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If you aren’t eating out every meal, and need to stock the hotel fridge, extended stay, or condo, Whole Foods Market has plenty of healthy food and drink plus organic bath products. Nacho Daddy in SummerlinNacho Daddy on West Sahara is a casual, stylish, fun and funky place that makes fantastic margaritas and serves a variety of tasty dishes. Basic Sushi RulesSushi My basic rules when searching for a sushi restaurant in an unfamiliar area are that it be busy and a higher price point.

Organic, farm fresh, wheatgrass, spirulina, healthy, cage-free, free-range, sustainability, and environmental stewardship were not words I previously associated with Vegas. But it’s a real city as well—with schools, parks, community events, outdoor activities, and all the things we normally associate with real cities—it just lives with a wild twin, the strip. But most of us who use this nickname still shop there—it has quality food that helps you get healthy and feel good, all the while being mindful of the environment—hard to argue with this.

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