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We here at Jolly Africa are proud to announce that Life-Flo Pure Cocoa Butter is now available. Organic cocoa butter is a superb moisturizer and is known for its hydrating effects. The Icicle radish (Raphanus sativus), is a spring cultivator and a member of the Brassicaceae family along with cabbages, turnips and watercress.
The slender Icicle radish has thin white skin and offers a mild radish flavor and crisp texture.
In a non-reactive saucepan, bring the water, vinegar, salt, and sugar or honey to a boil, until the sugar and salt are dissolved. Pack the radishes in a clean pint-sized jar, and pour the hot liquid over them, adding the garlic and chile into the jar as well.
Carrot juice is truly amazing and not only for its sweet succulent flavor, but also for its fairly immediate health benefits. When mum told you to eat your carrots because they help you see in the dark, she wasn’t lying. The British army claimed that their RAF pilots had high bombing success rates thanks to carrots.
Carrots are filled with beta-carotene; an amazing pigment that converts into vitamin A when digested. Carrot juice is far more effective than any anti wrinkle cream on the market and far less expensive. A popular children’s book author, Ann Cameron was able beat stage 4 cancer by drinking carrot juice. Although many may be suspicious to these claims, studies have proven that carrots contain anticancer properties. The benefits of carrot juice even extend to the liver, which is vital for cleaning the toxins out of the blood stream and the metabolism of fats and stomach bile. Eating or drinking large quantities of carrots may cause carotenemia; a side effect that’s only present while congealed bile is being broken up and eliminated and the liver and gall bladder is being cleaned out. Now that you know just how amazing these rocking orange roots are, it’s time to get out the juicer and get these wonderful body enhancing nutrients straight in to your body! For education purposes only, consult a healthcare practitioner for any health problems.The information provided on this site is not intended to substitute for consultations with your doctor, nor medical advice specific to your health condition. Press the mixture firmly into the base of an 8inch cake tin lined with baking paper, use the back of a spoon to flatten the surface. Blend the cashews, coconut meat, milk, honey, coconut oil, lemon juice, lavender, salt and vanilla paste till smooth. In a food processor, quickly blitz the cherries and figs, then fold this through the rest of the filling.
This long rooted radish is typically about four to six inches in length and capped with edible greens.

During storage, the liquid will turn a nice rosy color and flavors -such as garlic and hot peppers – will get stronger.
Reduce heat to medium-low and simmer until the radishes are tender when pricked with a paring knife and the liquid has reduced to a glaze, about 12 minutes. If the radishes are tender but the liquid hasn’t reduced sufficiently, use a slotted spoon to transfer them to a serving dish and continue reducing the liquid. When someone I know is in a health crisis, I make sure that a juice extractor is on hand along with a large bag of organic carrots. Besides being Bugs Bunny’s’ favorite snack, they are the ultimate crunchy power food that helps keep you healthy and radiant. Merchant trading vessels in 120BC that sank had carrots, parsley and onions preserved in clay pills on board. This popular dinner table mantra for the little ones is mainly thanks to World War 11 propaganda.
Although they may have eaten carrots to improve their night vision, the main reason they were so successful was the development of Air Interception Radar.
Although it’s found in many other plants, carrots have the highest amount and the more orange the carrot the more beta-carotene you’re getting. So how do carrots help you see in the dark? Drinking carrot juice can help reduce the risk of lung cancer, breast cancer as well as colon cancer thanks to the compound Falcarinol. These carotenes found in carrot juice as well as the lutein are vital for lowering the change of heart disease and strokes.
Instead of reaching for those unnatural high sugar energy drinks, go for carrot juice instead. We disclaim any liability arising from your use of our information, including but not limited to any misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the information provided here.
She teaches the healing powers of high-vibrational, plant based foods, combined with a healthy dose of self love, and creative stress management techniques. I found a gorgeous bunch of deep violet lavender at the markets one weekend so was inspired to add a bit to this cake.
If you start getting headaches or feel nauseated, cut back on the water intake during the day.  People who are sick, have fragile  health, the elderly and people who are very acidic may have to take it very slow. It’s naturally rich in vitamin e and is useful to moisturize scar tissue and stretch marks. The edible leaves of the Icicle radish are rich in vitamin C, beta carotene, calcium and iron as well. When juiced, carrots give you a large amount of nutrients and their effect on the body is almost immediate.
Despite their false claims about their RAF pilot’s performance being based solely of the amazing qualities of carrots, they do actually help you see in the dark.

Vitamin A activates a photo sensitive chemical within the retina called Rhodopsin which regulates your vision depending on light.
The Vitamin A found in carrot juice protects the skin from sun damage and the antioxidants slow down the aging of cells. Carrots are the only known source that can produce Falcarinol which it uses to protect its roots from fungal diseases.
They help reduce the chance of kidney stones forming and are great when flushing out the digestive system. Once the body has finished flushing out the toxins, a fresh new healthy complexion will reappear.
Their heart-protecting properties stop fatty tissues from clogging up the arteries (cholesterol). This is a colourful and tasty festive treat, and using a little coconut meat in the recipe in place of some of the cashews makes it a bit lighter.
It’s naturally rich in vitamin e and is useful to moisturize scar tissue and stretch marks. Although these types of remedies were read about in ancient Greek transcripts, this is the first time we actually have proof.
Rhodopsin is especially important for night vision as the chemical can detect very small amounts of light that helps the eyes better adjust to darkness. The beta-carotene found in carrots can also prevent skin cancer by attaching itself to free radicals within the body protecting them from damage that could lead to tumorous cell growth. The health benefits of fresh carrot juice and its vegetable based carotene does not even compare close to supplements. Drinking 3 carrots can give you enough energy to walk three miles without a sweat, so imagine what 10 will do!  The natural sugars present in carrots are released into the body more slowly than white sugar; however, unlike white sugar has no harmful effects.
Vitamin A also protects you from age related cataracts, a gradual eye infection that fogs up the lenses in your eyes, potentially causing blindness.
Clinical trials have shown that the natural carotene heart supplement found in carrots cannot be reproduced with clinical drugs.
The greens of the Icicle radish can go straight into salads, or be added to soups, stir-fries and curries.

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