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100x100 is a brand dedicated to eco-friendly food whose aim is to generate links between the small rural producers and the urban consumers, and therefore trying to improve the quality of the products we consume on a daily basis.
I always have ideas for starting businesses, usually they are just throw-away ideas, but this organic idea was sticking, not just with me but with my wife Sarah.
One lunch time in May 2005, I was reading this article  about Abel and Cole, an organic home delivery service in London. I was inspired as I was reading, not just by the rags to riches story, but I loved the business concept and I wanted to used this service. After we had discussed the possibilities of this idea we were really enthused to take it further. Most of all the Business Plan inspired us to take the next step, it helped us to know the what the next step was and to begin building our business.

You need to start by writing a Business Plan, this will help you to identify if there is a market for your product through your research and what you will need to set up your business.
At the time we had an 8 month old baby and were very precious about what we fed him (we still are and he is now 9 years old!). At the time, Sarah had a little training business and had spent time with a mentor writing a business plan for it. There are many things you can never plan for, and when running a small business you learn by doing.
When I got home from work, Sarah told me that it was all she had been thinking about all day. But writing this plan, gave us a clear directions and showed us that this really was a viable business.

We were happy to pay the premium, now and then, if we knew little Charlie was getting good nutrition. We sent it to trusted advisors for their input who were able to see the whole picture and give us valuable advice.

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