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Harn Soper has a real-world laboratory to test the benefits of farming with genetically modified (GM) seed. Last week, I looked at GM farming from a 10,000-foot perspective and found that big farmers in the U.S. And looking closely reveals something surprising: I’d thought that there would be an obvious financial advantage in biotech, making it impossible for conventional crops to compete. Before I got in touch with Soper, he’d already been going over his books and comparing the economics of his GM and organic land for the past few years. The organic land makes less money in the off years of the typical one-year-on, one-year-off rotation, when the farmers grow alfalfa and oats, instead of the soy they grow on the GM farms. Scott lives (and blogs) on a farm in northwest Indiana, where he and his family grow wheat, corn, soybeans, and popcorn.
With a little more number crunching Scott estimated that cheaper conventionally breed corn seed would actually make him $11 more per acre if nothing goes wrong.
Another Indiana farmer, Troy Rausch, concurred: “If you use GMOs it takes a lot of the risk away. All the farmers I talked to said that the potential yield for GM and non-GM seed is the same.
When corn rootworms start eating Scott’s conventional crop, they will do some damage before he can react and spray pesticide. The other major GM trait, herbicide tolerance, saves Scott some money because it allows him to use a cheap herbicide (glyphosate) on soybeans, and it reliably stops weeds before they do any damage. All the farmers I spoke with said they are starting to see pests that are resistant to the advantages conferred by genetic engineering. There’s a problem with this efficiency: GM seed can enable irresponsible farmers to work fast and dirty across huge stretches of land.
Intelligence Squared takes on a contentious issue in a clear way, and the resulting video makes for a great primer on GMOs.
Tom Philpott and Ramez Naam both made sense in their responses to the conclusion of "Panic-free GMOs." Here's what they might have missed. Genetically modified food still holds great promise of improving conditions for the world's poor: A second response to our 'Panic-Free GMOs' series. GMO products rarely deliver on the hype, but they've pushed our agricultural system to a critical crossroads -- that's why they matter. The Olympics bring their host cities new stadiums, trains, and glistening abs — but which of those benefit them in the long run? Puro Beach Group is located on Puro Island (Cabangahan) in the south of Romblon province, facing the No.
Enjoy exciting boat trips to Boracay, Tablas, Romblon, Sibuyan and read about the various land and island activities. Healthy food for our fine dining restaurant and your kitchen in your own condotel unit, grown in our organic island farm.
Radha Agrawal is a serial social entrepreneur having founded several socially conscious companies.
Radha is a real example of how empowered women empower women and how business can make a difference in the world.
When you were a child, did you wish for the career and for the life that you have manifested today? As a daughter of immigrant parents from India and Japan who raised us to chase our dreams, I’ve been chasing my passions all of my life but could never have imagined the life and career I’m leading today.
My personal mission has always been to help humans find a sense of belonging and authentic community. Millennials are more optimistic than most, share more freely and are more generous with their networks.
As the Dalai Lama said, “the world will be saved by the western woman” and I really believe that. This is the first installment of The Celebrity Wishmaker, Simonetta Lein’s, interview series on leading social and sustainable female entrepreneurs who are using their voice to empower more women. Since Barack Obama took office, the subject of lifting the Cuban embargo has resurfaced sporadically in American headlines.
While that course of action is a choice that Congress must choose whether or not to make, Obama has stated that the removal is “inevitable”. The ramifications of lifting the ban on the lives of Cuban people who remain under communist rule are commonly ignored. As Obama noted, the decades-old interdiction thus far has not drastically changed the Cuban government’s stance on these issues. However, when examining the effects of tourism on the nation, it is difficult to be optimistic.
American tourists are currently placing a great strain on the country; there are not enough hotels and rental cars to accommodate them. Across a broad range of issues, it has become apparent that change will only occur in Cuba when the current government allows things to change.

