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Lovers, remember this – you can literally find a date in the most random of places and times. It’s no secret to my friends in the Bay Area, that I have an obsession with Lyft – the on-demand ride sharing service with the quirky pink mustaches on the front of cars. Said forced-at-gunpoint Lyft driver found my 1:30am McDonald’s trip so intriguing, that he decided I was a girl he needed to hold onto, so he asked me on a date. Anywhosit, of course I immediately accepted a date with my Lyft Boo, and we decided to do a ‘Progressive Lyft Food Truck Dinner’ on our date where we’d take Lyfts to different food trucks throughout the Bay Area (his idea). Lyft Boo and I decided to start our date out at a great little bar in downtown San Francisco called Louie’s, which just so happens to be in the alley behind my work (easy access is my middle name, lovers). He showed up with a backpack of costumes he’d brought and bought to wear in each of our Lyfts. Lyft Boo and I did a quick circle walk around the trucks and decided on the Cheese Gone Wild food truck for the first course in our Progressive Lyft Food Truck Dinner.
I also got a chance to know Lyft Boo a little bit more while we were eating our grilled macaroni ‘n cheese sandwich with bacon (!!!) from Cheese Gone Wild.
After dessert, it was time for us to head over to Berkley to FiveTen Burger, which was parked at UC Berkeley for the California Golden Bears basketball game. A half hour and a few rounds of karaoke later, the DiscoLyft dropped us off at UC Berkeley for our final course in our Progressive Lyft Food Truck Dinner Date. Jeanna's going on 50 Food Truck Dates - 50% for the story, 50% for the love and 25% for the food.
Disclaimer: The views expressed by Jeanna do not necessarily reflect the views of those who link to this Web site, the author’s mother, father, sister, brother of an ex-boyfriend's mother's uncle, any other blood relative, the author's employer, the Republican party, Jesus or Gandhi. It was a night when three generations of North Beach residents who may otherwise pass each other on the street instead gathered at an old neighborhood Italian spot to support a cause many of them hold close.
Paying $65 each, more than 500 people packed Bimbo's 365 Club on Columbus Avenue on Wednesday, nicely dressed and delighted to help the Friends of Joe DiMaggio Playground raise the $458,000 needed to fund renovation work that bond money could not cover.

A $6.3 million construction project for the playground at Mason and Lombard streets is expected to start as early as this week, and has been anticipated since two mothers founded the Friends group a decade and a half ago. Kathie Stein, 53, granddaughter of Joe DiMaggio, the playground's legendary baseball namesake, was moved by the overwhelming community support. An attendee, Nick Colla, 30, whose family has been in North Beach since the early 1900s and grew up a close walk away from the playground, ran into parents of children he had not seen in years. The fundraiser was the Friends' largest undertaking and yielded $100,000 in ticket sales and auction items, $20,000 more than the goal, new district Supervisor Julie Christensen said.
Still, it was only one-fifth of the total needed to turn over to the department by early February. Jessica Kwong covers transportation, housing, and ethnic communities, among other topics, for the San Francisco Examiner. Just when you don’t think anyone’s paying attention to you, sometimes a boy is quietly crushing and will swoop in – so I’m here to tell you to always be alert and leave the house in pants. I take Lyft to work, I take Lyft to and from happy hour, I even take Lyft at 1:30 in the morning when I’ve had far too many glasses of sangria and then force my Lyft driver to take me through the drive-thru of McDonald’s (At gunpoint, natch.
Since we were taking a Lyft all the way across the Bay Bridge for the last part of our date, we were able to snag the DISCO LYFT!! Oh it’s only the coolest, most rad tricked out car with lights and a sound system (including TVs on the back of the front seats and a karaoke system in the car). I mean, shouldn’t everyone start a meal with mac ‘n cheese and bacon, then move onto marshmallow desserts and end with a burger and tots?! Both your failure to put your foot down and your putting the responsibility for that failure on him and not yourself?
The effort involves a complete reorganization of the play area, new facilities and more than 50 trees, but community members were tasked to fundraise for additional features such as climbing boulders, tinted concrete and a nonchain-link fence. A native San Francisco artist donated a DiMaggio painting worth at least $2,500, Original Joe's provided meatballs, antipasto and garlic bread, and wholesaler Matagrano contributed hundreds of bottles of beer.

The Friends has also raised $126,000 from selling commemorative tiles for a wall around the playground and have hope for an angel donor. She covered City Hall as a fellow for the San Francisco Chronicle, night cops and courts for the San Antonio Express-News, general news for Spanish-language newspapers La Opinion and El Mensajero, and was a writer and producer for Time Warner Cable Sports.
I spent at least eight months trying to whore myself out to every cute Lyft driver I had, and then all it took was a trip to McDonald’s. We wrapped a yellow feather boa around his neck and asked him to take us to the second stop in our Progressive Lyft Food Truck Dinner Date … Beep beep!
Usually I try to tone down the picture snapping and Tweeting on my dates, and mostly keep my phone in my purse after snapping a few pics. Find A Grave necrologies let you browse the names and faces of the 75 most famous people who have died during a selected year, all the way back to 1900. Lyft Boo and I, however,  spent our entire date Tweeting, Vineing, snapping pics and being silly between costumed Lyft rides. He gave me an entire spiel about how mustard is the superior condiment (sorry fools, but I still think ketchup and ranch sauce takes the cake), and how our grilled cheese sandwich would be made even better with a smoked jalapeno garlic mustard.
They are listed in order of their Find A Grave 'fame ranking', as voted by Find A Grave contributors. Then I was just kinda annoyed through the last drink (that I didn’t want to be drinking) and all I could think about was the couch I wanted to be on (not the conversation). You can optionally select a category to restrict the list even further (just actors, just politicians, etc.). Which kinda annoyed me, and once the annoyed girl switch is turned on, it’s hard to turn off.

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