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This site requires JavaScript for certain features to work, but this is not enabled on your browser. At Green & Black's we aim to ensure that all nut shells are removed from the hazelnuts, but the process involved does not allow an absolute guarantee of this.
A dog treat with preservatives and chemicals in it isn't much of a reward for your loyal dog. Searching for a healthier alternative to dog treats that are packed full of chemicals and preservatives?
If you have a chance to make your own jerky in the Bass Pro's Food Dehydrator, you will never go back to buying the stuff in a plastic cellophane bag at a supermarket. Trim off any unwanted parts like the core in apples, the stems in herbs or the fat and gristle in meat.

Store your dried foods in tightly covered containers or Ziploc bags so no air or moisture can get in and cause spoilage.
You can mix your own ingredients, with no harmful additives or preservatives, for a fraction of the cost of the commercial jerky. If you are slicing meat, it helps to freeze it for about an hour to firm it up so you can have nice, straight cuts.
Any toughness present before drying will be more accentuated by drying, so start with tender meat.
Meat should be marinated overnight in a simple dry rub of salt, pepper, paprika and brown sugar.
All natural dried bananas, apples, pineapples and apricots will be a fun addition to your pantry.

Juicier items like tomatoes and pineapples can be left thicker, but they will take a little longer to dry. Braley's college life included Penn State University and Villanova University with her passions centered in nutrition and botany. Fruits can be mixed with a little lemon juice to keep their color and add a bit of tartness.

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