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Thankfully, the 2015 SHOT Show featured tons of new camping and survival gear that will have you covered for any situation. Featuring lighter, stronger, water-resistant Baumshell fabric and stealthy Hypo-Sonic rubber zippers, the scent-proof 2500RT weighs a remarkable 3.25 pounds empty. The Myth uses white LED's and comes with both red and green lenses for when you need to cast a softer light and avoid startling game. The new Scent-A-Way Max Waterless Travel Kit allows you stay fresh even when a nearby water source isn't available. This lightweight, waterproof kit covers your basic first aid applications and includes Smith's popular 10-N-1 Survival Multi-tool, a pocket-sized prepper tool that features 440C steel knife and saw blades, a compass with paracord, removable LED light, signal mirror, and a carbide sharpener that doubles as a fire starter. Boasting a 50-hour LED runtime, four light settings and a 20-meter beam distance, this water-resistant lantern uses replaceable repellant mats and a butane cartridge to keep you protected for up to 12 hours. Hurricane Irene prompted people across the Northeast to stock up on food and survival items, flooding super markets and chain retailers like Walmart and Home Depot. Build a custom system to meet your low power charging needs for emergencies or everyday use.
We endorse this dealer as our all-around favorite for purchasing and storing precious metals.
The fluffy-white hunters are everywhere this year, from New York to Baltimore all the way down to Florida. The way the animal world is trending, owl pellets might soon become as common as pigeon poop.
There's also the option of following the movements of the owls with this helpful spottings map from eBird, a project supported by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the National Audubon Society. Remember shoving in a giant 8 inch floppy disk into the computer at your school that had about 1 MB of memory and playing Oregon Trail? Base upon the original video game from the 80's, the Oregon Trail card game makes you attempt to complete the Oregon Trail via cards. Odditymall features unique gifts with a focus on geeky gadgets, survival gear, outdoor gizmos, unique kitchenware, pet gadgets, novelty gifts, and amazing product designs.
The One Wheel Skateboard is a self balancing vehicle much like the segway, but is shaped like a skateboard and only has one wheel.

So it stands to reason that we need to be properly prepped anytime we’re in the field.
From super lightweight day packs to compact folding saws, nothing completes a hunting adventure without quality tools to support yourself and your camp with. An Infinite Loop shoulder strap system automatically adjusts to balance the pack as the weight shifts with movement and features self-wicking Tri-Vent three-layer padding to keep you cool when the terrain calls for extra legwork.
Additionally, the epix is equipped with auto-calibrating altimeter, barometer and compass sensors to provide relevant real-time information altitude, weather and direction.
Built for early morning and late evening hunts, the versatile and compact Myth has everything you could ask from a spotlight. Weighing just 20 ounces with an overall length of 5 inches, it's backed by Gerber's Lifetime Warranty. Perfect for those longer trips afield, this travel-lite kit includes a bottle of dry shampoo, wash towels (12 pack), odorless spray, anti-perspirant and a mesh bag to keep it all, and your scent, in order. The lantern doubles down as a 300 lumen light source that provides a 15' x 15' zone of protection against pests to help keep fireside chats bug-free. A built-in clip at the base allows the lantern to be hung inside a tent for those nights when an open flap and a cool breeze are in order.
The Windproof Stove lights instantly regardless of the temperature or weather conditions thanks to Zippo's proprietary 3-2-3 chimney technology. A snowy owl needs up to 12 small rodents a day to survive, and there's presumably a deficit of Arctic lemmings, one of the species' key food groups. The crowd-sourced map shows a vast Owl Belt stretching below the Canadian border, with individual sightings as far south as North Carolina and Jacksonville, Florida. You play as a group as you travel the trail, work together to overcome calamities, and attempt to get one member of your group to Oregon.
Included in the ESG are the Power Kit, Hygiene Kit, Water Filtration Kit and Civil Unrest kit. With camo options including Realtree Max-1, Realtree Xtra, Mossy Oak Country, and Mossy Oak Bottomland, the 2500RT will be available for Summer 2015. Designed to withstand the harshest conditions you'll face, the epix's rugged design features a mineral glass lens and rugged PVD-coated surfaces with a water rating of 50 meters.

If that's not enough, the epix provides for quick access to fitness training feature sets at the push of a button. The lightweight, aerodynamic chassis is designed to reduce drag at high speeds and the slim, fit-to-form profile provides optimal mobility for all-day wearability. This allows the stainless steel chimney to protect the burners from the wind, but still let air flow through enough to feed the flame. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Started with the dream of creating the Back To The Future Hoverboard, the one wheeled skateboard is great for getting around town, or just waiting for the surfing or snowboarding season.
The ESG also comes with organizer bags and hook-and-loop ESG patches for easy bag identification.
With GPS and GLONASS technology at the helm, the stainless steel EXO antenna provides exceptional signal for some of the most remote locales while the battery lasts up to 50 hours in Ultratrek mode. Unfolded, the 12-inch replaceable blade features a bi-directional tooth orientation for maximum effectiveness when cutting large diameter wood and a thick rubber handle promises a secure grip.
Inside the Windproof Stove's detachable lid is a 270 square inch cooking surface with two 17,000 BTU cast-iron burners built on all-cast aluminum independent leg leveling columns that adjust in one-inch increments. Wildlife groups at Boston's Logan Airport report catching and relocating an "exceptionally high" number of visiting owls – the creatures are bulky and fly low, making them especially dangerous to jets. The board is powered by a 48V Lithium Nano-phosphate that will charge in just 2 hours time that will take you up to 4-6 miles in distance at speeds of up to 12 mph. The one wheel skateboard is still in a funding phase on kickstarter, so go reserve yours now.

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