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We all know about the four tastes; sweet, sour, salty and bitter, but did you know there’s actually a fifth taste? Legend has it that in the late 1800s, Escoffier invented veal stock and quickly realized it’s near-mythical power to both enhance the dining experience of his customers and make him a very wealthy restaurateur. Food purists often scoff at the use of MSG as a culinary cheat, a way that hacks and home cooks can circumvent time-honored techniques and training to artificially enhance the flavor of food. Just as Escoffier discovered at the turn of the century, umami (or more accurately, the glutamates that activate the unami receptors in our mouths) can be found in a variety of natural ingredients including mushrooms, meats and cheeses.

While they lived half a world apart, their love of great food created an invisible, enduring bond between these two food revolutionaries. He published his findings in the Chemical Society of Tokyo’s journal, revealing that glutamic acid was responsible for the fifth taste. The secret to unlocking the umami factor in foods is slow-cooking – this releases glutamate-packed amino acids, as does fermentation (think soy sauce, cheese. It’s what makes a well-aged steak so mouth-watering, a rich gravy so sensuous and Marmite so popular among Brits and Aussies!

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