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The new stores will cater to a similar audience as their existing stores: people who want organic, fresh foods, but have less disposable income to drop at the grocery store. The Austin-based company made the announcement yesterday as it delivered news of its first quarter earnings. According to Whole Foods, the new stores will offer a “curated” selection of items in a simpler store design layout, but still honor the chain’s commitment to clean foods. While the name of the Whole Foods spinoff has not yet been announced, the chain said it’s building a team to focus on the stores, as it’s already negotiating leases. The target launch date is somewhere in 2016 with “rapid expansion” following the early store launches. Whole Foods Market is an American grocery retailer that specializes in providing natural and organic food options throughout their supermarket style stores. Check out the brief YouTube clip below to watch a promotional clip about the company and what they are doing! In the last decade, the push for healthy eating, organic produce, and overall sustainability has seen a tremendous boost of publicity into the mainstream public. As a result of this involvement, Whole Foods Markets gained a lot of insight into what customers want. 1) They are leveraging their buying power to ensure that farmers, suppliers, and all other pieces in their supply chain are all following sustainable practices (I.e. 2) They are encouraging their suppliers and intermediaries to continue innovating and improving their practices (I.e.

3) They are constantly sourcing out new and more sustainable companies throughout their entire supply chain (I.e. 4) They are investing in their entire supply chain in order to encourage even more sustainability and social consciousness (I.e.
Overall the progress has been amazing, and as a result the company is experiencing unprecedented levels of growth!
For more information on what the company is doing, and what programs, initiatives, and charities they are involved with – visit this link for a detailed description.
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But one of your dreams may be coming true: Whole Foods Market, also known as “Whole Paycheck” for its high-priced food selection, says it’s opening up a new chain of stores with lower-priced, but (presumably) still healthy foods that have made the store such a destination over the last several decades. The company says it is looking for new revenue sources and ways to reach the demographic of shoppers otherwise out of reach, including those in their 20s and 30s, and the shoppers buying value-priced organic items at Target, Trader Joe’s and Walmart, for example. In 2013 the chain announced its plans to provide label transparency on items sold in its stores that contain genetically modified ingredients by 2018. Designed to help orient customers to their best produce options, the system identifies several criteria including information on the type of growing methods and responsibility practices—including farmworker welfare and management of resources.

Whole Foods has thrived in this environment, especially through their superb use of social media. Information like this has helped them further understand their position in peoples lives and what the customers actually want and how best to relate to them. After some customers showed a desire for relaxing music in the store, the Huntington Beach location decided to make a playlist of some soft background music and made it available on SoundCloud for their customers. The chain said all categories in the store will be vetted and suppliers must comply with its labeling requirements denoting the presence of GMOs.
Their corporate values and mission are centred on the incorporation of various factors into the very essence of their business: responsible farming, high quality, sustainability, animal welfare, and social consciousness.
At the forefront of their social media efforts has been the willingness to incorporate customer demands throughout the entire company. In an effort to make the supply chain process transparent, they have educated the public on these issues, asked for recommendations, and welcomed criticism. Whole Foods Market has used various mediums to connect with customers (and more recently employees) seeking recommendations, feedback, and complaints into their supply chain. These demands have directly translated to that of the supply chain, with Whole Foods Market working actively to stay at the cutting edge of their movement for healthy and sustainable.

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