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From its longtime home at Rockwell Tent, the much awaited yearly MaArte Fair will be moving to a bigger venue in August.
The weekend event will now be held at the penthouse of Rockwell 8, a towering corporate building that’s also within the Rockwell Center complex. According to MFPI president Maritess Pineda, about 20% of the exhibitors will be participating at the event for the first time. One of the featured exhibitors and a first-time participant of the fair is fashion designer Gabbie Sarenas who will be telling the stories of Philippine mythological characters such as Malakas and Maganda (a creation myth of the first man and woman) and the tikbalang (a half-human, half-horse creature of Philippine folklore) in her pina fabric creations that make use of uniquely Filipino techniques like the callado (a Philippine tradition of hand embroidery).
Another exhibitor, Green Babes, offers organic balut (fertilized duck egg) and organic salted duck eggs, among other bottled gourmet food items. These two exhibitors will be joined by other brands like Happy Star Child, AKABA, Silnag, Cornerstone Pottery, Milvidas, Micki Olaguer, Gifts and Graces, Ken Samudio, and Pastry Armoire among many others.

Avocados are a fruit, not a vegetable, belonging to the genus Persea in the Lauraceae family.
Among the fine artisanal products featured at the fundraiser are (clockwise from topmost right) clothes by Gabbie Sarenas, organic food items from Green Babes, and home finds from Happy Star Child.
Now on its 8th edition, the shopping event featuring the fine products of various artisans and crafters has grown bigger in its number of loyal patrons through the years.
And so, while enjoying the view, and perhaps while sipping wine, fair-goers can freely move around the 1,400 square-meter venue to check out around 70 exhibitors selling quality items like artisanal food, fabrics, jewelry, clothing, and fashion and home accessories. She also noted that each of the featured exhibitors have interesting and inspiring stories that will definitely charm shoppers to their craft items.
One of its owners, Bobeep Arroyo, noted that the ducks where they source their eggs from are not fed with antibiotics, instead, thrives on what is only at the farm like snails.

California produces about 90 percent of the nation’s avocado crop with San Diego County producing 60 percent of all the avocados grown in California. Thus, its organizers, the Museum Foundation of the Philippines (MFPI) were inspired to take the next step: transfer to a bigger space—with a great view of Makati City at that—to welcome more shoppers on the weekend of August 26 to 28. There are seven varieties of avocados grown commercially in California, with the Hass as the most popular, accounting for approximately 95 percent of the total crop volume. The number of California avocado groves becoming certified organic is increasing annually, so depending on Mother Nature’s cycles organic avocados can be found all year long.

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