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This program is designed for personnel who are new to the offshore oil and gas industry, and who require the safety and emergency response training and assessment requirement to work in an offshore environment. Students should be in possession of a valid medical certificate if their health is in doubt. Water Survival session – swimwear and a towel are provided by KMSTC, however if you are wearing XXXL and XXXXL clothes, you can bring your own swimwear.
Fire Fighting session – towel, underclothing and socks of non-synthetic materials and long sleeves are provided by KMSTC, however, if you are wearing XXXL and XXXXl clothes, you can bring your own coveralls and boots. Please inform us if you require any special requirements for your training with us here at KMSTC, for example (physical, religious, dietary requirements) we will assist where necessary. You may do so by contacting KMSTC by email, phone or calling in prior to training, your requests will be treated in confidence.
All trainees who find themselves deemed ”Not Yet Competent” have the right to appeal that decision. We would like to announce that Specialized Training Centre plan to launch new course called Diving Techniques Familiarization .

NSTC further contributes to the development of an increasingly sounder and safer offshore industry. It’s comfortable outside this time of the season.  The weather in Japan is perfect for the training. The course is a full 3 day programme and attendance for the whole duration of the course is essential in order to be deemed competent to the OPITO BOSIET Standard. Two coffee breaks and one lunch break (lunch and refreshments are included in the course fee).
Kherson, Ukraine) Delegates will be met at the entrance of the main building and will be escorted to the training facility. For non-Ukrainian residents: We will meet you at an airport and transfer you directly to your hotel in Kherson. All appeals shall be directed, in writing, to the Administrator who will support your appeal process.
Customers who have paid in advance for training will be entitled to a full refund in the event of withdrawing five working days prior to training.

This highly specialized training program takes place in an indoor environment, such as that shown here in Middlesbrough (UK).
Please arrive in good time for your training course and allow an  extra 10 minutes for check-in on the first day.
Where participants believe that they have been treated unfairly, unruly or unjust by any member of staff whilst attending a KMSTC run course, or whilst having contact with KMSTC, they should out their concerns in writing with assistance from the administrator. Technology is used to mimic real life conditions, such as gusty winds, fierce rain and choppy seas, so that each technician is trained with the skills to not only ensure their own physical safety, but the safety of their fellow technicians as well. Ukrainian residents will be met at the Kherson railway station or bus terminal and you will be transferred directly to your hotel.

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