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Architect Cass Calder Smith grew up on a commune and studied solar energy, but his green designs don't suffer from the dreaded hippie aesthetic. Considered one of the "greenest" restaurants in San Francisco, The Plant Cafe Organic puts its money where its mouth is and loudly professes its commitment to the green scene. The Plant Cafe was honored this year with the Best Vegetarian Restaurant Award by SF Weekly, but the accolades don’t stop there. CCS Architecture, who designed their other restaurant at the Marina, took the lead in designing the new structure at Pier 3, which was part of a large revitalization project encompassing the Embarcadero. Eco friendly materials are a main feature of the restaurant with a strong focus towards healthy and natural materials – a reflection of the food.
On the roof, a 6 kw solar system generates enough electricity to power the restaurant’s kitchen, even in foggy San Francisco. They are a healthy restaurant that offers organic food, peet's coffee, vegetarian food, a healthy breakfast, the best pancakes, and the best brunch in San Francisco.
For their organic slow food restaurant in San Francisco, Mark Lewis and Matthew Guelke wanted to adhere to green design principles, but to reach beyond the "earthy-crunchy crowd" "The earthier places are great, but a lot of their clientele already eats this way," Guelke says.
This ultra hip restaurant on Pier 3 sidles up to the Bay offering great views, organic and local food, renewable energy, and environmentally friendly and healthy decor.

Two large historic pier warehouses were renovated to create a 112-seat restaurant and a separate, counter-service cafe.
Locally sourced and reclaimed wood were used to create many of the tables and interior spaces, while cold rolled steel, stainless steel, zinc and recycled content tiles round out the mix. An innovative water Electrolyzer system converts tap water into acidic and alkaline cleaning fluids for counters, floors, windows and dishwashing.
Check out their gluten-free food and all their gluten free options at this gluten-free restaurant. Just enter your address in the search box above and find delivery menus, browse Yelp reviews and find exclusive online coupons from your local restaurants. San Francisco-based CCS Architecture designed both the original restaurant at the Marina as well as a new one located at Pier 3 that was renovated from 1900s historic warehouses. The tall 18 foot ceilings, exposed timber beams and the casement windows were retained to maintain the feel of the original pier. The vibrant green flooring is made out of coconut shells, while daylighting, composting, recycled or biodegradable take out containers and energy efficient lighting are also big parts of the restaurant.
And to top it all off, the very talented Flora Grubb designed a beautiful living wall installation out of air plants for the back wall of the restaurant.

Relax with a Bloody Mary and your kids will enjoy the yummy options on the children's menu. Outdoor seating areas were built on the side of the bay, which would normally be chilly, but have canopies and heating for year round comfort.
Instead Smith chose hickory reclaimed from a 186-year-old barn in Gilson, Illinois and acquired by Restoration Timber.
The fabric is 100 percent natural and will not off-gas toxic chemicals into the air—an environmental complement to Weiss's organic food. The floor is covered with all-natural tiles from Royal Mosa, a company that recaptures and recycles all of its waste, from pigments to gas particulates.

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