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With local produce coming into season nationwide, this is an incredibly helpful guide on what we need to prioritize only purchasing organically at the farmer’s market. Be sure to follow this link to the EWG’s website to download a free app for your smart phone, the latest information about genetically modified fresh produce, and to learn how to avoid these frankenfoods at the big box stores. Surprisingly, Trader Joe’s came in at cheaper in 5 out of 9 categories, while Whole Foods was cheaper in just 2 categories but they tied in the remaining 2 categories. Whole Foods Market offers new sales every two weeks, which often include organic meats, produce, and more.
Whole Foods also offers store coupons via their app (new ones bi-weekly) and their website (new ones every 2 month) on many products, including categories like meats, produce, fish and packaged products.
So, while Trader Joe’s came in lower in more categories, Whole Foods still remains competitive by offering bi-weekly sales and store coupons. Be sure to sign up for my daily e-newsletter for more price comparisons and organic coupons and deals. In the front part of the store, you’ll find all kinds of beautiful and healthy quick-fix foods and beverages.
My kids ate their pizza (only $6 for two HUGE slices!) and my husband helped himself to a local IPA they had on tap while I shopped the store. Main & Vine has a solid selection of gourmet cheese, both locally produced and from around the world. Just past the wine, is one of the most unique displays I’ve ever seen at a grocery store! In speaking with the team at Main & Vine, one of their guiding principles is to connect local communities to their local food producers.
Now you might be thinking, “Angela, I can just tell from the looks of that store that everything is going to be overpriced.

The first ad I’ll be sharing will go live this Wednesday (August 3rd), so I encourage you to keep your eyes peeled for that. It is definitely a store I could get lost in wandering around – or putzing around on a lazy Saturday (whenever I have a lazy Saturday, that is!). You can also read this post about the 2012 Dirty Dozen list to learn more about the Environmental Working Group and why I think their work is so important. If you purchase a product through an affiliate link, your cost will be the same but Healthnut Foodie will automatically receive a small commission. There is no limit to the number of coupons you can use in a transaction at either store (as long as you’re adhering to the coupon verbiage) and neither store allows cash back if the coupon exceeds the value of the product.
I could tell from all the displays and cases that this is the kind of store I could really linger in.
We couldn’t help but notice the tables in the dining area have USB ports built in them.
Here you’ll find frozen prepared foods such as cod tikka masala, pesto shrimp, cilantro lime rice, and smoked salmon chowder that you can buy in bulk. I found a wonderful selection of dried fruits, spices, nuts, and snacks at Main & Vine. In the meantime, I encourage you to visit the store for yourself to see what it’s all about.
I live here in Gig Harbor and am now referring to the store at MV rather than QFC-taken me a while.
Your support is greatly appreciated and allows us to help spread the message of real food and living well.
They have TVs with sporting events playing in the seating area and I hear they sometimes have live music.

Not only did I find the quality top-notch, I was excited to find lots of locally-sourced produce such as these Walla Walla Onions. They carry the Simple Truth label as they are a Kroger store, and I’ve shared many times how I feel that label is such a good value for the money. They have a very large selection of kombucha that I love, and Ellenos yogurt, which is amazing. I don’t do my regular shopping there BUT I do some produce shopping and I can always find my almond cheese there and I check out the specials. This is a feature I’ve never seen at any other grocery store and I bet it’s a convenience for both the customer and the cashier! For instance, the in-store barista mentioned to me that sometimes people get free coffee offers through the app. I practice ethical, common sense couponing and report on a wide-range of deals including grocery, apparel, and travel.
In addition to local and organic offerings, I also spied some hard-to-find items such as passion fruit and turmeric root. You can also connect with them on Facebook and check out their website for current deals and recipe ideas. While I agree I cannot do all my grocery shopping here because I have a very large family, it’s a weekly must stop for me. I am in there at least once a week and yes they do have live music as one of my best friends and her husband occasionally play there on Saturday evenings.

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