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Fast food company McDonald’s has recently redesigned the menu portion of their website, and it is a design treat to the eyes.
The redesigned Full Menu Explorer features the complete McDonald’s menu, with every item laid out entirely on a single, endless scrolling page of their website. I thought I had toured too much with zucchini as I came across this recipe for an easy, fast and delicious zucchini quiche, perfect to put in a picnic basket.
Trending nowRoasted Chicken Leg QuartersBoth crisp and tender, this dinner is packed with spicy flavors.

It is important to drain well the zucchinies as they will render a lot of water, this leading to a very muddy dough that will not bake well. We can vary the cheeses to replace parmesan: pecorino, Grana Padano, dried goat cheese, tomme, or feta. When you mouse over each item, its nutrition facts appear, helping you find out nutritional information in seconds. If you start getting headaches or feel nauseated, cut back on the water intake during the day.  People who are sick, have fragile  health, the elderly and people who are very acidic may have to take it very slow.

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