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What do you get when you combine clever marketing, a cute shop, delicious and beautiful food, and eliminate the packaging? Started by Catherine Conway in 2006, Unpackaged was a small market stall that became so popular that Conway decided to open up a full-fledged shop. At Unpackaged, customers are asked to bring their own reusable containers, like bags, bottles, jars, etc to fill up on the items they want. The store itself is also incredibly cute and their marketing and logos were very well designed.
Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. Actually, in the Soviet Russia, the customer had to bring it's own packages for many goods that was sold by the weight: fruits and vegetables, oil, sour cream, milk and so on.
The store sells almost all their goods out of bulk bins and the packaged items they do carry are minimal and easily recyclable.

Stores smell like rotting meat, meat is not in plastic packages but rather you put it into small thin plastic bag, eggs are often sold without cartons, they are just stuffed inside plastic bags, rice is also sold in similar way. There was also no bags provided by the stores, so people was saving and washing the bags, cans and bottles for future use. Unpackaged is a boutique grocery shop in London that works like the bulk food section of your local store, relying on you, the customer, to bring in your own packaging as a way to eliminate waste. Second, packaging is a waste of resources and time, and requires extra fuel to transport that weight. Check out their list of products they carry so you can plan your trip appropriately and bring enough containers. The store sells everything from nuts, flour, sugar, beans, herbs and spices, to oils, vinegars, produce, cheese, bread and even wine! Finally, packaging is really just trash and causes pollution because it is so often sent to the landfill.

All of their wares are either certified organic, or from a known and trusted source that engages in sustainable practices. With strict eco-policies on where their source their food, Unpackaged is one of the most environmentally friendly grocery stores we’ve seen.
Additionally, they source fair trade goods and never buy anything that was air freighted, giving preference to local suppliers.

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