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Spring has sprung, and now is the time to start (if you haven’t already), thinking about getting ready for the 2015 camping season.
Here are 5 things to do now to prepare for the upcoming prime time camping season so you and your family can sit back and enjoy the summer.
Making reservations is becoming easier than ever as more and more campgrounds offer an online reservation option.
Whether you are an RV owner, looking to become one, or you prefer to camp with a tent or in another type of lodging, start taking a look at the condition of your equipment.
In addition to your equipment, take a look at your camping gear to evaluate whether new gear is needed.
Most camp sites have potable water or you will bring your own bottled, but it is a good idea to have a high quality water filter, or means to purify water  just in case. Once you’ve made your campground reservations, determine if there are any day trips you’d like to take while you’re in the area. Create some fun games for you and your family that will get you excited for your first camping trip of the season. Join Molly, a dog who is frightened of storms until the day she helps her family prepare their emergency kit.
Olympic gold medallist Victoria Pendleton MBE VICTORIA PENDLETON MBETRACK CYCLISTAGE: 28For Olympic gold medallist Victoria Pendleton, there is more to life than just winning medals. MONDAYa€?My week begins with a two- to two-and-a-half-hour gym session on a Monday morning,a€™ says Pendleton, a€?which involves Olympic lifting and free weights. FRIDAYBack in the gym in the morning, working primarily on her glutes and quads, and then the afternoon is spent on the track working with a motorbike in front, as in the Keirin sprint event. WEEKENDSaturdays are half-days, featuring a two-hour ride on the roads, and on Sundays Pendleton rests. England defender Wayne Bridge has 32 caps for England ENGLAND DEFENDERAGE: 28a€?My team-mates think Ia€™m a bit of a gym monkey,a€™ says the left back, who has just switched to Manchester City from Chelsea and also has 32 caps for England.
WEDNESDAYMidweek tends to be more skills-based, although Bridge will have again already trained for another two hours prior to the official two-hour period. There is no such thing as a lie-in for England rugby flanker James Haskell ENGLAND RUGBY FLANKERAGE: 23There is no such thing as a lie-in for James Haskell on a Sunday morning, the day after the back row forward has done battle for Wasps or for his country.
Sony's Playstation VR will go head to head with Facebook's Oculus Rift and HTC's Vive next year. The Halo series of games has won more than 750 media and industry awards in the last 14 years and has generated over US$4.6 billion in worldwide sales to date. This year's eagerly-anticipated offering from EA Sports - available to buy now - received over 500,000 pre-orders in the UK alone, and it's frighteningly good. Microsoft has revealed detailed of its new Halo 5 game, and has revealed Xbox One owners will be able to play Xbox 360 games for the first time this year. Weekly swim lessons help your child advance from the basics all the way to pre-competitive. We will teach your infant, toddler or preschooler to turn over and float independently in case of an accidental fall or walk to the water.
SWIMBABES™ began as a family tradition almost 70 years ago and has been serving the greater Portland Oregon area for three generations. Keri Russella€™s Trainer Shares How The Americans Star Got That Killer Bikini Boda€”Get the Scoop! Keri Russell’s Trainer Shares How The Americans Star Got That Killer Bikini Bod—Get the Scoop! Nick Cannon and Chilli Get in Bed Together for His ''If I Was Your Man'' Music Video—Get the First Look! Your information may be shared with other NBCUniversal businesses and used to better tailor our services and advertising to you. This study goes along with Pastor Zamore’s book Wind and Fire, the Seven Works of the Holy Spirit.

Don’t wait until the last minute to book your campsite or lodging – whether it’s a cabin, cottage, or lodge. If you’re not sure where to start, the Coleman website has a great listing of camping checklists for everything from RV and tent camping to backpacking and more. Research online or call the visitor center in the area you intend to visit to find fun activities for the family. They often will send you information via mail with valuable coupons to use while in their area.
Designed with families in mind, this book helps parents introduce the concept of being prepared for emergencies in a very child-friendly way. I do mainly power clean and jerks, squats, upper-body and core stability work, which all helps to make my cycling style more efficient.
With stellar design, beautiful aesthetics and the best multiplayer to date, Halo 5 simply cannot be missed. We are leading experts in Swim Survival Safety™ swim lessons for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and young school aged children. The actress, who's currently starring the FX series The Americans, keeps in fit for her action-packed role with trainer and self-defense expert Avital Zeisler.
Online - Your source for entertainment news, celebrities, celeb news, and celebrity gossip. After you check out, you will be directed to a link where you can download this digital product.
Any thing that needs repair or replacement do it now, so you don’t have to on the day you leave on your camping trip. Children will relate to Molly as they learn that being prepared means they don’t have to be scared. The main exercise is the squat with just the bar, because the glutes and the quads are the most important muscles for a cyclist. On the field we have ball possession sessions, then a short game between defenders and attackers. Therea€™s a lot of kicking and running backwards and forwards in the game today, so we now do a lot of shuttle work, where we have to sprint from the try line to the 22-metre line, hit the deck, jump back up again, and run back, for as many times as you can in blocks of 18 seconds. SWIMBABES™ is the only swimming school and program to offer survival swimming lessons to infants and swim classes for toddlers in the Pacific Northwest! That tends to kill most of us off.a€™WEDNESDAYThis is meant to be a day off for other business but Haskell packs in extra training sessions. News caught up with Zeisler to learn how Keri keeps in fighting (and bikini) shape."[Our workouts were all] based on real survival and hand-to-hand combat tactics that I would cover with any client," Zeisler revealed. This is a challenging drill, especially as you fight for the proper technique as you increase your performance speed. Book includes 72 hour emergency kit check list and a list of additional resources for families.
Male cyclists dona€™t do any upper-body work because they already have enough strength through their shoulders. I even avoid going shopping as it means standing around, which will impact on my training.a€™ What makes Pendleton unique, apart from her willingness to train harder than anyone, is her ability to pedal at high cadence.
Then I start my own circuit, which normally means 45 minutes on an exercise bike, with a minute sprinting, then a minute slow. This means a 20-minute massage, a ten-minute ice bath with constantly running water to prevent numbness, 15 minutes on the bike or jogging, and a long stretch. He regularly sees Margot Wells, wife of the 1980 Olympic 100 metres gold medallist, Allan, and a highly rated sprint coach. We are Charter Members of the World Aquatic Babies Congress and Members of the United States Swim School Association. Next ita€™s leg weights, using one-legged squats with no weights, then with a 5kg medicine ball, then a 10kg ball, usually in reps of six times two. Wea€™ll play a game called a€?keep balla€?, with two players in the middle and the rest one-touch-passing the ball around in a small box.