If the embargo is lifted, America could lose a bargaining chip for ensuring greater liberties for Cuban people.
Soper’s family owns seven farms near Emmetsburg, Iowa, with organic crops on 410 acres and GM crops on some 300 acres. In the spring, the GM crops start out way behind, mostly because the seed is so expensive: It costs about $200 an acre to plant and fertilize corn. That’s because the Soper family is an absentee landlord: The Sopers contract with farmers who work the land. For a farmer who actually gets dirt under his fingernails, like Brian Scott, the extra time and money to get a crop to harvest make a big difference. He recently paid $119 an acre for his GM corn (for the seed alone) as opposed to $87 an acre for conventionally bred corn. If everything is the same but the seed cost, I asked, why not just buy the cheaper non-GMO seed?
But they won’t damage the insect-resistant GM corn, because the pesticide is always there, in the plant. And having the option of using different herbicides allows him to change his methods more often: He’ll use glyphosate one year, simply turn a little soil with a cultivator the next, and then maybe use a different herbicide, like glufosinate. He makes so much more with organics, and the organic market is growing so quickly that, sooner or later, other farmers are going to cash in on the opportunity. A farmer could make a lot of money by simply planting GM corn every year and spraying liberally with glyphosate. She is the Co-Founder of DAYBREAKER, a global dance movement creating healthy morning dance party experiences all over the world with over 150,000 community members waking up to dance, sweat, connect, and unlock their potential before going to work. Partnered with Afripads every pair of THINX funds the production of re-usable cloth pads for women and girls in Uganda. A young entrepreneur that has taken on big brands with her disruptive innovative approach that focuses not only on delivering needed products but also giving back to the community with a special attention to women. I did however, always wish for a profession that aligned body, mind, and spirit: given the gift to create and nurture Daybreaker, a transformational community and design experience that brings joy to our members is for me, truly a dream come true. Millennials are interested in learning and sharing, and living a life as carefree as possible. In December of 2014, after 18 months of secret negotiations, the Obama administration opened the doors for more fluid communication with Cuba.
However, a more pressing concern is the potential impact of lifting the embargo on the Cuban people. Critics and dissidents in Cuba are routinely beaten, arrested, detained, and fired from their jobs. Could more open relations between the two countries influence the Cuban government to adopt more progressive policies in regards to human rights? While the Cuban government limits the dissemination of detailed information about their economy, statistics that are readily available do not paint a pretty picture. There is a wide divide between the images of Cuba seen in mainstream media and the actual lives of the population. Many Americans have expressed concerns on Twitter that Americans will inevitably “ruin” the culture.
The youth of the country generally admires America; in spite of the government’s historic dislike of yankees, they proudly wear clothes adorned with stars and stripes. Tourism encourages the Cuban government to serve American visitors, rather than serve their own people. Now that commercial airlines are offering flights to Cuba, the influx of tourists will drastically increase.
If the change is, as President Obama states, “inevitable”, it may only be a matter of time before the effects are known.
The farms are all in the same microclimate: If a torrential cloudburst hits one farm, it hits them all. Now I’m looking at a couple of these farms from the six-foot perspective (that’s eye-level for me), and trying to understand what leads an individual farmer to choose GM seed. In the race toward profitability, GM traits don’t give seeds a jet-pack — it’s more like they provide an umbrella. The farmers and the Sopers split the costs of seed and fertilizer in the spring, and then split the profits in the fall. And that’s where GM crops seem to prove their worth to farmers: They’re a bit more predictable and easier to manage. With GM seeds he’s less likely to have a devastating loss — so much so that his insurance company gives him a lower premium. In addition, Scott said, pest-resistant GM corn allows a greater diversity of insects in the field because he sprays much less. Instead of rushing to spray herbicide in the busy spring planting season before the soybean sprout, they can wait until things calm down.
On the other hand, a responsible farmer can use GM traits sparingly as a tool for land stewardship.

I also never could have imagined co-creating THINX with my twin sister Miki and good friend Antonia and seeing it break open all the taboos around menstruation and giving a voice to women. Millennials don’t like to be tied down unless it’s a real choice and committing to one thing is not easy. At THINX, it’s been incredible to see how something as simple as a pair of underwear could transform a girl’s life, keep them in school and give them a voice in their community. Enter with a dark cloud over your head and a closed energy, and the room will answer with equally dark energy. In the President’s official statement, Obama stated “…these fifty years have shown that isolation has not worked.
Historically, the government of the island nation has blamed it for their current economic situation. While long-term sentences are rarer than they were a decade ago, short-term detainments have risen exponentially. Internet access is limited, but even web access gives little freedom to those who have it; free speech is only allowed if journalists “conform to the aims of a socialist society”. The government reports their aggregated gross national income per capita as $5,539, but most Cubans only earn around twenty dollars a month.
Photographs of the living conditions of those in poverty in the country contrast starkly against idyllic photos provided by tourist agencies. It is difficult to directly improve the lives of the people through economic means because the government controls the economy. Radio host Matt Binder tweeted: “booking my Cuba vacation now before there’s a Starbucks, a McDonald’s, and a bank on every block”. Their government will likely need to bolster the infrastructure to facilitate tourists, rather than meeting the needs of Cubans. While a more open relationship between the countries might improve the lives of Cuban citizens, it is doubtful.
I emailed or chatted with farmers until I started to hear the same explanations over and again. At harvest the organics slipped a bit: The GM corn produced 200 bushels an acre, versus 180 bushels on an organically farmed acre.
The pesticide in the GM corn itself can harm only a small subset of insects, and this allows beneficial insects to prosper. Nonetheless, many told me that farmers they know are turning back to non-GM seeds, because they might make more money that way. I’ll explore that in my next post, where I’ll look at the effect GM crops have on the environment. I’ve been writing a book about community building for the last year where I’ve been synthesizing everything I’ve ever learned in community building and developing a rubric to help anyone seeking to create their own community for their life and business.
When a woman makes $100 in the developing world, $80 goes back to her community to help them grow stronger. Opponents argue that doing so would be a form of silent consent in regards to Cuba’s human rights violations. The government wields vague laws like a truncheon to silence all anti-establishment rhetoric.
Government statistics tend to be questionable, but this discrepancy also indicates a very small middle class. Any wealth generated through increased trade is not watermarked for American-approved uses, after all.
This has not happened (and will not happen for an indeterminable amount of time), but it reflects a genuine concern regarding the Americanization of other cultures. America, in a modern context, represents freedoms and liberties that the Castro dynasty has not afforded the people for over five decades.
Combined with the fact that Americans are permitted to send up to $8,000 a year to Cuba, families split across both nations have had more opportunities to interact and support one another than in living memory. And it’s clear, when the numbers are tallied, that he’s making a lot more money farming organically than farming with GM seed. Belonging is as important as eating and sleeping and is often overlooked in our pursuit to “succeed”.
When a man makes $100 in the developing world, $30 goes back to the community and the rest is squandered on alcohol etc.
The state is continually becoming stingier with what goods citizens can buy with ration stamps. As Americans make their way to the island, it is certain that this cultural change will become more pronounced.
However, it’s difficult to make money as a slash generation so millennials are also often short on cash and living on their air b&b income.

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