. Kerbside recycling and green waste collections could therefore divert large volumes of the current waste for reuse, which would otherwise end up going to landfills which costs money. By decreasing the volume of waste going to landfill through kerbside recycling, the community would defer these closures and costs.
This will require a substantial investment in plant or transport to a existing facility where charges may apply. The doctor suggested my son eat certified organic food so I used to shop all over the place trying to find it.
A similar survey was conducted on waste after amalgamation with a low rate of forms returned. Unfortunately I noticed when shopping at a farmers market many would say the produce was ‘organic’ but there were no guarantees because the farms were not certified organic. The cost to ratepayers for a new State Government-approved and compliant landfill could be in the order of $6 million. The reliability of this ballot can be questioned as it is not independent of council or a complete ballot.

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