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I had planned to share some recipes for household cleaners today, but they will have to wait until tomorrow. Next time you go out shopping, pick up a few bottles of foaming hand soap if you don’t already have some foaming dispensers at home.
Another alternative to using the recommended scents would be to use the unscented Baby Mild for everything, and scent with a drop of any of your favorite essential oils. Hi Leslie, GNC and most health food stores sell it, but I usually buy from Amazon because their prices are a little better. Have you tried baking soda and water for shampoo and apple cider and water for conditioner? Haha I just read over my comment after reading yours and I noticed I put apple cider instead of apple cider vinegar. Hi Alison, I mentioned in one of the other posts that this was my one misgiving in recommending the product. I still recommend the product because I haven’t found anything else that works so well.

Is the Castile soap totaly toxic free, i just read about the johnsons baby products and i am never putting this on my children ever again, and i am thinking about swicthing to all homemade soaps in my home, so i want to make sure the Castile soap is totaly safe and natrual before i do this. Hi Kelly, Castille soap is natural, vegetable-oil based, (usually from olive oil) and is not toxic. I have one more question, do i have to use distilled water, can i use boiled water, or bottled water instead. Extreme Couponer Desirae here bringing you the hottest deals, match-ups, freebies, shopping trips, recipes, DIY, lifestyle & much more!
She can’t use shampoo because her hair is very thick, wavy, and tends to dry and frizz with shampoo.
It’s so easy to overdo it, but just rubbing a tiny amount into my hands first, then rubbing that small residue into my hair works nicely.
As it is, I only use it for mixing up our household and personal care products, so the children don’t really read the packaging.
I bought the tea tree oil scent, but I wonder if you can add essential oils to make different smells?

I usually buy it already scented though… my new favorite for handsoaps is the citrus! You may have seen me on TLC Extreme Couponing, Dr Drew Life Changers, Fox News Rising + many more.
A drop is a bit bright for one bottle according to my personal tastes, but is perfect when divided among three or four bottles.
I know this is off subject but I noticed your comment about not finding a shampoo you like that doesn’t cost much.
Just fill up a mason jar with water, tint with a single drop of color, then divide the water between several bottles. I don’t recommend Peppermint for body wash because it can be a little harsh for body care.

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