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For safety reasons : It is mandatory for anyone working on a commercial vessel at sea to be in possession of valid STCW 95 certificates. The STCW 95 code is similar to that of the US Coast Guard licensing regulations and sets stringent standards for mariners to meet. If yes, PVD Training can provide you with the most state-of-the-art HUET simulator that you have ever seen.
With a sophisticated design and made of stainless steel, there is a spacious interior for both the trainer and trainee, conforming to a high technical standard, whilst also being safety compliant. We also provide a mock up for exhibition purposes, for aviation schools and companies who want to put it on display at a specific place.
We put a lot of effort into the design and the fabrication of the mock-up to follow the international standards required for its use in training. GTSS win Excellence in the Provision of Professional Services to the Marine Industry award. Applicants are sought for the role of Hotel Services Engineer, a 3 stripe Officer position, reporting directly to the Staff Engineer on board. Applicants who do no have a UK Certificate of Competency must be eligible to apply for a UK Certificate of Equivalency. Deputies Martin Kenny, Martin Ferris, Micheal Martin (Leader of Opposition) and Thomas Pringle have three minutes each. This year’s ceremony was held on June 30th, in association with SeaFest, at the Radisson Blu Galway Hotel. Pictured above are; Jim O’Byrne, General Manager, Joy Gillen, Marketing Executive, and Conor Mowlds, Managing Director of GTSS at the NMCI.

Dublin Port Company has responsibility for a harbour area extending over Dublin Bay and additional responsibility for a still wider pilotage district including Dun Laoghaire Harbour. The Company provides port infrastructure operated by private sector companies operating in competitive markets.  The Port has a ten kilometre  entrance channel, more than seven kilometers of berths (quay walls and jetties), a fleet of port craft (including pilot boats and tugs), eight ramps for Ro-Ro operations and a land area of 260 hectares.
The Port is situated at the heart of Dublin Bay and is immediately adjacent to protected environmental sites of national and international importance.  It is also bounded by residential and commercial areas. The Harbour Master has direct managerial responsibility for operations in a number of key areas including pilotage, towage, berth allocation and  VTS.  Given the location of Dublin Port, the Harbour Master also has a wider responsibility for leisure and other craft in Dublin Bay and in the River Liffey.
The Harbour Master is responsible for all aspects of the operations of the Port’s Harbour Function including the management of a skilled staff of 60 and the management of a large financial budget. Consolidated Training Systems Incorporated sets the standards in maritime and offshore training.
CTSI offers only accredited maritime and offshore training for every interested individual.
Training covers emergency procedures pertaining to fire, first aid, personal & guest survival. Our core values are part of everything we do and have helped to make us one of the most successful cruise lines in the world.
Existing seagoing ETOs with deep sea or ferry experience without a HND will also be considered.
This position is responsible for all aspects of hotel maintenance to the highest standard, utilising technical ratings within your sub department and co-operation with the electrical and ventilation department resources, as necessary.
Their jobs will be at risk unless we resolve a dispute between the National Maritime College of Ireland and the Marine Survey Office.

The evening was an enormous success, celebrating the growth and development of the industry in Ireland while recognising the key functions within the industry that promote growth and sustainability. From BOSIET and OPITO-approved offshore safety training courses to support your sea survival skills to advanced and specialized education to hone your maritime knowledge, you’ll be a master sailor and offshore professional in no time. With a fleet of over 21 luxury ships professionals are currently sought for the following roles. In February 2015, the National Maritime College of Ireland made a submission to the Marine Survey Office seeking approval of a refresher course, but it has not yet received such approval. Following the Marine Survey Office’s failure to respond, the National Maritime College of Ireland approached the UK Marine and Coastguard Agency through a dedicated maritime offshore joint venture training company.
The UK agency is highly regarded globally and has approved courses undertaken in a number of EU member states, including France, Spain, the Netherlands and Croatia. The seafaring upgrade that was carried out by the UK Marine and Coastguard Agency in conjunction with the National Maritime College of Ireland relates to on-board safety and basic seafaring safety skills. He needs to convince the Marine Survey Office of the legitimacy of the refresher courses that were provided by the UK Marine and Coastguard Agency. The agency, which is recognised globally, came here to provide these courses, and 400 seafarers took part in them.

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