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This bar is by far the highest quality, healthiest and most cost effective green super food bar on the market. This is an effective raw and organic meal in a wrapper, normally for just under $3 retail, but worth so much more! Each bar contains almost half a dose (4000 mg) of our exclusive green super food blend including all certified Organic: Wheat and Barley Grass Juice Powders (gluten free to <3ppm), Organic Spirulina, Organic Blueberry and Raspberry powders, Organic Broccoli Sprouts, Organic Beet Juice powder, Organic Carrot Juice powder, and more (see full ingredients listing below)! The Organic Food Bars are available on the market at a great price and have an incredible value.
Unfortunately the way sales and marketing works especially in this country is the most popular bars and other products have the biggest marketing budgets and that equals inferior ingredients.
Organic Food Bar realized early on that in order to make the healthiest and largest piece of organic food in a wrapper from only premium organic ingredients, they could not have a marketing budget. The best way to do this is to simply look at the Organic Food Bar base ingredients as the standard and go from there.
Bio International Organic Active Greens Advanced Superfood Formula With Added 48 Strain Probiotics!
The Active Greens Bar™ is Organic Food Bar’s most nutritionally dense formula and it doesn’t sacrifice one bit on taste.
Ultimately it is all about radical food, that is; live super food and organically grown, raw, whole food ingredients and healthy calories.

So, although they were the first out with a true 100% certified organic bar in the early 2000s and were seeded initially nationwide in Whole Foods Markets and fine health food stores nationwide, creating a loyal following of raw organic whole foodists, today they have become a well kept secret to mainstream America.
The alternatives to the real thing that give companies big marketing budgets are noted below in parentheses.
And now Organic Food Supply Company makes it possible to buy the best 68 gram OFB Active Greens bar with a whole addidtional menu of green super foods added (see Mike Adam’s review by clicking the Home tab above), and the 75 gram OFB Protein bar with a whopping 22 grams of raw whole food protein, for as low as $1.91 delivered in 48 States! I mean if you think you are getting too much healthy food then cut a piece off a 68 or 75 gram Organic Food Bar and give it to your kid or a hungry person or throw it in a bag for a snack later! Call customer service 800-310-4153 from 8 am to 5 pm M-F or leave a voice message after hours. We are adding a free bar for single box orders, and 2 free bars for orders of 2 boxes or more. The Active Greens Bar™ is optimal whole food bar for those of you who want to add more wholesome, immune system building, raw and organic fruits and vegetables to your diet.
And it seems that the worst brands have become the most popular, again, due to huge marketing budgets and (false) claims. Please leave your name, a detailed question or order with phone # and we will get back to you with an answer asap! Like all of the Organic Food Bars, Active Greens is good for the environment (sustainably produced) and it’s so very good for your body (totally raw and organic).

They have to be to afford their huge marketing budgets that successfully entice people into believing their bars are the best and unfortunately it just isn’t true. You must learn how to read ingredients and know what is truly healthy and what is a big advertising fraud. At these prices there are no returns except for defective products which will be addressed on a case by case basis.
Keep a few boxes for your emergency food supply plan and ask about automatic recurring orders to keep your stock fresh and rotated with daily usage reorders. A refund including original shipping charges will be given on products found to be defective. Return products found not to be defective will incur a 20% restocking charge less original shipping charges or returned to customer at no additional charge.

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