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Bruy, who grew up in urban France, became fascinated by the self-sufficient, off-the-grid lifestyle he experienced and resolved to see more of it while documenting it with his camera.
While they all aspire to some degree of self-sufficiency, Bruy’s subjects represent a range of experiences. If you spend any time in cottage country, you’ll notice that vacation homes are getting bigger and bigger every year. About BrojectsFollow brothers Kevin and Andrew as they retreat from their everyday lives to their cottage ‘man’tuary’ where they engage in challenging and often quirky cottage building projects.
It started in 2010, when Bruy found work on a farm in Australia through Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF), a network that places volunteers on organic farms.
Using the WWOOF network, Bruy has lived on remote farms all across Europe, from Spain to Switzerland to Romania, staying anywhere from two weeks to three months at a time.
Some live without electricity or running water, while others are equipped with most modern conveniences. DIY Cabin. This DIY cabin in California makes the most of a small footprint by keeping the social spaces outside.

It seems like some of them were pieced together over time and others had plans with a design scheme.
But whether you’re a minimalist or simply prefer to spend most of your time outside, a small space may be the best place.
It’s amazing to see what inventive minds have been able to do with shipping containers.
With a wall built entirely from recycled windows, this tiny cabin cost just over $500 and lots of hard work.
Instead, he’s interested in capturing a variety of people who have chosen alternative lifestyles.
It’s egg shape gives it support as it hugs the tree, and space is carefully considered. Two American artists dedicated more than year to finding the windows, and while it only sleeps two the sunset views are amazing. It gets its heat and energy through solar and propane and is made entirely of reclaimed wood.

It’s tucked away in the Catskills in New York state, and the only way to find it is by trekking through the woods, hopping a stream, and hiking up a hill.
Heat is provided by a small wood stove, which is also used to heat water that is delivered to the “kitchen” sink by a gravity system.
The vertical drop is achieved by using a hand-powered bilge pump to fill an overhead storage tank.
Acknowledging the constant struggle between mouse (and occasionally rattlesnake and bear) and man, the shack sits upon four wood posts with rodent barriers, a detail borrowed from local corn cribs.

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