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Classic Veggie: 2 heads Romaine lettuce, slicer tomatoes, carrots, red potatoes, white onions, eggplant, cabbage, green onion, and green peppers.
Consuming traditionally grown produce has the same health benefits as consuming organically grown produce.  We sell both, but you can save more money if you buy the traditionally grown.
You can send someone else to pick it up for you…save yourself a trip.  Please let us know what day to expect you in the Order Notes section.
That's because it's full of irresistible gourmet treats that are not only delicious, but healthy, too. In a beautiful willow branch basket, your recipient will discover wholesome foods, like fancy dried fruits, crunchy organic chips, and handcrafted popcorn, creating a stunning arrangement that is sure to delight no matter the occasion. I started this fruit & veggie co-op at my house to help feed my growing family and reduce the family grocery bill.

Buying fresh fruits and vegetables in bulk at the farmers market costs about half what you’d pay in the grocery store. Try it, you love itA comfortable and durable clothingAssociation of hemp and cotton gives a very soft and high quality fabric.
Everyone gets the same things in their baskets which minimizes waste, maximizes value, and keeps the prices low.
You will quickly become addicted to its softness.Due to the hemp fiber porosity, this T-shirt breathes with you.
Its sweetness will make you want to wear this T-shirt every day for every occasion.The hemp fibers are known to be the most resistant natural vegetable fibers.
I always purchase the same dollar amount for each basket, so what you get is a little different each week depending on food prices.  I keep a sharp eye on the market to make sure we all get the best value.

It regulates temperature, protects you from cold and cools you down when it's hot.A resistant clothing for menHemp fiber great strength makes this T-shirt very durable.
As they grew without the addition of chemicals such as pesticides or fungicides, no toxic residue remains in the fibers of the T-shirt. They give a better quality clothing and more comfort.As hemp, certified organic cotton grows with no fertilizers, no pesticides or insecticides.

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