In total it takes 90 minutes but ita€™s essential to set you up for the week.a€™MONDAY Strengthening his legs in the gym with a 45-minute session, often combined with general weights working on his pecs (bench presses in reps of between eight-ten), glutes, quads, calves (squats, again with eight-ten reps), lats (the muscles across your back), biceps and forearms (pull-ups for as many times as he can lift his heavy body) and more work on his biceps using dumbbells and long bicep curls. That said, I need enough upper-body strength to hold the handlebars firmly at pace without my body wobbling, which, in turn, would cost me speed.a€™The afternoon is all about explosive power, and the search for the best cadence a€“ the number of revolutions per minute or, in laymana€™s terms, pedalling speed. Thata€™s followed by an 11-a-side game.a€™FRIDAYThe day before the big game tends to be short and sweet. I balance on one leg and then use the cable like a reverse wood chop, as well as doing the same thing balancing on a Swiss ball for core stability. Midweek, she oversees gym sessions, with more jumping, bounding and squats, as well as working on a boxing speedball, to help arm speed, and stair jumping.
A neat and fashionable new product to have for starting a fires is the Paracord Bracelet with Ferro Rod fire starter.
These only take six-and-a-half seconds each, and Ia€™ll do it five times, but on each occasion it is high-cadence, so you need the time to recover from each one.a€™TUESDAYIn the morning, Pendleton will spend 90 minutes out on the road. Wea€™ll do some more keep-ball exercises and a short, one-touch game of two in the middle, before a five-a-side game just to keep our skills up there for the next day.
On Fridays ita€™s more sprint work.a€™ Haskell has also begun to go to a gym for wrestling sessions.
She tends to avoid the hills around Manchester, where her training is based, because she requires aerobic exercise, which is longer in duration but low in intensity, rather than anaerobic exercise, which is short and intense. The morning ends with another plunge bath.a€™ SATURDAYOn the Saturday they tend to stay relaxed until 15 minutes before they go out on to the pitch to warm up.
We have a circuit we repeat, which involves a series of 30-second exercises on the training field. If I went into the hills I wouldna€™t be able to help myself but pedal hard and fast which would convert my muscle fibres away from how I want them.a€™ WEDNESDAYAnother two-and-a-half-hour free weights session in the gym, followed by two hours out on the roads.
We work on quick foot movements, changing direction, heading, volleying and a few skills, and this will include racing across a ladder on the ground and a series of abdominal exercises.
I wouldna€™t class myself as an old man but at 28, and with all that football behind me, I definitely notice the stiffness in my lower back.a€™ The warm-up period before kick-off is crucial.
We tend to focus on two areas: Olympic lifts, such as the snatch, clean, jerk and pulls, followed by more explosive stuff, with lots of bounding (where we jump on and off benches), frog jumping (leaping on all fours a€“ two sets of five), and sled pulls, where we use a small sled weighed down with, at most, 45kg of gym weight discs, with a cord wrapped around your waist. THURSDAYA gentle one-hour a€?recovery sessiona€™ outdoors, before reappearing on the track for an afternoon session.
Now therea€™s no danger of pulling a muscle so wea€™ll practise some long-kicking, just enough to work up a sweat.a€™In the 90 minutes of a match, Bridge runs up to seven-and-a-half miles, mainly in short bursts of speed, and can lose up to 4kg in weight.
I tend to do between four and 12 races on the track in the session, all at maximum effort again, and in times ranging from six-and-a-half to 30 seconds. The other is to build up speed and power over 20m, which is more for strength and conditioning, and Ia€™ll do this six times.
After a mid-morning break wea€™ll work on the technical aspects of playing in the pack, such as line-outs and scrums. After lunch ita€™s a big rugby session, which includes contact.a€™FRIDAY The day before a match is usually relatively easy.
I arrive at the ground 90 minutes before kick-off and then get strapped up, to support my ankle, wrists and thumbs, and to protect my shoulders and forearms, which I always seem to land on. A a€?Before official warm-up I like to go out on to the pitch to catch some high balls and do some sprints, then ita€™s down to final preparations. This consists of jogging laps of the pitch, a series of what we call karaokes, which are running placing one foot across the other, and a few big hits on tackle bags.

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