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Natural silica in our Children’s Tooth Gel gently cleanses while the soothing properties of organic calendula flower extract pacify tender gums.
If you want to contact us, our service team is always there to assist you: promptly and without any complications, whenever you need us. Since the very beginning, over 75 years ago, Holle has focused on naturalness and the use of pesticides or chemical fertilisers are strictly prohibited without any compromises. The best and safest forumlas in the world come from Germany, and Hipp is truly one of it's shining stars! You can rest assured you are giving your baby one of the healthiest formula options available to you. The balance with nature is one of the reasons for the superior quality of the milk used in Lebenswert premium baby food. Ella’s dad, Paul Lindley, says he promised to make the wholesomest food for his children to eat. Lick your lips at the thought of apple, raisin and cinnamon or cream cheese and spinach oat-cakes, say yummmm to apple and ginger or milk and vanilla cookies, or just enjoy a munch of the orange and pear or wholegrain breadsticks.
Conventional foods commonly contain residues of pesticides that may cause cancer, damage the nervous system and cognitive development, or disrupt hormone functions in humans. Protecting Children’s Health is a comprehensive resource for parents and caregivers that lists the many benefits of an organic diet as well as the risks of conventionally grown foods.
Whereas, Organic farmers solely put in natural commodities for the cultivation of their crops, thus creating an elevation in the price of organic products. Organic products typically cost 10-40% more than their conventional counterparts, thereby failing to attract low-income families.. As there is a large variation in the cultivation methods of organic and conventional food, there also exist differences in the quality and quantity of the two. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has established specific requirements that need to be verified by a licensed third party certifying agent before ANY PRODUCT CAN BE LABELLED “ORGANIC”. Organic food not only encourages friendly animal treatment and isn’t harsh on the environment, but also has amplified ups in the field of human healthcare.
So, although these sophisticated manufactured products satisfy the purpose of pest-erasure, they also trigger health issues.
Whereas, organic food is only treated with natural pesticides that are free of these toxins. As it is clearly evident that in terms of good health, organic products out beat conventional products, it would be a terrific idea for the world to switch to organic brands and online stores, such as Purtrition, which  is a collection of reasonably-priced, high-quality Organic Products.
Taking all the health benefits of organic food into consideration, the answer to that would be an undoubted yes; although the fact still exists that organic products should be made more affordable owing to their low-health risks and other health advantages. So despite the fact that conventional foods succeed in attracting customers, people should also be made aware that they might just be required to spend double the amount on meeting hospital charges to battle it out with the side-effects.

So, weighing all facts, I’d say that yes, organic products are worth the increased price as they lead to increased health and a lower environmental footprint. This natural baby toothpaste is a gently effective gel specifically formulated to give the kindest treatment to your little one’s pearly white baby teeth. Developed in cooperation with European dentists, our fluoride-free natural baby toothpaste thoroughly cleans your child’s entire mouth and is safe to swallow. He makes sure that everything in the food, its taste, colour and texture, will appeal to his children’s senses. With Ella’s Kitchen there is hope of getting these healthy meals down into their bodies.
Genetically engineered (GE) foods are allowed in our food supply, without labeling, and have been introduced without adequate testing as to their potential harm for human beings or the environment.
Organic farmers are strictly prohibited from using most synthetic inputs, including neurologically toxic organophosphate pesticides and genetically engineered seed.
The growth of this kind of food in a chemical-free environment has made a large scale of people believe that it outweighs conventional food in terms of health.
The use of genetically engineered seeds and other chemical-based fertilizers, pesticides, etc. A 2008 survey of the scientific literature, had concluded, based on their analysis that the nutritional content, although minute in some cases, is higher in organic products than in conventional. USDA has noted that organic food had contained significantly lesser amount of heavy metals like cadmium than conventionally grown food. The 2012 meta-analysis had stated that organic food contained 80% lesser detectable pesticide residues than conventional produce. Conventionally grown food usually are exposed antibiotics and artificial growth hormones like rBGH; whereas organic farmers only use techniques like rotational grazing, mulch, etc.
Antioxidants are important components that are found in abundance in fresh fruits and vegetables.
A lot of developmental problems like autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are precipitated by the use of pesticides in conventional food containing a highly potent chemical ingredient called “ORGANOPHOSPHOROUS”.
Grazing time is directly proportionate to the amount of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) that can be found in animal products.
Non-Organic food sources inject livestock with antibiotics, the residues of which remain in the products we use. So why create that entire circle of vanity, instead of just fixing the problem at the root? Common Food Ingredient Linked to Intestinal Inflammation, Bloating, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Colitis, Cancer and More.
Also, people concerned with the humane treatment of animals and environment safeguarding buoy up the sales of organic food.

Phosphorous and total phenols, along with omega 3 fatty acids and vaccenic acid content in organic raw milk and chicken had outrun that of its conventional analogue. Also, the nitrogen content in plants, mainly tubers and leafy veggies was comparatively higher in conventional food. Though washing might be an effective practice to get rid of pesticide residue, it doesn’t always work in all cases, leaving people susceptible to pesticide intake.
As the organic versions enjoy the provision of increased grazing time, they also possess more amount of CLA when compared to conventional products. By investing some more cents for organic fruits like bananas or apples, you’re insuring future health and fewer childhood illness. So, these farmers receive benefits with heaps of marketing support and crop insurance, owing to which the gross price of the produce is kept within affordable limits. Also, organic food had emerged the winner when the ascorbic acid, protein and micronutrient concentration of the two were compared. A 2012 study of the “Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture” had reported that compared to conventional food, organic food had shown higher concentrations of antioxidants including Vitamin C.
Now, CLA is one beneficial component that you will find in the milk and meat of organic animals.
The antibiotics found in conventional food have been found to cause changes in the immune systems of sapiens, thus causing diminishing defence mechanisms.
Organic Food is More NutritiousServing your children natural food means you’re providing them with more vitamins and minerals.
On the other hand, organic food growers do not adopt such methods, thereby saving man from this kind of disruption. Research has revealed that organic foods have a higher level of nutrients than commercial foods.Smart solutions for adding natural foods with health benefits for the children are familiar favorites like fruits, vegetables, nuts or seeds. Children’s Health and Organic foodThe benefits of organic farming for human and environmental health are broad and long-lasting. First, it spares them the responsibility of exposure to pesticides, hormones along with a host of other actually or possibly damaging substances. In addition you can choose pureed organic foods on regular shelves which are fine for babies, for example pumpkin or applesauce. Their immature kidneys cannot excrete foreign compounds as quickly as adults.Dietary intake represents the main source of pesticide exposure for infants and children, which exposure may take into account the increased pesticide-related health risks in children when compared with adults. American children five and under eat typically 8 pesticides every single day and consume a dose of neurotoxic organophosphate insecticides (OPs) the government deems unsafe.

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