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George built a small house, inspired by storage sheds he had seen at Home Depot and Lowes, for only $1,200.
George has other videos on issues facing the traditional American including unemployment, the economy, suburban flight and living off-grid. When I consider that my kid probably schlepps his laundry to my basement to be washed with my machine… not too sure I would be so keen on this.
It unfortunately has all the problems associated with regular rental housing though and then some, and I would not try it again.
The reason most students move back home after school, is because they have an old room waiting for them. I would have loved to live in a tiny shed at my parents house… This looks like a great alternative for my kid, who is crashing in my basement with his business degree. I gave up my project room so my son could live with me while taking a course and if he had a shed in the backyard it would have made life a lot simpler for both of us. As someone who had to move home with kids to parents for a year after an expensive and ugly divorce wiped me out financially, I can tell you that I’d gladly have lived in a shed in the backyard, and so would the kids. I have filled a graph paper notebook with drawings and layouts for something that falls in line with this idea, only to the next level. I think it makes more sense to build a tiny house, a dorm room alternative as I like to call it, with kitchen and bath, before the student starts college, use it through out their education, even moving it from one school to the next if the need arises, at the end of school move it back home if needed or sell it or rent it out, in any case it has at the very least saved someone money and possibly made money if it was built large enough to accomodate a paying roomate! Alice and Scott, I agree with both of you that separate is better than in home after a certain age. Many areas restrict what you can do so much that even parking a tiny mobile house, RV, trailer, whatever on your own property is not allowed, let alone living in one. Couldn’t you get around that by first buying a wood shed kit, paying the county the $60 or whatever fee is for putting it up in the yard, letting them do their walkthrough inspection, and then adding in all the insulation and furniture? MOst of the zoning laws were set up by the construction industry to encourage larger and larger and more profitable homes, but during the 1929 recession many garages and outbuildings turned into dwelling units, so there is definitely precedent. There are many different kinds of mobile living quarters: campers, RVs, and mobile homes are for the common person.
The guy who converted the Model T didn’t corner the market on wooden campers, though.
In stark contrast to that wobbly-looking log cabin camper, this mighty behemoth oozes testosterone and sweat.
Switching gears slightly, designer Kevin van Braak has figured out a way to bring a little countryside into the city. Urban camping takes on a new meaning with Michael Rakowitz’ P(Lot) project, which we mentioned recently.
Most pre-made cedar tubs sell for $3-7 thousand, but Jesse and Alyssa managed to build theirs for around $850! There are lots of different stoves that can work in a cedar tub, but Jesse and Alyssa opted for a wood fired stove that allowed them to heat the tub with sticks collected straight from their backyard! Then you might not like living 40 feet off ground, as this couple does year-round in a fire lookout tower, which they now call home. An untouched shrine to their musical taste, favorite sport team and hobbies, that conjures feeling of nostalgia.

