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If you’re on Whidbey Island and are interested in off-grid ideas, you should consider installing a 500 watt wind turbine like the one I have on my boat. Now that you're getting your power from the sun and wind, it's time to get yourself off the city water and sewer line.
There are more than 17 million homes in the United States that get their water from private wells [source: The Groundwater Foundation].
In the next section, we'll look at what you may to need to augment your solar, wind and water systems.
The usual definition is a house with less than 750 square feet of living space, but most tiny houses you see featured are way smaller than that. That may be a little extreme for some, and many go for something that might not make a Tiny House highlight reel, but is still efficient and ultra-compact. The biggest challenge facing tiny house designers is, of course: how do you fit anything remotely resembling the lifestyles we’ve grown accustomed to inside a postage stamp? SBS World News Radio: Generations of anger over the use of sex slaves in war is spilling over in an Australian suburb. It's designed to be a symbol of peace but is dividing communities; a monument to the "comfort women" of World War Two, the women and girls as young as 12 forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese army. A spokesman for the Peace Statue Establishing Committee, Si Hyun Paik, says the statue is intended to remember the ordeal of the comfort women. Not everyone sees it that way, with the Australia-Japan Community Network threatening legal action.
President of the Australia-Japan Community Network, Tesshu Yamaoka says the statue will lead to discrimination against the Japanese community in Australia. Just a year ago, plans for a similar statue in a nearby suburb were scrapped following community outrage.
This monument is only being allowed because it is on the Ashfield Uniting Church's grounds, rather than a public site.
But it was a hard fight, with the Australia-Japan Community Network lobbying the New South Wales government to prevent the statue from being erected. Reverend Bill Crews, from the Ashfield Uniting Church, says he believes the statue has historical significance.

The state's Minister for Multicultural Affairs, John Ajaka, held a private meeting between Reverend Crews and Japan's Consul General. Last year, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made a landmark apology to South Korean comfort women, setting up a fund to compensate victims. Hollywood has ruined method acting Australian Taxation Office introduces squat toilets to cater to ‘diverse’ workforce VIDEO: Surprises galore as the Fencing Man on 'King of Mask Singer' is revealed Brisbane Roar in crisis mode as players not paid Want to migrate to Australia? We have spent many hours discussing, dreaming, and planning that perfect place we would build someday.
The great thing about water is that it's everywhere -- it runs beneath your feet as groundwater and falls from the sky as rain.
The principle is simple -- a hole is dug or drilled deep into the ground and a pump draws out the water.
A septic system is basically a large metal tank that collects and releases your wastewater. The Tiny House blog tells the story of someone who “upsized” to a whopping 520 square feet! Others want to continue their daily lives in a more traditional urban setting (fancy-speak for: they have jobs and still have to eat, and there are no jobs in the great nowhere).
And even if you don’t think tiny houses are for you, he still will find you the best insurance you can get.
With sweat equity and resourceful scavenging this narrow boat owner has carved out a low cost way of living in one of the most expensive cities in the world. A little piece of land that we could grow a garden, raise a few animals, and be basically free from dependence on stores for our day-to-day needs. I don’t have solar panels on my boat either, but the wind provides enough power for everything but my electric heater (I use propane for heat). There are many regulations that apply to private wells, so you should only use a licensed well driller. Home cistern systems have large aboveground or underground tanks made from concrete, steel or fiberglass. Bacteria in the tank break everything down causing it to separate naturally into a top scum layer, bottom sludge layer and middle liquid layer.

The Huffington Post has an entire section devoted to it, with links to respected magazines like Sunset and Southern Living.
During the Great Recession there seems to have been a pause as people considered the value of smaller homes.
Grant is a fourth generation Coloradoan and insurance was prevalent in his family history, with two generations of insurance workers in both his father and mother’s families. According to the EPA, roughly 15 percent of homes in the United States get their water on their own, so there's no reason why you can't be one of them. The water from your rain gutters is channeled into the cistern and then pumped back into your home as you need it. As new wastewater flows in, the liquid in the tank flows out into a series of buried perforated pipes that release the water over distance into a drain field.
The cost of a private well ranges from $3,000 to $15,000, depending on how deep you need to go.
If your cistern is above ground and higher than your faucets, you can use the weight of the water as pressure to get it into your home. Soil acts as a biological filter, keeping the harmful bacteria buried beneath the ground until it's eventually absorbed as nutrients. Another benefit of a private well is that you'll be able to avoid local watering restrictions during periods of drought. If you live near a major source of pollution, like a major expressway or factory, then you should avoid going with a cistern.
If you want drinkable water, it's best to have a metal or clay roof because it's cleaner than a shingled one.
Shingled roofs can be used, but they require a pre-filtering system before the water is deposited into the tank.
If you're interested in harvesting rainwater, consult your local green building professional.

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