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Think of it: a simple gallon of vinegar costs pennies, is less toxic, and more effective than household cleaners you buy at a store. My simplicity toolkit is brimming with similar ideas, but at the core of this lifestyle is the belief that the old, simple ways are the good ways. Luckily, one of the top toxin-gulping species in the world also happens to be the easiest to grow in dark galleys and berths belonging to absentminded captains who forget to water. This is Merry’s first post as a contributing writer for Sailing, Simplicity, and the Pursuit of Happiness.
Well Teresa you are certainly off and running in the right direction, thanks for sharing Merry with us all (As the owner of a new superking “mould form mattress” on my mid cabin berth I know the smell of chemicals!) really great advice, whats the name of the plant she reccomends, for air purifying?
They will take a beating and need barely any light (making them a liveaboard’s friend in dark cabins). In fact, my office building was closed for a week over Christmas, and my plants sat without water or windows in my dark closet-like room.
Thanks for the great post Merry, it’s great to read what others are doing to help clean up our world.
Regarding the vinegar, we use it to clean most things aboard, but I haven’t figured out what to do for laundry detergent. Also, it may not have applied to your v-berth at any rate (depending on how they are classified). Plus, the majority of manufactures think its a good idea to go above and beyond and spray futons and even pillows nonetheless, so you really can’t usually tell! So you see from these examples, that this is a difficult to research problem for the average consumer. Many consumers avoid these headaches and 1) just buy wool, or 2) get a doctor’s prescription (the other legal way to order a bed without flame-retardants). Mung-DalYellow moong dal refers to moong beans that have been skinned and split, so that they're flat, yellow, and quick-cooking. Several reasons that make one choose to get a hair coloring include covering of gray hair, restoring original color of hair lost due to bleaching or hair dressing activities and most importantly fashion.
The capping method is whereby a plastic cap is put on the head and hair strands pulled using a small hook.
After preparing this, you’ll most likely have left over fruit for healthy snacks to get you through the days along with a crisp juice to enjoy as a drink or freeze as a treat.
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Dethatch at least once a year in the early spring or fall to help water and nutrients make their way to the lawn roots. The natural, whole foods our grandparents ate and the wool fibers our forefathers wore will bring us greater health.
This little guy will happily absorb massive quantities of CO2 and toxins and ask little in return. Hemp naturally requires no pesticides to grow (bugs don’t like it) and very little water compared to cotton. Rather than purchasing an expensive air filter machine, I use cheap, readily available, easy-to-grow plants, which require no filter changes, are multiple times more effective, and cost only a few drops of water a day.
Click here to read a post she wrote as a guest blogger shortly after her adventure aboard SV Daphne. The fire-retardant law came into effect later as the chemicals were still in the finishing stages of being developed in the 70’s. For instance, futons and pillows typically do not meet the criteria, yet mattresses, crib cushions, and couch cushions do. I recommend wool anyway because it has additional benefits of being cool in the summer and warm in the winter and naturally dust mite-free. Under your cushions, there is probably mold, which will naturally cause bad air for your lungs. The various classifications of hair dye colors include temporary, semi-permanent, demi- permanent and the permanent. Highlighting is whereby bleaching is done before, lighteners are used to produce blondes while low lighting is whereby dark colors are used to darken the hair. Augustine is a warm-weather grass found in five different varietals that thrive in the subtropical humidity and warmth of the Southern United States. Augustine grass weekly with 1-inch of water to keep the deep blue green coloration and lush carpet effect. Part of it is pinpointing the fine line between what I truly “need” versus what is holding me back from enjoying life.
Wool is the ONLY type of mattress that doesn’t get a dousing, because the sheep hair is extremely naturally flame retardant. Rather than relying on synthetic fibers sprayed with IQ-sapping, cancer-causing flame retardant chemicals, I use good old fashioned wool, the only fiber which is naturally fire retardant and whose fibers have been keeping mankind warm for centuries. Nonetheless, I trust their vague answer more than some other companies’ lack of answers.

It has an identifiably coarse blade texture and spreads aggressively by over soil runners and stolons. Partial daily shade that is lightly filtered or dappled can be tolerated well but full shade conditions will cause the grass to thin and become patchy. In cooler climates water once a week deeply and in warmer or drier climates split the waterings into two or more sessions each week. Augustine builds a thicker thatch more readily than most other lawn grass varietals largely due to the width and thickness of its blades and stolons.
You’d see me entertaining dockmates in a warm, inviting cabin, you’d smell my favorite carrot cake cooking in my tiny convection oven, and you’d hear the radio playing Prairie Home Companion on a Saturday night.
Another critical piece of my interpretation, and one I’m excited to share with anyone who will listen, is my goal to eliminate and reduce toxins from my environment. The EPA estimates that indoor air is 70% more polluted than the outside air of large cities. A queen mattress typically contains over 1 pound of the stuff, and with every toss and turn over years of use, dust and gas is released. Even organic cotton sheets usually are sprayed to make them “wrinkle free.” This is as absurd as ironing underwear! The Bright hues are a combination of several colors such as the pastel washes, the dip dye and many more. It also has a distinctively bluish-green coloration and appreciates humidity and moisture but will tolerate occasional drought when well-established and mature. In studies, two groups of babies slept—one group on untreated mattresses, and one group on flame retardant chemical (typical) mattresses. I suppose that new boat cushions would be treated today, so your post is talking more about an aft cabin or quarter berth, correct?
As an alternative to granular lawn food apply a general purpose liquid plant fertilizer diluted with water three to four times per growing season according to the label directions. The platinum blonde hair is rather expensive and more so does not fit to just any skin tone.

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