Why do people in this country even have kids if their goal is to kick them out of the house as soon as they turn 18?
The lack of privacy, the loud television because of hearing-impairments that prevented my kids from falling asleep, the screaming between my parents that had caused me to move 200 miles away to begin with (which I never wished for my children to experience), the inability of my parents to adjust to chldren and toys being in the house, and more were all compelling reasons.
I think most teenagers would prefer an auxiliary space and IMO it is a good idea to get them as much autonomy as possible while still keeping watch. Families can be destroyed financially by the cost of nursing homes when that level of care isn’t really needed. If you think about it, the exploration of the Old West was just one long, nation-wide road trip.
Essentially a trailer that unpacks into a thriving green space, the crafty trailer easily unfolds, allowing you to camp in a camper, on some grass, in the city. Before we spend too much time getting INTO the city, let’s remember what campers and RVs are for: getting the heck outta dodge! Owned by Zulu Overland, this overlander is typical of the vehicles I saw zooming through Zambia.
After leaving their jobs in the city, Jesse and Alyssa moved deep into the mountains with the goal of constructing an off-grid homestead from the ground up. Most tiny house bathrooms are, well, tiny, and don’t have room for a full sized bath tub. Cedar tubs need to be filled with water for several days before the wood swells enough to prevent leaks. They have learned some important building skills that will prove invaluable when they start to work on their house, and now they have a place to relax and unwind from long days filled with physical labor. Jesse and Alyssa have put together a fantastic webpage full of DIY videos and instructions for building one yourself. Adult children often have difficulty moving home after living with more autonomy and parents who have had the home quiet for years don’t always adjust well. Maybe you’re more into this completely stylized, totally tricked-out, all-season Vanagon. This 1967 Little Bugger Volkswagen Conversion Camper is one of only 200 made by a shop in Irvine, California — and it can be yours, if you win the eBay auction. Were I to get the chance to travel the world, this may be the overlander I’d choose to do it in.
With space below for food and gear, and plenty of seats above for convenient game-viewing, these monsters were notorious for screaming over potholes as though they were pinholes.
An outdoor hot tub can be a relaxing alternative and is a way to have a bit of luxury in an otherwise simple lifestyle.
They bought #2 grade lumber at a very low price and took the time to make sure each cut they made maximized the amount of scrap wood they could use. Because Jesse and Alyssa don’t have an off grid water supply yet, they had to work for almost two weeks straight to get enough water from town to keep the tub filled.
You can also stay up to date on everything else this crazy couple is accomplishing by following them on Facebook and Instagram, and by subscribing to their YouTube channel. But they felt something was missing, and eventually relocated to a smaller home in Portland, Oregon.

He feels that most young people out of college can build what is essentially a box in a backyard and live cheaply while getting their first jobs and paying off school debt. Why not just live inside your parents house and save the shed money and pay off debt quicker?
Not to mention that some families are just, well, nuts, despite love and the intention to support one another. From the Train RV, to the Little Bugger Mini Home, to the ass-kickin’est overlander imaginable, here are 10 of the most unusual rolling rooms on the planet.
Therefore, since the earliest days of travel, clever wanderers have longed for their own portable space on the open road. Sturdy, compact, and complete with a map in case I forget where I’ve been, this rugged little piece of machinery can take you almost anywhere you want to go. They have built a small cabin for less than $300, cut and prepared their own wood with an Alaskan chainsaw mill, and have started a thriving garden. Building a hot tub can be a beneficial beginner project to hone your skills before constructing a house, and relaxing in the tub after a long day can be soothing to overworked muscles. This strategy paid off because they were able to build hot tub benches and patio furniture from all the wood remnants from their tub.
Finally, all their hard work paid off and the wood tub swelled to the point that it was leak-proof. He was quite hard of hearing after 20 years of being around loud airplanes while he was in the Air Force, so having a separate “ADU” or auxiliary dwelling unit as they are being called was a fine idea! I love the concept of being in a large shed or travel trailer that has small comforts (mini fridge, hot plate, laptop to watch Netflix on). I think we will be finding much more of this in the future, and Social Security and Medicare should be supporting these projects that can keep seniors out of nursing home whenever possible.
Soon they will begin work on an off grid house, but first they decided to tackle a slightly different project- building a cedar wood hot tub completely from scratch!
Forest Service's fire lookout stations from a book that "magically" fell on them during a ferry ride. I hope this is something I can do for my children should they need to move home after college or after some event leaves them strapped. But eventually they decided to custom-build one for themselves, located on a parcel of 160-acres near Tiller, Oregon:About a year and half ago, we decided to be totally irresponsible and quit our jobs and move here,” Tompkins explains.
But for the couple, this is part of the charm of living so close to nature, says Tompkins:My favorite time to take a shower is when we have snow outside and you have to walk barefoot through the snow on the deck. Having overcome what social expectations of what 'good living' looks like, this couple is redefining their own lives in unexpected but fulfilling ways, making this one of the more unique examples of tiny living we've seen.

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